featured Google Pixel 4 XL review 4 months later: is it worth getting one in 2020?

This is my Google Pixel 4 review after several months of daily use. Here are my thoughts and impressions on the phone's display quality, camera, battery life, and overall user experience.

1 hour ago by Nick Todorov,  10 comments
featured Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 is doomed, and it's all the Galaxy S20 Ultra's fault

There's simply no way Samsung can make the Galaxy Note 20 significantly and meaningfully better than the Galaxy S20 Ultra, so we might have to accept the fact the very spirit of the Note family is dead.

4 days ago, 9:53 AM by Adrian Diaconescu,  81 comments
sponsored PhoneArena is hiring: News writer

PhoneArena is looking for a part-time news writer to produce coverage during daytime United States hours, including over the weekends. If you are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about mobile technologies, then this job offer is for you!

Feb 20, 2020, 4:48 AM,  by PhoneArena,  1 comment
featured Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple, and that's... perfectly okay

Samsung took a page straight out of Apple's playbook by permanently marking down the Galaxy S10 family while launching the Galaxy S20 lineup, but there's nothing wrong with deriving inspiration from a rival's (good) ideas.

Feb 19, 2020, 9:19 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  57 comments
How addictive mobile games hack your brain to drain your wallet

Like many people my age, I've had a hard time letting go of a game. So I've been wondering: are games deliberately designed to be hard to quit? Are game developers using tricks to keep us playing for as long as possible?

Feb 17, 2020, 9:45 AM,  by Nick Todorov,  17 comments
featured With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung finally nailed this one feature

The Galaxy S20 phones have many outstanding features but one change that flew under the radar is something I've been hoping to see for a while. And now it's time to show my gratitude.

Feb 17, 2020, 9:31 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  25 comments
featured Sorry, but Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip doesn't make any sense in our modern smartphone world

The limited-edition Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looks cool, but with no front screen, a tiny battery and other limitations, it makes for a severely compromised phone that costs a ton of money...

Feb 17, 2020, 9:10 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  56 comments
Why is the Galaxy S20 Ultra so bland?

Samsung seemingly outdid itself this year, coming up with a pretty strong quartet of exceptional devices - the fashionable Galaxy Z Flip, the compact Galaxy S20, the middle-of-the-road Galaxy S20+, and finally, the mother of all phones, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. With superb hardware and pretty solid camera prowess, Samsung is very likely eyeing a pretty successful year. Yet, something's missing. Samsung kind of dropped the ball when it comes to the design of the phone, especially with the S20 Ultra.

Feb 12, 2020, 9:30 AM,  by Peter Kostadinov,  69 comments

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featured Sony should fix this problem with its gadgets right now

Sony might not be at its peak right now, but it has some amazing products that coincidentally have the worst names you have ever heard...

Jan 17, 2020, 6:49 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  23 comments
featured No, the Galaxy S20 Ultra won't have 10x optical zoom, here's why

Do you really believe the 10x optical zoom rumors for the Galaxy S20 Ultra? We don't, check out why it won't happen.

Jan 16, 2020, 6:41 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  9 comments
The iPhone can be cracked, and Apple gave iCloud data, so why is the FBI on its case?

Why is the Attorney General ganging up on Apple's good business practices again when it comes to the iPhone encryption? After all, every FBI office has a Celebrite or Grayshift devices and software to crack iPhone passwords now.

Jan 15, 2020, 6:33 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  19 comments
Why I think midrange phones are more exciting than flagships right now

The glass slabs that are smartphone flagships today are getting kind of boring and I found myself looking forward to upcoming mid-range phones for the exciting anticipation of the unknown. Here's why...

Jan 14, 2020, 9:17 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  22 comments
featured OnePlus 7T: 3 months in, should you buy it?

Three months after its launch, the OnePlus 7T remains in my pocket as my go-to phone, and even though I have learned more about its shortcomings, the positives outweigh the negatives by a hefty margin...

Jan 09, 2020, 9:53 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  11 comments
The 2020 iPhone lineup will be Apple's best move yet

The 2020 iPhone lineup will be Apple's best move yet because it'll help the company target every consumer demographic north of $399. This means it'll be able to push its new services such as Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade to even more people.

Dec 27, 2019, 1:04 PM,  by Joshua Swingle,  50 comments
featured Samsung is about to make a big mistake with the Galaxy S11e

Instead of following up the Galaxy S10e with a truly compact high-end handset sporting a flat screen, Samsung is reportedly cooking up a curvy Galaxy S10e with an excessively large display that's unlikely to be very affordable.

Dec 27, 2019, 8:37 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  22 comments
featured Is OnePlus trying to do too many things at once?

With two high-end smartphones, one of which could be headed for Verizon, a mid-range handset, a smartwatch, and a pair of true wireless earbuds reportedly in the pipeline, it sounds like OnePlus might be getting a little too ambitious for its own good.

Dec 23, 2019, 8:22 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  24 comments
featured 2019 was an amazing year for smartphones

2019 was a pretty great year for smartphones — we saw new features, new products, price drops, and a bright future.

Dec 23, 2019, 7:07 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  11 comments
featured Samsung's biggest step forward this year is almost going unnoticed

Samsung should be held to a higher standard than all other Android smartphone vendors when it comes to software support, a standard that the company is already meeting with its unusually fast Android 10 updates.

Dec 20, 2019, 9:11 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  20 comments
featured Galaxy S11's camera may break three flagship specs records... may it disappoint, too?

What do you think, will Galaxy S11 indeed have the best phone camera? The crazy rumor buildup could climax in jaw-dropping footage indeed, but we've been jaded many times before.

Dec 19, 2019, 6:55 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  28 comments
featured Will Fitbit suffer the same fate as Motorola under Google's management?

Google wants to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion, a deal that reminds us of the search giant's Motorola acquisition from a few years ago. But Fitbit doesn't have to suffer the same fate as Motorola. Here's why.

Dec 18, 2019, 7:41 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  4 comments
featured Here is why I refuse to use a smartwatch

Smart watches these days are quite fast and generally good, but I still refuse to wear one. Here's why...

Dec 14, 2019, 9:49 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  41 comments
The new Galaxy S11 design is Samsung's smartest decision in years

Samsung's decision to implement a unified design across the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy A lineups is its smartest move in years. It'll make all phones instantly recognizable as Galaxies, improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and potentially boost profits.

Dec 14, 2019, 5:58 AM,  by Joshua Swingle,  28 comments
Scoot over, OnePlus, there is a new value for money mixer in America

If OnePlus is a flagship killer, and there is a phone now sold in the US that can show OnePlus how it's done without much strain on the imagination, what would then this phone be? An odd bird, that's for sure, and we are talking about none other than the newly-announced Motorola One Hyper.

Dec 10, 2019, 7:06 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  5 comments
Google’s text prediction made my typing slower

Google's keyboard app Gboard helps me send messages faster but in doing so it also made me type slower. A weird phenomenon you might have experienced as well...

Dec 05, 2019, 7:56 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  5 comments
featured Testing this 108MP camera makes me wish the Samsung Galaxy S11 DOESN'T have one

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 comes with a 108-megapixel camera, and so will the Samsung Galaxy S11, according to rumors. However, this 108MP camera is not as good as the numbers suggest.

Dec 05, 2019, 6:32 AM,  by Nick Todorov,  39 comments
If Apple wants me to believe the iPhone is a gaming phone, it needs to take notes from Android phones

The iPhone 11 is powerful and great for gaming. But the software suite needs to borrow some ideas from Android

Nov 21, 2019, 8:11 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  40 comments
featured Don't buy the iPhone 11 (there is a better iPhone bargain around)

If you are looking for the best "bargain iPhone", I would recommend against the iPhone 11...

Nov 18, 2019, 9:18 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  24 comments
featured Google has no new Android fragmentation chart, so what? Updates have never been faster...

Google may have just switched to a bi-annual Android version numbers distribution reporting. Why? Because updates are now happening in a record fast manner, and Project Treble is finally giving fruit.

Nov 15, 2019, 6:31 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  28 comments
featured Pixel 4 XL bashing misses the big picture: here is why I think this is the best Android phone of 2019

The new Pixel 4 series are getting a lot of flak from reviewers this year. Many of those criticisms are valid, but... they are also missing the big picture...

Nov 12, 2019, 6:35 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  61 comments
featured Here's why the Motorola RAZR V3 was once the coolest phone in the world

A foldable Motorola RAZR 2019 Android phone is coming in just a few days – a perfect time to go back in history and see how the first RAZR phone, the Motorola RAZR V3, blew our minds in 2004.

Nov 08, 2019, 9:29 AM,  by Nick Todorov,  16 comments
featured This is the REAL problem with Apple's AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro sound great and will fit your ears even better than the original AirPods, but there is one BIG issue with them that you need to be aware of before buying...

Nov 06, 2019, 6:53 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  47 comments
featured Versus: For and against gesture navigation

Gestures are quickly replacing buttons as means of navigating your phone's menus but they're definitely not better in every way. Two of our authors have some thoughts to share For and Against gesture navigation in our new Versus.

Nov 06, 2019, 6:22 AM,  by Peter Kostadinov and Georgi Zarkov,  21 comments
featured The Apple Watch Series 5 is nothing special, but it still deserves all the attention in the world

Despite being undoubtedly the best smartwatch money can buy this holiday season, the Apple Watch Series 5 is not getting the attention it deserves just because it doesn't look very "special" or "original."

Oct 31, 2019, 10:30 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  15 comments
featured Google Play Pass is just a lazy response to Apple Arcade

Google's Play Pass looks like a lazy take on Apple Arcade with unpredictable consequences for both users and developers

Oct 24, 2019, 9:12 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  38 comments
You think smartphone cameras today look weird? See what's coming next year!

Smartphone cameras are taking the main stage and we're giving you a glimpse of what the future of camera bumps might hold. Hold tight, it's going to be a wild ride!

Oct 18, 2019, 9:30 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov, Milen Yanachkov,  16 comments
featured Ok Google, so when is the Pixel 4a coming?

Because the Pixel 4 and 4 XL don't seem to be trying very hard to be taken seriously as premium rivals for Apple or Samsung's newest flagships, we're beginning to wonder if Google might be more focused on making a mid-range Pixel 4a great.

Oct 18, 2019, 9:07 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  28 comments
featured The Google Pixel 4 is the worst value phone in 2019

Google's Pixel 4 and 4 XL fail to entice and don't offer any justifiable reason to drop $799. With not enough storage, a redundant telephoto camera, and a misunderstood identity, the Pixel 4 will probably struggle to succeed...

Oct 18, 2019, 2:18 AM,  by Peter Kostadinov,  98 comments
featured Amazon should go back to making smartphones already

After making e-book readers, tablets, smart speakers, and various other types of "smart" devices with built-in Alexa support, Amazon has every reason to consider returning to the smartphone market the company so abruptly left a number of years back.

Oct 14, 2019, 7:06 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  15 comments
poll How often do you upgrade to a new phone?

Getting a new phone is an important even in a person's life today. Some people do it twice a year and others twice a decade, where do you fall? Tell us inside!

Oct 10, 2019, 2:35 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  30 comments
featured Is Apple's iPad lineup getting too confusing for its own good?

Apple is currently selling a grand total of five main iPad variants, also preparing a spring 2020 refresh of the iPad Pro duo, which will further flood a stagnant market and overcrowd a confusing product portfolio.

Oct 09, 2019, 8:12 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  11 comments
featured Fossil might be the only company with the vision to challenge Apple in the smartwatch market

The Fossil Group is not exactly a major smartwatch vendor right now, but with a number of well-known brands under its belt sharing a coherent vision, the company could become Apple's greatest adversary at some point down the line.

Sep 27, 2019, 8:12 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  30 comments
featured Huawei Mate 30 Pro Hands-on: what I LOVE and what I HATE about it

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is a beast of a phone, but it comes without Google services. Should you buy it even without Google apps? We try to answer this, as well as what we love and hate about this phone...

Sep 25, 2019, 9:58 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  20 comments
featured Asus is low-key becoming a force to be reckoned with

After experimenting for far too long with far too many unconventional concepts, Asus seems to have settled on two ideas that perfectly combine traditionalism and out-of-the-box thinking.

Sep 24, 2019, 10:14 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  25 comments
Apple's new Phone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are not boring at all

You don’t have to browse the web for too long before a barrage of anti-Apple comments might flood your screen like a torrential autumn rain. Many of these would certainly be directed towards the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the two new premium flagships that, you see, are neither innovative nor revolutionary in any way. That’s what the vocal anti-Apple on the Internet will try to shove down your face...

Sep 20, 2019, 6:25 AM,  by Peter Kostadinov,  72 comments
featured I still think the iPhone SE2 needs to happen, and so should Apple

One way or another, Apple needs to release a compact and powerful new iPhone soon with or without a major facelift for the sake of the market as a whole and the company's handset business.

Sep 13, 2019, 9:47 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  19 comments
The 64GB iPhone 11s are a joke Apple keeps repeating

Apple released its 2019 iPhones and unfortunately this year customers are once again facing a dilemma: settle for the meager base storage option or pay a hefty premium for an upgrade.

Sep 13, 2019, 9:35 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  117 comments
featured Why is the iPhone 11 Pro called iPhone 11 Pro?

The new iPhones are here and they're going Pro! But are they really Pro or is that just Apple's latest marketing trick? Time to find out!

Sep 11, 2019, 9:32 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  58 comments
The iPad 7th gen is a great deal, but consider this before buying one

The iPad 7th gen is a very lucrative offer, but hold up! You might want to think about this before buying one!

Sep 11, 2019, 5:28 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  5 comments
Where can Samsung go next with the S Pen?

Samsung is upgrading the S Pen with each generation but what if it decides to step it up a notch? We have some interesting suggestions for potential S Pen features!

Sep 10, 2019, 9:12 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  14 comments
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