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A Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G could be happening after all


Even though Samsung released a grand total of three main Galaxy S20 variants earlier this year, including an absolutely insane (albeit far from perfect) 6.9-inch Ultra model, the company is widely expected to follow 2019's Note 10 and Note 10+ with a Note 20 and Note 20+ in just a couple of months.

But you might not want to give up all hope of also seeing a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra unveiled before long just yet. Yes, a seemingly reliable tipster and reputable supply chain analyst explicitly claimed there was no such variant in the pipeline last month, but now a hot new Bluetooth SIG certification document mentions the SM-N986U by that exact same name.

This is a highly unusual occurrence, as these types of regulatory listings rarely include a handset's official branding, so although it sounds unlikely, the information may not be completely accurate. At the very least, we can once again hope to see Samsung's "next big thing" sold in three variants, including an ultra-high-end model presumably pushing the screen size and specifications of its "little" brothers to the extreme.

Doesn't that model number sound familiar?

Why yes, it does, and in case you're wondering exactly where you might have seen or heard about it before, you need to go back to a preliminary benchmarking file from early April. At that point, the SM-N986U designation was associated with a purported Galaxy Note 20+ 5G version, but curiously enough, Geekbench listed that particular pre-release prototype as packing only 8 gigs of RAM in combination with a Snapdragon 865 processor.

Keeping in mind that the 5G-enabled S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra have a (starting) 12GB memory count in common, it felt highly unlikely that the Note 20+ 5G could ever offer a (comparatively) modest 8 gigs of the good stuff, especially in the US. 

That's even less likely if we're in fact dealing with a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G here, although we're still not sure whether or not to buy the whole "standard" 16GB RAM for the entire Note 20 family story.

That rumor was started by none other than Ross Young, mind you, who's now apparently proven wrong by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group as far as the existence of the Note 20 Ultra is concerned. Young also initially suggested the "regular-sized" Galaxy Note 20 wouldn't support 120Hz refresh rate technology, quickly changing his stance to tip impressive display specifications for both the Note 20 and Note 20+.

What could the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G possibly bring to the table?

Because this is a phone we had no idea existed until earlier today, we obviously can't answer that question with any degree of certainty or reliability. But if the Note 20+ is set to sport a huge 6.9-inch screen, the Ultra version will almost definitely break the 7-inch barrier that was once reserved exclusively for tablets.

Other than that, all we can do is speculate and dream with our eyes open of, say, a limited "full-screen" design with a hidden front-facing camera and no notch or hole punch, which is something that we know the Note 20 and Note 20+ are not ready for.


A larger than 4,500mAh battery would naturally be etched in stone, approaching, matching, or perhaps exceeding the 5,000mAh capacity of the S20 Ultra's cell, while the possible camera specifications are an absolute head-scratcher. To be honest, we can't really see how Samsung will be able to make the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G stand out from the Note 20+, not to mention the S20 Ultra, so maybe this name "confirmation" is some sort of a mix-up after all.

Or maybe, and bear with me here, the Note 20+ is the variant that's not happening after all, with Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra flavors in the works instead.

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