Slip Away is a serene, but also challenging game in a gorgeous underwater setting


Developer: Nanovation Download: iOS
Category: Games Price: Free

Tap games are great for two reasons, at least. Their "pick up and play" nature makes them perfect for quick sessions, and their straightforward design lets developers explore all kinds of visual styles and atmosphere. The outcome can be surprisingly refreshing at times. Check out Slip Away from Nanovation. The game might be simple, but its rich graphics, subdued music, and serene atmosphere make it one to remember. At the same time, the game is supremely cute – you are a little glowing squid making its way to the top, trying dearly not to poke itself on the jagged walls or run into the less than affable sea creatures.

Naturally, you will be collecting various items to boost your score along the way. These can be used for unlocking additional characters and competing against other players inside the Game Center. Racking up a proper high quality score will prove challenging, though, for the game will test your endurance and reflexes. You must learn to take Mr. Squid in the right direction on time and plan your next move on the go. In addition to the ill-willing critters and spiky walls, you will also have to slide by various traps and obstacles. This might anger you at times, but what fun is a game if it doesn't pose a challenge?

Slip Away is iOS-only right now and is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. You can grab it from the App Store for free, and pay $1.99 to remove the advertisements if you wish so.

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