Samsung's Galaxy Note 20+ 5G and S20 Ultra could have one big thing in common

Samsung's Galaxy Note 20+ 5G and S20 Ultra could have one big thing in common
While we do seem to know a number of things about the 5G-enabled Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+, Samsung has undeniably managed to do a great job keeping its next-gen flagship duo under wraps... for a change. For one thing, no photographs or renders have leaked yet, let alone hands-on videos or full reviews that sometimes precede other companies' major smartphone announcements.

Another big question that remains unanswered less than three months in advance of the expected early August Unpacked event is exactly how similar the camera modules and specifications will look to those of the Galaxy S20 family. More importantly, will the Note 20 and Note 20+ take their cues from the S20 and S20+ now that it's pretty much confirmed there's no Ultra variant of the tech giant's impending S Pen-wielding powerhouse in the pipeline? 

The folks over at GalaxyClub in the Netherlands (translated here) might be able to answer some of your most ardent Galaxy Note 20-related camera questions after talking to their typically reliable inside sources, but before getting too excited, you should know a few things are still unclear and even the clear stuff is obviously far from guaranteed.

One 108MP sensor coming right up

Yes, ladies and gents, the Galaxy Note 20+ 5G is tipped to borrow that insane primary rear-facing shooter from the insanely expensive (and surprisingly popular) Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Technically, today's report warns that the Note 20 Plus is expected to feature a 108-megapixel imaging sensor, which might not be the same exact 108-megapixel sensor found on the back of the S20 Ultra, but if there are any differences in the works, we reckon they will be marginal at best (or at worst).

On paper, Samsung's upgrade from a 12MP main camera on last year's Note 10 and Note 10 Plus to 108 drool-worthy megapixels looks dramatic, but as you're probably well aware of, the S20 Ultra's photographic skills are not a massive improvement over the real-world capabilities of the S10 lineup.

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Unlike the Note 10, which shares its primary, secondary, and tertiary imaging sensors with the Note 10+, the upcoming "regular-sized" Note 20 is expected to stand out from its bigger brother. Unfortunately, we don't know if the 6.4-inch or so device will settle for a 12MP main shooter or adopt an intermediate megapixel count of some sort. It's also unclear if the 6.9-inch or so Note 20+ will borrow the Space Zoom-enabling 48MP periscope telephoto lens from the S20 Ultra or perhaps go with the 64MP sensor of the S20+ instead.

All in all, plenty of questions remain unanswered, but one big thing is (almost) guaranteed - Samsung wants to win the megapixel wars and its army of photographic monsters will only grow larger and stronger down the line.

The puzzle is slowly coming together

While it's true that the 5G-enabled Note 20 and Note 20+ haven't been leaked in the flesh yet (or even in factory CAD-based renders), it's pretty easy to envision their designs. Expect slightly boxier versions of the S20 and S20 Ultra with built-in stylus support and the same old centered hole punch.

No, the company's revolutionary in-screen front camera technology is still not ready for primetime, and Samsung doesn't seem to be a fan of the divisive "waterfall" display look for now. Under the hood, there's a chance 16GB RAM will become standard for both sizes of the Galaxy Note 20, but at the same time, the two ultra-high-end phones might offer just 128 gigs of internal storage space to begin with.

That would be a pretty bizarre combination aimed at striking an unusual balance between being heavy multitasking-friendly and keeping retail pricing relatively low. Speaking of, we don't have any actual info to share on possible price tags, and we naturally won't have that until the memory and storage counts are confirmed.

It's obviously hard to be very optimistic about reasonable pricing when expecting both the Note 20 and Note 20+ to offer 5G capabilities as standard in the US in addition to 120Hz refresh rate support. Finally, the battery capacity is tipped at 4,000 and 4,500mAh respectively, which is good but not great considering the S20 Ultra packs an even heftier 5,000mAh cell.

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