Video purportedly shows Apple iPhone 7 prototype in action

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A video clip has just been posted on a Weibo account and allegedly shows an Apple iPhone 7 prototype in action. The bottom of the screen is blurred out, most likely to protect the identity of the video's source. The camera on the back of the unit does feature the bigger lens which we've seen now for weeks on other alleged iPhone 7 prototypes.

We can also see that the antenna lines on the back have been repositioned. These have been moved to the top and bottom edges of the handset make them less of an eye sore. It also gives the back of the phone a cleaner appearance. The blur does keep us from checking the bottom of the device to see whether or not the 3.5mm earphone jack has been removed. Practically every leak of the iPhone 7 we've seen shows the 3.5mm jack replaced with a second speaker grille.

It also appears as though Apple has not changed the Touch ID button. A recent rumor stated that Apple had replaced the clickable button with a capacitive one. Electromagnetics were supposedly used so that someone "pressing" on the button would feel a click. This is a feature Apple has used on the MacBook's trackpad, so it is not as farfetched as it sounds.

Apple is expected to unveil the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus next month.

source: Weibo via TechTastic

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