DEAL Save a whopping $100 when you buy Amazon's Echo Plus (2nd Gen) with Philips Hue bulb

Just a heads-up for those who want to buy a smart speaker that Amazon's Echo Plus (2nd Gen) is now on sale at multiple US retailers.

1 min ago by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Amazon bans TikTok and then says "nevermind"

Earlier today word leaked that Amazon had told employees to remove the TikTok app from any phone that accessed Amazon's business email account. Later today Amazon said that the original message was a mistake.

27 min ago by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Asus' next-generation Zenfone flagships tipped to boast flip cameras

Rumor has it that Asus will launch at least two models: Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro. One of the traits that these flagships will have in common is the flip camera.

1 hour ago by Cosmin Vasile,  0 comments
Analyst says Galaxy Z Flip has so far been the best selling foldable phone of 2020

The Galaxy Z Flip is not just doing well, it's beating whatever little competition there is.

1 hour ago by Anam Hamid,  1 comment
Fitbit Charge 4 major update adds Dynamic GPS, Smart Wake alarms

If you've bought yourself Fitbit's most recent fitness tracker, the Charge 4, you're now eligible for an update that will add a lot of important features that were lacking from the original software.

1 hour ago by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
DEAL Killer deal: Sony's true wireless noise-canceling earbuds are $100 off

Sony's WF-SP700N Sport wireless noise-canceling earbuds typically sell for $180, but Best Buy has them on sale for just $80.

3 hours ago by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
Apple and top partner reportedly test production of a major AR component for upcoming headsets

A fresh report published today says that Apple and its contact manufacturing partner Foxconn are running trial production of AR lenses for Apple's upcoming headsets.

4 hours ago by Alan Friedman,  1 comment
Fossil's new smartwatches won't adopt Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform

Fossil's next-generation smartwatches will not be equipped with the new Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC (system-on-chip), at least according to the latest leak.

5 hours ago by Cosmin Vasile,  2 comments

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Pixel 4a (5G) is apparently on the way too and it will have the same chip as the Pixel 5

Beta version of the Google Search app has revealed that there will be no Pixel 5 XL.

6 hours ago by Anam Hamid,  4 comments
LG's next mid-range smartphone shows up on Google Play Console

Recently spotted in the Google Play Console, the LG K31 is should be a very cheap device based on the leaked specs.

7 hours ago by Cosmin Vasile,  3 comments
DEAL Samsung's Galaxy S20+ 5G is on sale at a $600 discount with no trade-in required

You don't have to trade anything in or port in an existing number to score the 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G at a massive $600 off its list price from AT&T.

8 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  11 comments
featured Apple iOS 14 Preview: Hands-on with all the new features

A short preview of iOS 14 with hands-on of all the new features.

8 hours ago by Peter Kostadinov,  50 comments
Another report claims Samsung Galaxy Note 20 price will surprise pleasantly

Apparently, the Galaxy Note 20 will be a little more affordable than the Note 10.

9 hours ago by Anam Hamid,  13 comments
featured 7 ways 5G will change the world

We can talk about frequencies and wavelengths all day, but the most important thing is that 5G will really change our world in various ways.

9 hours ago by Mariyan Slavov,  1 comment
Xiaomi patents phone design with two displays and one mega camera

Xiaomi is looking at a future with not more but fewer cameras on our smartphones. That is, if the company's latest patent ever becomes a reality.

9 hours ago by Georgi Zarkov,  5 comments
You won't believe this photo was taken on one of the cheapest phones of 2020

A stunning photo of a sunflower field with the Milky Way in the sky shows that you can capture incredible shots on even the cheapest phone if you want to...

9 hours ago by Victor Hristov,  7 comments
Note 20's Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G vs Exynos 990 and A13 specs, breaking the 3GHz barrier

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may sport the new Snapdragon 865+ 5G and Exynos 992 chipsets, and we pit Qualcomm's finest against the Samsung and Apple top-shelf creations.

9 hours ago by Daniel Petrov,  4 comments
OnePlus drops its first official teaser for the company's rookie AirPods-rivaling effort

The oft-rumored OnePlus Pods or OnePlus Buds alternatives to Apple's industry-leading AirPods are inching closer to their long overdue launch with an official Twitter teaser.

10 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  2 comments
Activision brings Crash Bandicoot to mobile

On the Run! is a new Crash Bandicoot game developed by King, the same developer behind the Candy Crush Saga smash hit.

10 hours ago by Cosmin Vasile,  1 comment
updated Check out the tall, skinny, and awkward Google Home sequel

The long overdue Google Home sequel looks nothing like its forerunner, with an extra-tall, extra-thin, and extra-weird body, clearing both US and Japanese certifications ahead of an imminent release.

11 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
  popular The mother of all OnePlus Nord 5G leaks is here

Although somewhat sketchy, the latest OnePlus Nord 5G leak may well reveal the full spec sheet of the company's highly anticipated mid-range smartphone.

12 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  7 comments
Hot new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ 5G leaks leave little to the imagination

We have hot new images leaked of both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ 5G, as well as a very compelling feature of the larger model.

14 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  3 comments
Surface Duo with case and stylus teased again on Twitter

Microsoft's upcoming dual-display Android smartphone is shown with a case and what appears to be a Surface Slim Pen stylus.

14 hours ago by Radoslav Minkov,  3 comments
Best 5G phones in USA for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or unlocked

We review the list of the best 5G phones you can find right now on the market at Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or unlocked, from the lowly OnePlus 8 5G, to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

14 hours ago by Daniel Petrov,  5 comments
New iPhone app brings mocap to Unreal Engine 4

Live Link Face streams high-quality facial animation in real-time from your iPhone directly onto characters in Unreal Engine.

14 hours ago by Mariyan Slavov,  0 comments
Verizon may carry the LG Velvet upon its US release in August

When will Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile carry the LG Velvet? A release timeframe is finally tipped, but there are 'design changes.'

14 hours ago by Daniel Petrov,  4 comments
featured updated Newly leaked renders reveal the premium OnePlus Nord 5G design in full

The upcoming mid-range OnePlus Nord 5G handset looks a lot like the high-end OnePlus 8, upping the camera count to an incredible grand total of six.

15 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  13 comments
Leaked renders reveal three Samsung Galaxy Buds Live colors

The oddly shaped Samsung Galaxy Buds Live true wireless earbuds are inching closer to their official release with a high-quality new leak in a trio of snazzy paint jobs.

15 hours ago by Adrian Diaconescu,  4 comments
Android 10 has the fastest adoption rate in the history of the mobile OS

Google announced today that with Android 10 running on 100 million devices five months after its launch, that build of Android has had the fastest adoption of the open source operating system.

yesterday, 7:42 PM by Alan Friedman,  0 comments
featured Here's how you can be the first on your block to run iOS 14 on your iPhone

The first public beta for iOS 14 is here which means that the average iPhone user can roll the dice and install what is typically a buggy build of the next version of iOS.

yesterday, 5:02 PM by Alan Friedman,  5 comments
DEAL Black Friday in July deal brings Lenovo Smart Display 10 down to $100

The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant is on sale for a limited time at $99.99 instead of $249.99, substantially undercutting Amazon and Google's direct competition.

yesterday, 3:45 PM by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak we have been waiting for is here

There is now a glimmer of hope that Samsung will reduce the price of the Galaxy Note 20 to revive demand.

yesterday, 3:15 PM by Anam Hamid,  5 comments
Pixel 4 users suffer from flickering screens after latest Android 11 beta update

The recent Android 11 beta 2 update has left Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users with a flickering screen as the 90Hz Smooth display keeps switching from 90Hz to 60Hz creating the issue.

yesterday, 2:45 PM by Alan Friedman,  2 comments
Don't like the camera modules on the current iPhone models? It could have been worse

Not happy with the look of the camera module on the Apple iPhone 11 series? A patent application filed by Apple shortly after the phones were unveiled reveals that it could have been much worse.

yesterday, 12:28 PM by Alan Friedman,  4 comments
Seems like Samsung is anticipating lackluster demand for the Galaxy Note 20

A new report claims the company is cautious about placing component orders for the series.

yesterday, 10:13 AM by Anam Hamid,  37 comments
Best cases for iPad Pro (2020)

Looking for a case for that pretty and thin iPad Pro (2020)? Here's our selection of great cases for you!

yesterday, 9:12 AM by Preslav Kateliev,  2 comments
11 of the best MMO games for iOS and Android (2020)

Looking for the top MMORPG games to play on iOS or Android? If so, check out our collection of the best titles to play in 2020!

yesterday, 8:29 AM by Radoslav Minkov,  3 comments
Lenovo all set to over-deliver with the Legion gaming phone

Lenovo has confirmed that the Legion gaming phone will be unveiled on July 22.

yesterday, 8:00 AM by Anam Hamid,  0 comments
featured 5 things wrong with mobile gaming

Modern mobile gaming seems to suffer from various diseases. None of them is terminal but together they ruin what playing was supposed to be all along.

yesterday, 7:56 AM by Mariyan Slavov,  8 comments
Upcoming 5G phones in 2020

The lineup of 5G-enabled phones will get even bigger with the upcoming 5G smartphones that are yet to be released or announced. We can’t wait, so we have compiled a list of the upcoming 5G smartphones for you to check and possibly even pick a favorite for your next smartphone upgrade.

yesterday, 7:55 AM by Iskra Petrova,  2 comments
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