Samsung's Galaxy Note 20, Fold 2, and Z Flip 5G release schedule is now 'corroborated'


The golden rule of journalism calls for every rumor and piece of gossip to be verified by two independent sources before gaining credibility, and lo and behold, two of the world's most prolific and reliable mobile tech leakers are pointing in the same general direction as far as Samsung's Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Flip 5G launch schedule is concerned.

With the help of his own inside source, Jon Prosser can corroborate the announcement date purportedly revealed by Ice Universe just a few days ago while adding a very plausible release date into the equation. 

Does that mean the timeline is set in stone already? Not quite, especially given the uncertain and volatile nature of the coronavirus pandemic that's hit the mobile industry hard since the beginning of the year, but unless something catastrophic happens in the next few weeks, you can probably bet the house on Prosser after so many accurate predictions of late.

Less than two months to go, y'all!

Yes, ladies and gents, it sounds like August 5 will go down in the mobile tech history books as one of the most fruitful days for high-end smartphone announcements. Prosser expects the Galaxy Note 20, Fold 2, and 5G-enabled Z Flip to be simultaneously unveiled at a "virtual" Unpacked event, although you may have to wait a couple more weeks to actually be able to buy all these undoubtedly expensive high-enders.

That's right, they're all tipped to be released on August 20, which is definitely good news for people who might have feared the ongoing global pandemic would lead to unpleasant delays. Samsung must be very confident in its manufacturing capacity, as well as the stability of the supply chain, if it plans to quickly launch not one but two new foldable devices in addition to not one but two new "conventional" S Pen-wielding handsets. 

Of course, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is most likely not an entirely new phone, presumably borrowing all of its key specs and features from the 4G LTE-only variant while improving its cellular capabilities to support the world's fastest mobile networks.

Interestingly, Prosser mentions a single Note 20 name, but we obviously fully expect a Note 20+ and/or Note 20 Ultra to be formally unveiled in early August as well. It also goes without saying that Samsung is very likely to make 5G technology standard on the Note 20 lineup and possibly the Galaxy Fold 2 in the US.

Wait, what about everything else?

Another interesting omission from this corroboration of Ice Universe's original report is, well, a bunch of other stuff widely expected to break cover soon. Specifically, we're talking about a true sequel to 2018's Galaxy Watch that's pretty much guaranteed to be dubbed the Galaxy Watch 3, a high-end Galaxy Tab S7/Tab S7+ duo, and some kidney bean-shaped true wireless earbuds with a completely unknown name.

It's possible that the reason Prosser didn't mention anything about these upcoming products is, that, well, he doesn't have any relevant information to share. That seems unlikely but certainly not impossible.

What's a little more likely is that Samsung could plan to launch its next big smartwatch, tablets, and "hearables" shortly before (or after) its latest generation of headline-grabbing smartphones to avoid overcrowding the August 5 online-only event.

That would be in accordance with recent history too, as the Galaxy Tab S6 and Watch Active 2 were both made official a few days before the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Based on that timeline from last year, the Tab S7 and S7+ could well see daylight as early as late July, even though most of their specs and features remain under wraps for now.

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