Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could be getting a 5G variant

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip could be getting a 5G variant
According to SamMobile, Samsung may have a 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip planned for a release later this year.

The Galaxy Z Flip was a big success for Samsung, its initial batch of devices selling out quickly, with the South Korean giant needing to ramp up production in order to meet the demand. It is all very impressive, considering the Z Flip's $1,380 price, and seemingly niche appeal.

We recently reviewed the Galaxy Z Flip from a woman's perspective, where its compact size and beautiful design proved to be especially appealing to the ladies.

Of course, that thin and foldable design comes with sacrifices, a major one being the battery size. The phone's already unimpressive 3300mAh battery had to be split in two smaller pieces, which are stored inside the phone's two halves. And although we still saw a surprisingly great battery life of 11 hours in our testing, adding 5G could have an immense impact on that.

Getting 5G on a phone right now is known to not just ramp up its cost, but significantly affect battery life, as recently pointed out by Xiaomi's Redmi general manager Lu Weibing. In a post he made on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, he revealed that the power consumption of 5G accounts for a 20% decrease in battery life, with the processor required for 5G also hitting battery life just as much.

Regardless, 5G is a much sought-after feature in modern phones, and Samsung is apparently determined to include it in as many phones as possible, with 5G variants of even their cheaper offerings to be revealed soon. For example, the Galaxy A51, which holds an impressive budget price of about $283, recently had a 5G variant Wi-Fi certified. That shows Samsung will not be overlooking their budget devices, and even such will be getting 5G versions.

Whether or not Samsung will find a way to include 5G in an upcoming Galaxy Z Flip version without sacrificing battery life, we'll find out when, and if it gets released. It would certainly be an impressive accomplishment.

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