Sebastian Pier - Junior Tech News Writer

Sebastian Pier - Junior Tech News Writer
Sebastian steps in the (Phone)Arena as part of the Tech Writers team – a phenomenon as natural as the sun rising every day, given his lifelong fascination with both writing and technology.

Having spent countless afternoons raging in front of various Windows platforms’ blue screens of death (from Win 98 to 2000's surreally abominable Millenium Edition, etc.), his favorite sound was the phone modem, clicking and clacking, as the PC connected to the Internet. The monthly phone bill and the sounds it induced at home, however, were not his favorite.

As time went on and Sebastian grew in size, computers shrinked to pocket devices. While yours truly kept his PC obsession going (and even to this day despises laptop devices), at first he was quite hesitant about 'modern' devices.

A stubborn Nokia 'dumbphone' user, Sebastian finally gave up and went all-in in the smartphone realm after the manufacturers were kind enough to develop spectacular mobile cameras.

Somewhere along the line Sebastian developed a photography hobby habit. He was happy to carry (literally) everywhere an 11 pound/5 kg camera bag with an old, hefty DSLR inside. While he hasn't given up on shooting portraits with DSLR cameras (and loves doing so with manual vintage lenses from the 1960s), nowadays he has the common sense (or the lower back pain) not to carry around that photo tank all the time. After all (this cliche, as many others, is as true as it gets), the best camera is the one that is with you.

And the best mobile cameras, if you ask Sebastian, are to be found within the Google Pixel line. That's why a Google Pixel is to be found in his pocket...

Prior to PhoneArena, Sebastian has worked close to 15 years in the media, writing on various topics. He also has marketing experience as part of the first DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) startup in Bulgaria.

Sebastian is furious with today's tech zombifying and can spent hours ranting about 'digital mass hysteria', but strangely enough he himself is always on the look for the next great tech deal, be it a drone, a tablet, earbuds, a movie projector, or, Google forgive him – another phone.

While Wilbur and Orville Wright made it ridiculously easy to get to fine places all around the world, Sebastian usually roams in the Sea garden of Burgas, Bulgaria. You can find him there in the late spring or in the autumn; or drooling at the BBQ; or re-reading Jaroslav Hasek's "The Good Soldier Svejk". If you find one too many literary/film references in Sebastian's articles, cut him some slack. ‘If you have to steal, steal from the best’, as Woody Allen’s alter ego in ‘Anything goes’ pointed out.

There he goes again with the references, time to end that bio!
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