Verizon says that if you're having this issue, turn off 5G

In a tweet, Verizon's customer service department told subscribers that if they are experiencing problems with their batteries draining faster than normal, they should turn off 5G on their phone.

23 min ago by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
Microsoft hints at Surface Duo 2 with support for 5G

Job listings posted by Microsoft reveal that the company is looking at producing a sequel to the dual-screened Surface Duo. The Surface Duo 2 will support 5G connectivity.

2 hours ago by Alan Friedman,  2 comments
featured 2021 iPad Pro expected to have the processing chops of M1-powered Macs

Its A14X Bionic will be nearly as good as the in-house Arm-based M1 chip.

3 hours ago by Anam Hamid,  1 comment
Apple's supply chain hints at 1TB storage option for 5G iPhone 13 Pro models

A look at Apple's supply chain by the analysts at Wedbush show that the 2021 iPhone 13 line will include some models offering as much as 1TB in storage, double the current high-end figure.

5 hours ago by Alan Friedman,  3 comments
Google Maps adds another useful feature from Waze

Google has once again added a feature from mapping and navigation app Waze to its Google Maps app. This feature alerts the user with a notification when he/she approaches a railroad crossing.

7 hours ago by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
DEAL The age of affordable foldables starts with this killer Samsung Galaxy Z Flip deal

Originally priced at a whopping $1,380, the 4G LTE-only Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is now on sale for a massive $530 less than that in a brand-new unlocked variant.

8 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
Apple reportedly tests how a portless iPhone can recover/restore data

Sure, a portless Apple iPhone sounds interesting but what would an iPhone user do if he needed to recover/restore a particular file? Apple is reportedly working on software and hardware solutions.

yesterday, 11:43 PM by Alan Friedman,  4 comments
DEAL Save more than $100 when you buy Sony's premium wireless noise-canceling headphones

If you're in the market for a pair of high-end noise-canceling headphones, Sony's WH-1000XM3 headset is now $135 off on Amazon.

yesterday, 8:25 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment

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The OnePlus 9 trio and the company's first smartwatch will allegedly be unveiled around mid-March

That's several weeks earlier than usual.

yesterday, 5:52 PM by Anam Hamid,  4 comments
As Huawei gets ready to release its first HarmonyOS phone, deep down it wants something else

Huawei has not given up and even though it has installed its own HarmonyOS on the just announced foldable Mate X2, the company apparently hopes to use Google's version of Android once again.

yesterday, 4:53 PM by Alan Friedman,  5 comments
5G Apple iPhone 13 Pro concept has features, specs that might appear on the real thing (VIDEO)

A concept video of the Apple iPhone 13 series shows some features and specs that iPhone fans are hoping to see included in the 2021 series including in-display Touch ID.

yesterday, 1:08 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
DEAL Expires in - 1m 1w Google's Pixel 4a 5G is on sale at a huge discount with pretty much no strings attached

Normally priced at $500 and up, the upper mid-range Google Pixel 4a 5G can be purchased for as little as $250 right now with no trade-in, port-in, or obligatory device payment plan.

yesterday, 7:59 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  5 comments
Verizon's LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW is finally getting updated to Android 11

The V60 ThinQ 5G UW is finally getting the long-awaited Android 11 update, an important intermediary step towards the next big update – Android 12.

yesterday, 12:07 AM by Cosmin Vasile,  4 comments
Three new Moto smartwatches rumored to be coming this summer

The company that revived the Moto 360 smartwatch in 2019, eBuyNow, is allegedly about to introduce a trio of new smartwatches including one model with a square dial.

2 days ago, 10:12 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Don't fall for this "Apple Support" scam that cleaned out a woman's bank account

A woman was duped in a scheme that cost her $1,500 after a hacker intercepted her phone call to Apple Support and added an app to her phone that allowed him to drain her bank account.

3 days ago, 5:39 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Verizon proves it has a sense of humor, billing its 5G expansion efforts as 'aggressive'

Verizon claims it is aggressively expanding its blazing fast but terribly spotty 5G Ultra Wideband network, despite bringing the service merely to "parts" of three new cities.

3 days ago, 4:30 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
Dish Chairman Ergen calls T-Mobile anticompetitive

Dish Network Charles Ergen, who wanted Dish to become a wireless carrier so bad that he could taste it, is now accusing T-Mobile of being anticompetitive after a move it makes could force Dish subscribers to switch to T-Mobile.

3 days ago, 3:22 PM by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
DEAL Best deals this week: Galaxy S21+ BOGO, $50 iPhone SE, $49 Galaxy Buds and more

We've compiled a fresh batch of deals for those who will be looking to score a phone like the Galaxy S21, an iPhone SE, or a pair of cheap wireless earbuds this weekend.

3 days ago, 3:10 PM by Daniel Petrov,  1 comment
Huawei releases a new version of the P40 while we wait for the P50 series

The 'new' version does not support 5G.

3 days ago, 2:40 PM by Anam Hamid,  4 comments
updated A 5G LG phone is actually getting Android 11 on not one but two US carriers

The LG V60 ThinQ 5G follows the suit of more Samsung smartphones than we can count with an official Android 11 update on two of the top three US carriers.

3 days ago, 1:53 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
Apple shares the latest mind-blowing iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 adoption numbers

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are spreading at a much higher pace than their preceding OS builds, which is bound to put a big smile on the faces of Apple's top dogs ahead of the iOS 15 release.

3 days ago, 1:25 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  18 comments
Does Bill Gates prefer iOS or Android?

Is Bill Gates an iOS or Android user? In a Clubhouse interview, Gates said that he prefers using Android but will occasionally mess around with an iPhone to help him keep track of everything.

3 days ago, 1:03 PM by Alan Friedman,  12 comments
featured Xiaomi, not Apple or Samsung, ate up Huawei's European market share last year

Xiaomi was the big winner in Europe last year. Its smartphone sales almost doubled as it ate up Huawei's market share. Apple also found success with the iPhone 12, which was its best European launch ever, but Samsung struggled because of the Galaxy S20 line.

3 days ago, 11:52 AM by Joshua Swingle,  10 comments
DEAL Killer new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro 5G deals are available in anticipation of the OnePlus 9 launch

The OnePlus 9 trio is reportedly right around the corner, which makes this a pretty great time to buy the 5G-enabled OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro at a special price.

3 days ago, 11:49 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
Paramount+ streaming service launching on March 4, price starts at $4.99 monthly

Paramount+, a new streaming service by ViacomCBS and a rebrand of CBS All Access, is launching on March 4 in the US. The service aims to be one of the most affordable of its kind, with a starting price of $4.99/month.

3 days ago, 8:26 AM by Iskren Gaidarov,  2 comments
PhoneArena Performance Benchmark Test Results

We compare Snapdragon chips vs Exynos vs Apple A14 Bionic processors, looking at performance benchmarks and other tests...

3 days ago, 8:00 AM by Victor Hristov,  3 comments
Apple mini-stores coming to Target

Target has significantly increased its collaboration with Apple, doubling its floor space in select stores and increasing its online services related to Apple.

3 days ago, 7:28 AM by Doroteya Borisova,  2 comments
Аpple Glass introduces self-cleaning feature

While no promises are made, Apple is conducting research into building an innovative self-cleaning feature into the functions of the new Apple Glass gadget

3 days ago, 4:30 AM by Doroteya Borisova,  1 comment
Verizon starts rolling out One UI 3.1 update to the Galaxy S20, Note 20 series

Verizon is now rolling out Samsung's most recent One UI 3.1 update to several Galaxy S20 and Note 20 flagships.

3 days ago, 11:06 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Square Enix to launch not one but two Final Fantasy VII mobile games

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be released on both Android and iOS platforms.

3 days ago, 10:47 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
AT&T sells minority stake in its DirecTV business to private equity group

AT&T has finally found a company to sell part of its struggling DirecTV business. In fact, it's a private equity group called TPG Capital that bought 30% of AT&T's DirecTV satellite streaming service.

3 days ago, 10:21 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
5G modem chip for the Apple iPhone 13 will be made by the company's biggest rival

The Apple iPhone 13 will reportedly feature the 5nm Snapdragon X60 5G modem chip that will be manufactured by Apple's top rival Samsung using the latter's 5nm process node.

3 days ago, 9:33 PM by Alan Friedman,  2 comments
Samsung's cheapest 5G smartphone now has an LTE-only brother

Samsung has just revealed the LTE-only version of the Galaxy A32, a slightly different version of the 5G model.

3 days ago, 8:16 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
TikTok parent settles lawsuit over its collection of minors' personal data

TikTok parent ByteDance has settled a class action suit over the alleged collection of minors' personal data without their permission. To settle the suit, the Chinese company paid $92 million.

4 days ago, 6:22 PM by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
Investment bank lowers iPhone 12 sales forecast slightly

JP Morgan still expects overall sales to be 13 percent higher than last year.

4 days ago, 4:49 PM by Anam Hamid,  0 comments
DEAL The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is now on sale at its highest unlocked discount yet

Previously discounted by no more than $100 in an unlocked 128GB variant with no strings attached, the 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is now on sale for $150 less than usual.

4 days ago, 4:18 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
Twitter introduces Super Follows, lets people charge users to read their tweets

Just like Pateron, Super Follows will allow content creators, journalists, leakers, or anyone on Twitter to charge a monthly subscription to their followers for providing exclusive content.

4 days ago, 3:33 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  2 comments
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live update further improves sound, adds new features

The most recent Samsung Galaxy Buds Live update offers a couple of new features and improvements that aren't new to us.

4 days ago, 2:41 PM by Cosmin Vasile,  9 comments
TikTok subscriber discovers useful and time saving Apple iPhone, iPad hack

A hack posted by an iPad user on TikTok shows how multiple apps can be moved to a new screen at one time on the tablet and the iPhone. It is a time saving hack that is easy to use.

4 days ago, 2:29 PM by Alan Friedman,  2 comments
Verizon and AT&T can't stop arguing about each other's misleading 5G advertising

The latest in a long line of arguments between the top US wireless service providers concerning potentially misleading 5G ads has concluded with a partial Verizon victory over AT&T.

4 days ago, 2:02 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
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