Second Prime Day phone deals: recap

While Amazon Prime Day 2 for 2023 — also known as Prime Big Deal Days — is a thing of the past, we now have an important thing to do — recap all the best deals we came across.

In case you missed it, Amazon Prime Day 2 brought fantastic deals on hot flagship phones, mid-range marvels, and entry-level devices alike. As usual, we followed the event closely, helping shoppers get a head start on the holiday savings season well before Black Friday campaigns. Are you ready? Let's check out which brands and models got the most handsome markdowns.

Feel free to also check out our Amazon Spring Sale 2024 expectations, as we have a hunch that Amazon will most likely launch a Spring Sale event this year as well.

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October Prime Day deals on Samsung phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Good

  • Improved hinge feels better
  • Fast and solid performance
  • Sharp, colorful screen with smooth refresh rate
  • Wide and detailed sound from the speakers
  • S Pen (separate purchase) is excellent

The Bad

  • Battery life is ok at best
  • External screen can be too narrow for comfortable typing
  • The crease is shallower, but still very much present

Samsung fans in the market for a new foldable were in for a treat at this year's second iteration of the Amazon Prime Day event. Foldables and non-foldable smartphones alike got substantial discounts ranging around the $50-$300 mark. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 was $300 off throughout the event at Amazon, while the stylish Z Flip 5 enjoyed a sweet $110 discount at the same retailer. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Good

  • Battery life is great, big improvement from predecessor
  • New Snapdragon chip is the best one in years
  • Design is improved, feels more ergonomic
  • Screen is less curved and gets very dim (perfect for night time use)
  • Camera improvements are there, but not quite huge
  • Loudspeakers sound much better now
  • You get double the storage (256GB) at base model

The Bad

  • Base model still only has 8GB RAM
  • Charging speeds have not improved
  • Haptics are still not as good as rivals
  • Camera system hasn't improved as much as hoped for
  • Expensive if you buy at full price

During the savings event, shoppers could also claim up to $900 off the fantastic Galaxy S23 Ultra straight from the manufacturer's store. However, trade-ins were required to take advantage of this offer. Another deal at allowed you to get the Galaxy S23+ at up to $615 off with a trade-in. 

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The Good

  • Nice and clean design styling
  • Improved image quality
  • Solid battery life
  • Has a microSD card slot
  • Improved haptics

The Bad

  • Performance occasionally feels stuttery
  • Video stabilization could be improved
  • No wireless charging

More affordable alternatives from the Galaxy A Series were also discounted heavily at this year's Prime Day 2 event. For example, the amazing Galaxy A54, one of the best mid-range phones, was selling for $120 off its price tag on Amazon.

Google Pixel deals this October Prime Day

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Good

  • Great deal at $900
  • Speedy performance, clean software
  • Powerful zoom camera
  • Guaranteed day 1 software updates

The Bad

  • Portrait Mode is bad
  • Tensor G2 is not as powerful as rivals
  • Slow-ish charging

Google's Pixel phones weren't the stars of the show this October. That was because few smartphones by Google got hefty price cuts from Amazon. Then again, not all was lost in Pixel's universe. If you were looking for the Pixel 7 Pro, you could find it at $90 off, while the best value-for-money device of 2023, the Pixel 7a, got its price tag reduced by $100.

Google Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a

The Good

  • Good value for money
  • Stock Android with tons of AI/ML-powered software features
  • Display finally has a 90Hz refresh rate
  • Compact and user-friendly size
  • Face Unlock on board
  • Wireless charging
  • Capable camera with lots of features

The Bad

  • More expensive than its predecessor
  • Some slight build quality issues
  • Only a single 128GB storage option
  • Uninspiring digital zoom
  • Charges slowly

Going back a year and opting for a Pixel 6 model could save you even more. At this October's shopping event, you could get the Pixel 6 at 33% off or claim $381 in savings on the Pixel 6 Pro.

October Prime Day Motorola discounts

A wide portfolio of Motorola phones got heavy price cuts at this year's October Prime Day event. From epic flagships to budget-friendly handsets, there was a deal to meet every Motorola fan's needs (and budget.)

Motorola razr 40 Ultra

Motorola razr 40 Ultra

The Good

  • Almost crease-less screen
  • All-screen front!
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Closes with almost zero gap
  • Motorola has some cool gestures
  • Fast charging!

The Bad

  • Pricey!
  • At certain angles, phone feels a bit wobbly
  • Software support not as long as competition
  • Lacks strong water protection

The Razr+ (2023) got an amazing markdown at this year's Prime Day 2 event. The foldable flagship phone by Motorola got its price tag reduced by $200 at Amazon. The same merchant slashed $150 off the manufacturer's non-foldable flagship, the Edge+ (2023). The business-oriented Motorola ThinkPhone got an even more handsome markdown, as Amazon sold it at a whopping 43% cheaper price. 

Motorola Moto G Play (2023)

Motorola Moto G Play (2023)

View full specs

Super affordable smartphones were up for grabs as well. During the shopping event, Moto G phones got their prices deeply discounted by Amazon and other merchants. One of these was the Moto G Play (2023), which could be yours at $60 off during the event.

October Prime Day promotions on OnePlus phones

OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11

The Good

  • Affordable price
  • Powerful chip inside
  • One of the fastest and smoothest phones around
  • Incredibly fast charging
  • Great haptics

The Bad

  • Camera quality a step below rivals, especially video
  • Display does not get as bright as rivals
  • OxygenOS makes weird changes to accepted Android gestures
  • No wireless charging
  • Throttles quicker than other Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phones

OnePlus fans were treated to some quite generous proposals from major online retailers during the second Prime Day event for 2023. For instance, we saw a super-cool 30% discount on the highly capable OnePlus 10T, a deal we really liked. The more recent OnePlus 11 was another quite tempting choice during this October's shopping spree. This puppy retailed at $130 off its price tag on Amazon.

OnePlus 10T

OnePlus 10T

The Good

  • Sets a new standard for fast charging
  • Very fast thanks to Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • 16GB RAM option is a sweet overkill
  • Large, bright display with gorgeous colors

The Bad

  • No zoom camera
  • Overall camera quality not quite on par with the best
  • Alert slider is gone
  • USB 2.0 speeds from the port
  • Who needs a macro camera?

We also had the pleasure of seeing some TCL devices sporting cool markdowns. One of the best deals on TCL phones we came across went live for the TCL 40XL and allowed Prime members the chance to save 41% on this affordable smartphone.

iPhone October Prime Day deals

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

The Good

  • Cool new titanium frame
  • Action Button opens up more possibilities
  • Speakers are great as always
  • A17 Pro chip is an absolute beast
  • USB Type C with USB 3 speeds!
  • Slightly improved, much welcomed camera image processing

The Bad

  • Color options are a bit limited
  • Action Button needs fleshing out — it only does one thing
  • Doesn't come with USB 3 cable in the box
  • 5x zoom camera doesn't feel like a huge benefit

As you may probably know, iPhones rarely get big discounts during Prime Day. This tendency continued during Amazon Prime Day 2, meaning Apple fans didn't have many chances to get a new phone on the cheap. Expectedly, the latest Apple iPhone 15 Series didn't make an appearance during October's shopping spree.

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

The Good

  • Affordable price
  • Light, thin and compact
  • iPhone with a button classic vibe
  • 5G connectivity with C-band support
  • Super fast processor
  • Camera is great for day shots, video

The Bad

  • Feels dated
  • LCD screen instead of AMOLED
  • Screen feels too small for a modern phone
  • Battery life is improved, but still below average
  • Camera lacks night mode, has no ultra-wide lens
  • Only 64GB base storage

Still, we did come across some discounts, primarily on refurbished and prepaid models. One of these was a hefty 21% markdown on a refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max at Walmart. This retailer also sold a Straight Talk-locked iPhone 12 at a $100 cheaper price. A prepaid iPhone SE (2022) was available at a whopping 61% off at Walmart.

There's onе important thing to mention. For you to be able to get a Prime Day discount at Amazon during the event, you have to be a Prime Member. You can click the link below and get your Prime subscription ready to score some generous phone discounts:

Are Prime Day cell phone deals worth it?

That's a very good question. Most of the time, Prime Day deals on cell phones are worth it. Of course, getting an iPhone with a big Prime Day discount is an interesting challenge; however, sometimes there are interesting offers on some iPhone models. In the Android phone department, deals are usually epic, especially on Samsung and Motorola models, as well as OnePlus smartphones!

Cell phone deals on Prime Day are particularly noteworthy when they offer a pure discount, like the ones we get from Amazon or Best Buy. Of course, choosing a good plan with your carrier related to a deal for a phone you like is also a good strategy, just make sure you calculate everything yourself and don't forget to ask your carrier whatever question comes to mind in case you're having any doubts.

How to get the best cell phone deals on Prime Day?

Although finding the best deal is sometimes a challenge, we have some tips that might come in handy when the sales event begins. First off, we recommend tracking price changes on a product you have set your eyes on.

In order to monitor price changes on a phone you like, you can add it to your cart without ordering. That way, you can get notified by Amazon if the price tag changes. Additionally, you can compare the same device's price at other retailers or at your carrier to get a bigger picture of the deal you're thinking of going for.

On the topic of getting the best Prime Day deal, we even have a nice guide on how to shop Prime Day deals, with tips and tricks you can use during the sales to make the best purchase.

How to pick the best smartphone deal?

We get it, the smartphone market is saturated, and it's often hard to figure out if a deal is really... a deal, or if you're getting very little value for your money.

OK, here are a few rules of thumb:

  • Check model year - devices from 2023 or 2022 will always be the best to go for, as they are fresh, powerful, and still get the latest software. Exception:
  • Yesterday's flagship is better than today's mid-ranger - a Galaxy S21 (2021) will be a better phone than a Galaxy A53 (2022). One was made to be the top-tier phone of its time, the other one was made to meet a budget. And the old flagship will come at massive discounts! There's a threshold of how back you can go with this rule.
  • Make sure to scroll through the color options - some devices get bigger discounts only in certain paintjobs.
  • Don't shy away from carrier contracts - if you're approaching the end of your current contract or have already passed the date, it's a great time to re-subscribe and get an awesome phone deal to boot.
  • Consider trade-in? Typically, you can get better money for your old phone on the second-hand market. However, selling the phone yourself can be an ordeal, especially if you need to figure out shipping or communicating with rude buyers. During the sales events, some stores are running so-called "enhanced trade-ins" that can give you better value for your phone, with no extra headaches attached!
  • Before you pull the trigger - make sure that deal really is a... deal. Websites like will show you the pricing history of products, the lowest-ever price, and the recent price. That way, you can figure out if you are saving as much as it says on the device's page, or if it's smoke and mirrors.
  • Pull the trigger - once you've made sure you've found a bargain — the bargain that you want — there's little time for hesitation. Sales events usually don't last long and products circulate out from the deal spotlight (or they sell out due to limited quantities).

How quickly do Prime Day phone deals usually sell out?

Very quickly, especially if we're talking about a popular model - we've seen stocks run out in hours on some of the more popular devices. Of course, during the event, many stocks do get replenished. Still, if you've set your eyes on a particular model and want to get it as soon as possible during the event, we'd advise you not to hesitate and go for it.

Let's talk a bit more about specifics: iPhone models rarely get big Prime Day deals, but if they do, for sure, they will run out quite fast. Galaxies are other phones that run out quite quickly, but we've seen Amazon restock on them fast (you can't really count on that, though - restocking may take time and by that time, the deal may have expired). On the other hand, some Motorola phones with big discounts may remain available for longer.

All in all, it's best to keep in mind that although the event itself will last for 48 hours, that doesn't mean the same deals will last for this amount of time. Here are our two cents: if you see the phone you wanted with a big discount, go for it as soon as you can!

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