Despite Google's ban, several apps provide short-term loans at ridiculously high interest rares

Despite changes Google instituted to the Play Store last year, apps offering short-term payday loans at usury rates still exist. Apps offering loans shorter than 61 days are not supposed to be available from the Android app storefront.

1 min ago by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
LG confirms Android 10 update for nine smartphones

LG has just confirmed that at least nine smartphones will be updated to Android 10 in the coming months.

34 min ago by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Motorola starts pushing out the Android 10 update to Moto G7 Plus

The Moto G7 Plus is only the third smartphone that Motorola updates to Android 10.

2 hours ago by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
How to screenshot your iPhone

Newer iPhones after the iPhone X use one shortcut to take screenshots, while iPhone 8 and earlier models rely on a different key combination. Here is how to screenshot your iPhone...

3 hours ago by Victor Hristov,  24 comments
T-Mobile upgrades 4G and 5G networks in Miami ahead of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl gathers thousands of fans that all demand a fast data connection. T-Mobile has already made preparations in Miami to provide that not only for the event, but after it as well.

3 hours ago by Georgi Zarkov,  4 comments
poll Which is your favorite phone brand?

Do you have a favorite brand of phones that you have stayed loyal to? Why do you like it? Participate in our poll and tell us your reasons in the comments!

3 hours ago by Victor Hristov,  25 comments
How to quickly disable Face ID and force iPhone to require passcode

Sometimes in an emergency you might want to disable Face ID. It's easy to do this on the latest iPhones and all it takes is just one step...

4 hours ago by Victor Hristov,  1 comment
featured PET, TPU, or Tempered Glass – all you need to know to choose a screen protector

You want to keep the display of your smartphone intact but are confused by all the protectors available for sale? This article will help you navigate the different screen protector types and pick the best one for your needs and budget!

5 hours ago by Luis D., Georgi Zarkov,  31 comments

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LG G9 ThinQ: Price, release date, news, and rumors

Is LG going to pleasantly surprise us with the LG G9 ThinQ, or is it going to be another borderline excellent device with a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve that just falls flat when it comes to delivering a great user experience? It’s too early to say, but we’d still like to share what we expect and want to see from the LG G9 ThinQ!

6 hours ago by Milen Yanachkov,  19 comments
DEAL New Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL deals combine a small discount with a substantial freebie

Best Buy has Google's mid-range Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL on sale at a $50 discount with a $100 e-gift card also included at no extra charge.

7 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
Sprint can fix broken screens on several high-end Samsung phones on the cheap

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+, or S7 with a cracked screen, Sprint will only charge you 50 bucks for a repair until February 9 with absolutely no strings attached.

7 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  3 comments
featured Here's when we expect Google to unveil the Pixel 4a and fully detail Android 11

May 12 is the official start date of the Google I/O 2020 developer conference, and if history is any indication, that's when the Pixel 4a will be unveiled and Android 11 fully detailed.

9 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  3 comments
Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Z Flip clears last hurdle before its official launch

Documents on the FCC websites show that a device that's expected to be released as the Galaxy Flip Z has been certified by the agency. The new phone with a foldable display will likely be announced next month.

9 hours ago by Georgi Zarkov,  2 comments
With Samsung’s answer to AirDrop, you can even send files to your fridge

Samsung has developed it's own method for quick and easy file sharing called Quick Share. But it goes beyond sending files between smartphones, check what else it can do...

10 hours ago by Georgi Zarkov,  8 comments
featured updated The Galaxy S20 series looks amazing in these leaked press renders

The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra have leaked out in a set of official press renders. The smartphones boast large Infinity-O displays and huge rear camera modules.

12 hours ago by Joshua Swingle,  33 comments
OnePlus' invisible camera phone concept looks marvelous in black leather

The OnePlus Concept One and its cool invisible camera was photographed in a different color on the OnePlus official forum. Instead of the papaya orange-yellow, the new photos show the prototype in a stunning black leather design.

yesterday, 9:18 PM by Alan Friedman,  7 comments
DEAL Fitbit Inspire HR price drops to all-time low at Amazon

Fitbit Inspire HR, the fitness tracker that accurately monitors heart rate, calorie burn and dozen other health-related aspects, is now on sale at Amazon for a price that's only been seen on Black Friday.

yesterday, 7:55 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Unannounced Samsung Galaxy A21s headed to the US

Samsung has a Galaxy A20 sequel in the works, one of its middle-class smartphones positioned in the lower bracket price-wise.

yesterday, 7:32 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Apple signs multiple year supply agreements with a major chipmaker

Apple signed two multi-year contracts with chipmaker Broadcom for components that will be used on new Apple products over the next three and a half years. The actual components included in the deal are unknown.

yesterday, 7:13 PM by Alan Friedman,  3 comments
Being forced to ditch Lightning would harm customers, says Apple

Apple believes a possible EU legislation that would force it to ditch the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C would harm innovation and hurt the local economy. It'd also disrupt the lives of millions of users in the region who depend on existing cables.

yesterday, 2:10 PM by Joshua Swingle,  34 comments
Take a peek at how Android will work on the Surface Duo

Microsoft has published an Android emulator for the Surface Duo so that Android developers can optimize their apps to work with the dual-screened phone expected out for the 2020 holiday season.

yesterday, 2:01 PM by Alan Friedman,  10 comments
featured updated Here's how the Galaxy S20 series compares to the Note 10, Pixel 4, and more

The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra have been compared to the Google Pixel 4 XL, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S10 & S10+, Galaxy Fold, OnePlus 7 Pro, and more ahead of their introduction next month.

yesterday, 11:25 AM by Joshua Swingle,  44 comments
Latest OnePlus 6/6T update brings lots of system and camera fixes

OxygenOS 10.3.1 is now rolling out to OnePlus 6 and 6T, but it doesn't bring any new features.

yesterday, 9:28 AM by Cosmin Vasile,  2 comments
featured Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 rumor review: expected design, features, price and release date

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Watch 2 this year and anticipation is building around the biggest Apple Watch competitor. What might this new premium smartwatch have to offer? Read to find out!

yesterday, 9:09 AM by Georgi Zarkov,  5 comments
DEAL Samsung offers decent discount and free keyboard with Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

Samsung's mid-range Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) is on sale at a decent discount of $50, with a $100-worth keyboard book cover included at no extra charge in both 64 and 128GB storage configurations.

yesterday, 9:05 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
There's finally a glimmer of hope for Apple's iPhone in India

Apple's iPhone shipments grew by 6% in India last year. The results aren't incredible but they represent an incredible improvement over 2018, when shipments dropped by 43%.

yesterday, 8:55 AM by Joshua Swingle,  2 comments
Samsung Galaxy A11 reportedly packs triple camera, huge battery

Samsung Galaxy A11 has been certified at FCC with model number SM-A115F and it's likely to be one of the cheapest Galaxy A series phones launched this year.

yesterday, 8:54 AM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
DEAL Gamestop has the Google Home smart speaker on sale at a lower than ever price

The "regular-sized" Google Home smart speaker can be purchased for as little as $44.97 right now with absolutely no strings attached after a massive discount of around 55 bucks.

yesterday, 8:24 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
featured Verizon vs AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint coverage, speeds, video and voice quality

Check out the best network in a T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint comparison of 4G coverage, download speeds with 5G rolled in, video streaming and latency, as well as the new call quality category for Skype, Messenger and WhatsApp.

yesterday, 8:00 AM by Daniel Petrov,  5 comments
A small video file was all that’s needed to hack the iPhone of Jeff Bezos

Cybersecurity firm releases details about the hack that exposed private images of Jeff Bezos stolen from his iPhone X.

yesterday, 7:52 AM by Georgi Zarkov,  18 comments
John Legere is up to his old tricks again, mocking Verizon on social media

With a few months to go before leaving his T-Mobile CEO position, John Legere is not too busy or relaxed to throw yet another jab at Verizon on Twitter and invite all his followers to do the same.

yesterday, 7:04 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
Google Pixel 4a vs Pixel 4: Preliminary specs, features, price comparison

Everyone is expecting Google to release a Pixel 4a and 4a XL very soon and closely follow the pattern that gave us the mid-range Pixel 3a-series. Back in 2019, we got the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, two affordable and arguably better versions of the flagship Pixel 3-series. They were plastic, weren’t as expensive, and most importantly, had the same exceptional camera. Our expectations are that Google will do the same thing in 2020 as well.

yesterday, 6:03 AM by Peter Kostadinov,  7 comments
updated The 2020 iPad Pro could debut alongside a scissor switch Smart Keyboard

The 2020 iPad Pro lineup might be announced alongside a new Smart Keyboard in late March. The improved accessory is expected to feature a new scissor switch mechanism for a better typing experience.

yesterday, 5:57 AM by Joshua Swingle,  6 comments
LG could be about to overhaul its flagship smartphone strategy

LG could overhaul its flagship smartphone release strategy over the course of 2020 and 2021. The company is planning to position the V-series as a Galaxy S competitor and phase out the G-series. Additionally, an entirely new flagship series could debut in fall 2020.

yesterday, 5:35 AM by Joshua Swingle,  19 comments
featured Samsung will finally match Apple with the Galaxy S20 Ultra build materials

If the latest rumor pans out, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be Samsung's first smartphone to marry a glass back with a super-robust stainless steel frame, just like several iPhone models released in the last few years.

yesterday, 5:22 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  23 comments
DEAL Еxpired Apple's Beats Powerbeats Pro are cheaper than ever at Best Buy, but not for long

Apple's extremely well-reviewed Beats Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds are on sale for a limited time at a price of $130 instead of $250 in certified refurbished condition.

yesterday, 3:30 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
The iPhone 11’s security proved to be a tough nut to crack, the FBI spent 2 months on it

Apple's claims of privacy protection were backed up by US authorities after a letter revealed it took the FBI's supercomputers months to unlock a single device.

yesterday, 1:54 AM by Georgi Zarkov,  13 comments
featured Apple iPhone 9 price, release date, and leaked specs preview

Where's the iPhone 9? Apple has seemingly skipped the number nine and moved on, but has it really? We've got information about an upcoming spiritual successor to the off-beat iPhone SE that will likely carry the magic number nine in its name!

yesterday, 1:29 AM by Milen Yanachkov,  5 comments
EA's Tetris mobile games will no longer be playable come April

EA published a couple of Tetris mobile games several years ago, which, unfortunately, will no longer be playable starting April.

2 days ago, 11:19 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
DEAL Save up to 30% on the Sony Xperia 10 Plus at Amazon

For a limited time, the Xperia 10 Plus is getting a 30% discount, so you'll save $130. Make sure that you pick the black version though since the silver model will only save you $100.

2 days ago, 10:29 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
If you don't want to be ripped off, watch out for a text message from this company

LAw enforcement officials and ABC News are warning consumers about a scam involving fake text messages that appear to come from FedEx and prompt you to click on a link to a fake website.

2 days ago, 10:16 PM by Alan Friedman,  2 comments
Amazon Music soon to beat Apple Music after an incredible 50% growth in 2019

Amazon Music Unlimited has reached more than 55 million customers globally. These are customers who are paying for an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, not trial or ad-supported accounts.

2 days ago, 10:04 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  2 comments
Niantic reveals first Pokemon GO live events for 2020

Niantic revealed the first Pokemon GO events which will take place between January and May in three countries: Taiwan, United States, and the UK.

2 days ago, 9:32 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
DEAL T-Mobile OnePlus 6T gets a rare $200 discount, but there's a catch

The OnePlus 6T is now available for purchase for just $350, which means you'll be saving $200 if you buy it during the promotion.

2 days ago, 9:09 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Google offers three apps to keep you from getting addicted to your phone

Google has three experimental apps in the Google Play Store that use different methods in an effort to stop smartphone addiction. Two of the apps make the user more aware of his or her daily usage.

2 days ago, 8:14 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Twitter is adding a major messaging feature to its apps

Twitter announced that new emoji reactions for Direct Messages are available on the web, Android and iOS.

2 days ago, 7:06 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
DEAL Sony's best noise-canceling headphones are cheaper than ever on Amazon

The WH-1000XM3, Sony's best noise-canceling headphones are getting a massive $100 discount on Amazon.

2 days ago, 6:38 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Facebook dark theme rolling out to more Android users

We've been hearing reports about Facebook's struggles to finalize dark theme for its Android app, but it looks like the company's endeavor turned into a marathon rather than a sprint.

2 days ago, 5:56 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
DEAL Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 scores massive 45% discount on Amazon

Amazon offers a 45% discount (around $565) on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (512GB), which brings the final price below $700.

2 days ago, 5:38 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
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FCC OKs Cingular's purchase of AT&T Wireless