Preslav Mladenov - News and Affiliate Content Writer

Preslav Mladenov - News and Affiliate Content Writer

Preslav Mladenov began his journey at PhoneArena in December 2021 as a tech journalist, primarily writing news pieces. Now, he is one of PhoneArena's Affiliate Content Creators, helping readers score massive savings on an awesome phone, smartwatch, tablet, Bluetooth speaker, and/or a pair of headphones.

He has always been fascinated by mobile technology, and thanks to his passion, he learned many things about smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and everything in between throughout the years. His knowledge, combined with his previous experience in sales, helps him think like a potential buyer, allowing him to scoop up all the best deals on mobile devices available on the Internet. 

When not deal hunting around the Web, Preslav likes to go to the gym. You can even say he is a bit of a gym rat. Another one of his favorite hobbies is playing Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, and a bunch of other racing games on his PlayStation. Yep, he is a racer wannabe; however, let's just say it's better to stick to writing instead of pursuing a career in Formula 1.

As for why he decided to write for a living, he has always been in love with writing. Since a young age, he has written poems and short stories and even has started a few novels, which he doesn't know whether he'll ever finish. His job at PhoneArena combines two of his biggest passions: mobile tech and writing.

Oh, and he likes to read books too. His favorite genre is Sci Fi, although, he also reads books about self-improvement.

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