PhoneArena ethics statement

Last updated: Aug 2023

Established in 2001, is one of the leading publishers dedicated to mobile technology, and its pages attract millions of readers each month. At its core is a passionate team of people from many corners of the world – each with their unique set of professional skills, knowledge, background and personal interests. We are all, however, guided by the same ethical principles which shape every piece of content published on, as well as every video and every post on our official social media channels.

Editorial independence, statements and opinions

PhoneArena's mission is to lead people through the wonderful and empowering world of mobile technology. We strongly believe that to succeed in our goal, our content needs to be free of bias and our opinions unaffected by our relationships with companies, PR agencies, and advertisers.

Gaining and retaining the trust of our readers is of utmost importance. That is why we do not accept and have never received payments or gifts for making a particular statement about or giving a particular score to a product being covered in any format (review, hands-on, news post, etc.) Unless noted otherwise, statements made on PhoneArena express the opinions and positions of the PhoneArena content team exclusively.

PhoneArena is a fully independent publisher and as such we can afford to always put our readers first and ensure our content serves them.

Professional conduct and sourcing

Journalists at PhoneArena are always required to report the truth and be of service to our readers. No matter the type of content: news, reviews, or other, our journalists are properly trained to report the most trustworthy and accurate information available. In our line of work, we frequently deal with unconfirmed leaked information or industry rumors, and we always try to put things into context, so that our audience is fully aware whenever we’re dealing with information of such nature.

The world of mobile technology is constantly changing, and the goal of our news section is to keep our readers always up to date. However, there are types of stories that we do not publish because they may be in conflict with our ethical views or may have the potential to cause harm or loss to the reader. This includes stories and guides promoting the distribution of pirated content, such as music, video, apps or games. Stories about malicious software are published – with caution – with the intention to inform our readers, as well as to prevent them from suffering loss or damage due to such software's activity.

Our reviews section is home to an incredibly rich database of mobile tech product reviews and comparison articles. In all of those, unless expressly stated, we always strive to deliver our fully unbiased and expert take. We have developed sophisticated product testing and rating procedures, designed to paint a useful and informative picture about the performance of the products we review. For further information on how we rate devices in product reviews, please consult this page.

Revenue and advertisements

We have to cover the expenses related to running an online media company. This is why we have advertisements on our website, all of which are clearly marked. Ads on PhoneArena are managed by a dedicated ads and revenue team, which is entirely separate from our content team.

Articles published on PhoneArena may also include affiliate links. They may also appear in the form of various widgets within our articles. Affiliate links are provided for convenience to readers who may be interested in purchasing a particular product. We may get a commission if a sale occurs. Unless expressly stated, the statements and opinions presented in stories on PhoneArena reflect the opinions of PhoneArena and are not affected by the presence of affiliate links or partnerships.

From time to time, we may publish sponsored articles which are clearly labeled as such. They fall into two categories:

  • Sponsored - Content that we're sponsored to produce; however, our opinions remain unbiased and objective.
  • Advertorial - Advertising content in the form of an editorial story. This content may not reflect the positions of PhoneArena.


PhoneArena produces and distributes content across a multitude of platforms, in addition to its own website. These platforms include but may not be limited to Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The content we create and distribute on these platforms adheres to the same editorial principles outlined on this page. If we happen to distribute paid, sponsored or other content produced via the support of a partner, it is clearly marked as such, using the respective tools available on each platform.

Corrections and updates

All of us at PhoneArena strive to provide content that is valuable and factually correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. If we do decide to make corrections to an article or to update it with new information, the changes are clearly marked. If you believe that a story on PhoneArena needs to be updated or corrected, you may let us know via our Contact Us form.

If we become aware of some sort of mistake in any of our articles, our journalists will promptly amend the mistake, so that the information outlined in the article is as correct and accurate as possible according to our current understanding.

We often update our articles with new or additional information that we think is helpful to our audience in some way.

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