Polina Kovalakova - News and Affiliate Content Writer

Polina Kovalakova - News and Affiliate Content Writer

Polina started her obsession with phones back when there were no smart devices. Initially marveling at infrared file sharing (which was more than a decade ago), the geek went on to own several devices from Samsung and the likes, which broadened her horizon and sparked a humble appraisal of all things mobile. Never trying to make bold claims and analyses of upcoming innovations, she silently observes what’s going on and creates an unbiased, objective view of the world of mobile technologies. 

Polina believes there’s something to appreciate in (almost) every smartphone brand of today (yes, including ones you don’t know exist.) That’s why she doesn’t have a favorite smartphone brand, obviously. She’s currently having a great time with her Xiaomi smartphone but hasn’t stopped trying to get her hands on any other phone she can find. 

What truly gets her going about mobile technology is that it’s constantly changing. She believes the same applies to online deals, another favorite topic of Polina’s. She’s a deal hound, meaning she’s pretty good at sniffing deals out and helping her readers find the best items at even more amazing prices. To her, staying informed with the latest market trends and promos is a must because...well, who wouldn’t want to get the latest iPhone or Samsung at half its price!

Polina isn’t interested only in tech, though. She very much enjoys spending time outdoors. She loves gardening and takes long walks in the wilderness with her family. Polina also has both a cat and a dog and can’t decide which is better.

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