Only the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will reportedly rock a 120Hz display

Only the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will reportedly rock a 120Hz display
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will not sport a 120Hz screen, claims supply chain consultant Ross Young.
Previously, he had said that both Note 20 and Note 20 Plus will feature a power-efficient LTPO display with a 120Hz refresh rate.
Young now says that Samsung has “confirmed” that the regular Note 20 will not have a 120Hz screen. Instead, it will stick with a 60Hz screen, which is what most smartphones have.
Apparently, the decision has something to do with the backplane LTPO tech, which is costly, and thus has been reserved for the more premium Galaxy Note 20 Plus.
Keeping a 60Hz screen will also perhaps prevent Samsung from jacking up Note 20’s price. The Galaxy S20 series is apparently not selling well, and while the company could put the entire blame on the coronavirus, the common consensus is that the insane prices of the new flagships are not helping either.
Thus, perhaps it makes sense to avoid bells and whistles for the Note 20 and offer things that truly matter at an appropriate price.
Earlier, it was reported that Samsung is also downgrading the storage of the standard Note 20. It will likely come with a base storage of 128GB. Last year’s Note 10, on the other hand, has 256GB of native storage as the base configuration.
Since the Note series is aimed at productivity-oriented people, chances are that the Galaxy Note 20 will come with a microSD card slot, something the Note 10 lacks.
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