Phones with best battery life this year

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Phones with best battery life this year
Which phone has the best battery life?

If you are looking for a phone that you know will last you through the longest of days or if you want to avoid buying a phone with poor battery life, you need to know those battery numbers.

We have tested all major new phones and we have found that battery life depends not only on the battery size, but on a number of other variables from software to display quality and other optimizations.

Of course, measuring battery life is complicated and it varies a lot depending on how you use your phone. For OLED screens, every single pixel matters and if you look at a picture with a lot of whites it would drain more than a photo with darker colors because every individual pixel consumes energy there, unlike the one backlight for the whole screen of LCD displays. And then there is standby that is a topic of a different discussion. Keeping all of these many disclaimers in mind, we ran our proprietary benchmark test that is the same across different devices and we have set the brightness of screens at the same level to keep things on equal terms.

Here are the results:

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#1: Huawei Mate 20

Phones with best battery life this year

The Huawei Mate 20 wins the title of the flagship with longest battery life this year.

It scored a whopping 14 hours and 26 minutes on our battery test, more than double the battery life of some other flagships and as much as 50% longer than even the better phones out there. It's a true battery beast that will last you the full two days off the charger, even if you use it a lot.

The Mate 20 also supports fast charging and comes with Huawei's SuperCharger in the box, which tops up that 

#2: Apple iPhone XR

Phones with best battery life this year

The Apple iPhone XR might not be quite in the same league as the Mate 20 in terms of battery life, but it easily beats all other flagship rivals.

Its score of slightly more than 11 hours on our test shows that Apple has understated just how good the XR is in terms of battery life.

Will you be able to use this phone two full days off the charger? If you are not a heavy user, you could, but even under heavy use, we are impressed with battery life on the XR.

#3: Pocophone F1 / OnePlus 6T

Pocophone F1
OnePlus 6T
Pocophone F1 OnePlus 6T

The third place in our ranking is split between two excellent phones that coincidentally both offer incredible value for the money.

The Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi costs just $350 yet it has the same Snapdragon 845 chip as most flagships this year, and it features a massive, 4,000mAh battery that performs extremely well.

We are also happy with the way the OnePlus 6T shows up: it has a 3,700mAh battery that lasts a very long time and the phone is incredibly smooth and fast, at a starting price of just $550.


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