Breaking Samsung allegedly says fog inside the Galaxy Note 20's camera is normal, according to one user

One user took to Samsung's community forum to report a serious camera defect on the newly released Galaxy Note 20.

yesterday, 1:51 PM by Eugene Jeong,  35 comments
Check out the first television commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G's first television commercial has been released. The flipper has an improved Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset under the hood, 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage.

yesterday, 10:28 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Apple declines Facebook's request to waive the 30% Apple Tax to help small businesses

Facebook not happy over Apple's refusal to waive its 30% cut of in-app revenue to allow small businesses to keep all of the money it brings in offering paid online events.

yesterday, 5:50 PM by Alan Friedman,  7 comments
DEAL Save a whopping $400 when you buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20

eBay seller sobeonline1 offers the Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB) for just $610, a lot less than the price Samsung is charging for a brand-new unit.

yesterday, 3:32 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Spotify users are getting a new Bedtime feature in the Clock app from Google

Starting this week, Spotify is further expanding the existing integration with the Clock app from Google by adding a new “Bedtime” feature.

yesterday, 3:11 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
New Gmail experience now available to all G Suite users

Google is pushing out a new update for the Gmail app that brings a new integrated experience in G Suite on Android devices.

yesterday, 2:53 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Verizon rolls out Android 10 update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Verizon announced that Android 10 is making its way to Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 units across the US.

yesterday, 2:04 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Smartwatch shipments, revenue to decline this year; recovery to begin in 2021

Analytical firm GlobalData forecasts a 137% increase in wearable tech revenue between 2019 and 2024. That works out to a hike from 2019's $27 billion to $64 billion. -

yesterday, 1:57 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Microsoft adds new Play My Email feature to Outlook on Android

Microsoft announced earlier today that it's adding Play My Emails to Outlook on Android devices.

yesterday, 1:41 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments

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DEAL Save $100 on various Apple iPad Air models at Best Buy

Best Buy is running one of its 3-day sales and Apple's products seem to be front and center.

yesterday, 12:50 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Mobvoi launches new earbuds featuring head gestures

Mobvoi, a wearable company backed by Google, announced a new pair of earbuds that make use of its TicMotion technology to enable head gestures.

yesterday, 12:25 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
DEAL Lenovo's 7-inch smart display is 25% off at Best Buy

Typically selling for $100, Lenovo's 7-inch smart display is now available at Best Buy for just $75, so you'll be saving $25 on the deal.

yesterday, 11:55 AM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Mystic Bronze pre-orders sell out in South Korea

Samsung's new flagship is off to a good start in its home country.

yesterday, 11:46 AM by Anam Hamid,  0 comments
Despite serious downgrades, it doesn't seem like the Pixel 5 will be a lot cheaper than the Pixel 4

Per a new leak, the Pixel 5 will be a spiritual successor to the Pixel 4 XL.

yesterday, 9:51 AM by Anam Hamid,  5 comments
Google allegedly blocked OnePlus and LG from pre-installing Epic Games app

Google allegedly blocked OnePlus and LG from pre-installing the Epic Games app store on smartphones worldwide. Epic Games believes this constitutes monopolistic and anti-competitive behaviour.

yesterday, 9:51 AM by Joshua Swingle,  5 comments
DEAL Apple's ageless iPhone XS is on sale at a ridiculously low price right now

If you're willing to meet a few very simple requirements, you can get Apple's iPhone XS for as little as 30 bucks from AT&T for an undoubtedly limited time only.

yesterday, 9:45 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
This is my biggest concern about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Note 20 Ultra is advanced, powerful, has a great camera but it goes overboard with one key aspect of smartphone design...

yesterday, 8:20 AM by Victor Hristov,  28 comments
featured updated You got sad there are no earbuds in the US Note 20 box, so Samsung will give you a set

Well, well, well, after the dearth of 256GB models in the US, Samsung decided to leave out another key component from the American Galaxy Note 20 series.

yesterday, 7:12 AM by Daniel Petrov,  51 comments
Best Galaxy Note 20 cases

Check out some of the best thin and clear, rugged or leather Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra cases to keep your precious intact.

yesterday, 6:55 AM by Daniel Petrov,  1 comment
OnePlus documentary 'New Beginnings' coming to Amazon Prime Video next week

OnePlus documentary 'New Beginnings' is coming exclusively to Amazon Prime Video on August 18th in a feature film format. The documentary follows the OnePlus Nord development process.

yesterday, 6:47 AM by Joshua Swingle,  1 comment
DEAL Crazy new deals bring the OG Samsung Galaxy Buds down to as little as $50

The first-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds may not be as refined or as impressive as the Buds+ and Buds Live, but they are incredibly cheap on eBay right now.

yesterday, 6:41 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
DEAL The best Galaxy Note 20 deals and preorder gifts at Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Best Buy

Check out where to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at the best prices, with the cherry of gifts on top.

yesterday, 6:33 AM by Daniel Petrov,  10 comments
Apple Watch sleep tracking is here! This is how it works

Apple is finally introducing sleep tracking functionality to its Apple Watch with watchOS 7. Here's what the new Sleep app looks like.

yesterday, 6:05 AM by Radoslav Minkov,  8 comments
Google goes back to basics for the next performance-centric Wear OS update

Google has yet to give up on its struggling Wear OS platform, planning to release a major new software update in the fall with substantial speed enhancements in tow.

yesterday, 5:24 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
  popular After Apple, Google kicks out the Fortnite app, too, and gets sued by Epic

The Fortnite game has been banned from the Play Store, here's Google's statement why.

yesterday, 4:17 AM by Daniel Petrov,  10 comments
DEAL Here's how you can save up to a massive $700 on Microsoft's extravagant Surface Duo

The undoubtedly expensive dual-screen Microsoft Surface Duo can be yours at a huge discount with an eligible trade-in.

yesterday, 3:34 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  4 comments
Verizon starts selling the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UW, bringing mmWave speeds to the masses

Verizon is adding the affordable Galaxy A51 5G UW to its lineup, giving users on a tight budget access to its super-fast 5G network.

yesterday, 3:29 AM by Georgi Zarkov,  0 comments
sponsored The LG Velvet focuses on what matters to be the best phone for you

The LG Velvet is the practical person's smartphone

yesterday, 2:58 AM by LG,  10 comments
Microsoft Surface Duo press event video shows it off in great detail

In a new video by Microsoft, we're shown the productivity capabilities of its unique Surface Duo Android smartphone.

yesterday, 2:35 AM by Radoslav Minkov,  4 comments
Have you seen this iTunes error message appear on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are being bothered by an error message related to iTunes that is hitting individual models on a random basis. All users can do is wait for Apple to fix the problem.

2 days ago, 11:59 PM by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
95% of Chinese consumers would rather keep WeChat and lose their iPhone

According to a survey conducted by Weibo, 95% of Chinese consumers responding said that they would prefer to give up their iPhone rather than giving up the WeChat app.

2 days ago, 8:00 PM by Alan Friedman,  13 comments
Verizon might carry the upcoming Nokia 8.3 5G

There's a high chance that Verizon will pick up the mid-range phone as well, at least according to a Geekbench listing.

2 days ago, 4:44 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Epic Games sues Apple over anti-competitive restraints and monopolistic practices

Epic Games has just announced that it filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against Apple for “anti-competitive restraints and monopolistic practices.”

2 days ago, 4:18 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  34 comments
Apple's iOS 13.6.1 update is out and it removes a green tint from the screen

Apple has sent out an update to iOS 13.6.1, and at the same time, iPadOS 13.6.1 is also being disseminated. The update contains a fix for a thermal issue that left some screens with a green tint.

2 days ago, 3:32 PM by Alan Friedman,  8 comments
Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store after Epic added its own purchase system

Apple has quite strict rules when it comes to App Store, so developers who want their apps on the iOS ecosystem must respect Apple's policies.

2 days ago, 3:26 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  19 comments
Reliable leaker 'confirms' Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G release date

Evan Blass is almost always right, so it's essentially etched in stone that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G will go up for pre-order on September 2 ahead of an actual release on September 8.

2 days ago, 3:03 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
HTC to launch three new budget-friendly smartphones soon

HTC quietly launched a brand-new affordable smartphone, the Wildfire E2, last week, but the company has three other cheap devices in the pipeline.

2 days ago, 2:20 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  5 comments
LG's next mid-range 5G smartphone to be unveiled in late August

LG Q92 5G pre-orders are expected to open on August 21 before that game will go on sale on August 28.

2 days ago, 1:33 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  2 comments
Waze introduces contactless fuel payments integration in the US

Starting today, Waze users in the United States benefit from so-called Fuel Payments integration with ExxonMobil and Shell.

2 days ago, 12:29 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
4G-only iPhone 12 could be more expensive than the standard 5G model

Per a new report, the 4G-only iPhone 12 will cost around $800 and not $549 as previously reported.

2 days ago, 11:37 AM by Anam Hamid,  9 comments
DEAL Expires in - 3d 21h Apple's Beats Powerbeats Pro are on sale at a hefty discount for a limited time

Normally priced at a fairly extravagant $250, Apple's sporty Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds are available for a much more reasonable $179 until August 18.

2 days ago, 9:32 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
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