iPhone SE 4 release date predictions, price, specs, and must-know features

The iPhone SE series is Apple's entry-level smartphone lineup. The last addition to the latter came as recently as last year in the form of the iPhone SE 3, but there are already lots of rumors that a successor is in the works. However, it should be noted that, unlike the standard iPhone, the SE lineup is not updated annually. Hence, the iPhone SE 4 could be quite far off, or at least we won't see earlier than next year. Let's be straightforward about it—Apple's strategy for the iPhone SE 4 launch seems to be shrouded in mystery. 

Nevertheless, we have compiled everything there is to know about the iPhone SE 4, all in one place. One should bear in mind that this is all preliminary information and is thus subject to change. Nothing is certain until we have the iPhone SE 4 in our hands. 

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iPhone SE 4 release date

The iPhone SE follows a significantly more haphazard release schedule than the standard iPhones. Additionally, because there have only been 3 entries so far, it is very difficult to identify a clear pattern. 

In light of past release dates, we can see that the time gap between generations can be anywhere between 2 and 4 years. That being said, one thing we do know for certain is that the iPhone SE 4 will not debut alongside a standard iPhone lineup. Generally, Apple's budget smartphone is released in Spring, at the company's first event for the year. Because most rumors point to a possible release within two years' time, our best estimate for an iPhone SE 4 announcement would be Spring, 2024. However, a recent leak claims that no iPhone SE models are "currently part of Apple's new product planning for 2024/2025" and a report from the Korean media outlet The ELEC supports the claim, saying that the production of the new iPhone SE would be pushed to 2025.

iPhone SE 4 price

The starting price of the iPhone SE (and that of the standard iPhones for that matter) has consistently risen over the years. In light of this, we believe that the case will be no different with the iPhone SE 4.

Based on past numbers, users can expect a starting price of around $450-500. Because the iPhone SE 4 will likely be introducing a number of substantial upgrades, an even higher price tag is very much possible. 

iPhone SE 4 camera

The camera module has never been a strong suit of the iPhone SE. Given its status as a "budget" option, one of the biggest compromises is usually in the form of a notably inferior camera. For the time being, there is no information on the camera specifications of the iPhone SE 4 but rumors suggest that it will have only one camera on the back, similar to other iPhone SE models. 

The newest rumors are getting people excited by hinting that the iPhone SE 4 might feature a solo 48MP rear camera, a major upgrade from the 12MP rear-facing camera in its previous model, but you should not be holding your breath. However, if the rumor turns out to be true, and the upcoming iPhone SE 4 features a 48MP camera, similar to the one found in the iPhone 15, it sure will pose a potential challenge to the Pixel 7a's claim as the "best mid-range camera.

iPhone SE 4 storage

Storage options are always a tricky subject when it comes to Apple. Given that the company's "Pro" iPhones still have a measly base 128GB of internal storage in 2023, it is likely that the entry-level configuration of the iPhone SE 4 will come with no more than half of that (i.e. 64GB). Once again, given the fact that the device is in its very early stages of production, there is simply no concrete information at this time. 

iPhone SE 4 design

This is where things start to become interesting. According to Jon Prosser, the next iPhone SE will be recycling the iPhone XR's design. This means that the iPhone SE 4 will be bigger and will come with a notch for the first time in the lineup's history. Given that the standard iPhones (both Pro and non-Pro versions) transitioned to the Dynamic Island design with the iPhone 15, the SE can now freely adopt the notched design, first introduced with the iPhone X

However, a more recent leak from Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the iPhone SE will have an even more modern look and will essentially be a "minor modification of the 6.1-inch iPhone 14". Most recent rumors by tipster @URedditor, aka Unknownz21 support the claim, saying that the iPhone SE 4 will be based on the iPhone 14. Once again, we will have to wait to see which iPhone Apple has chosen for inspiration. 

iPhone SE 4 display

With the new design, could also come a new screen size. According to Ross Young, a prominent display analyst, the iPhone SE 4 could sport a 6.1" display, similar to the one found on the iPhone XR. Additionally, a more recent report indicates that the iPhone SE could use the panel of the iPhone 13, which could make the former the first device in the lineup's history to feature an OLED screen. 

Most recent rumors also suggest that the iPhone SE 4 would come with an OLED screen. Regardless of which display technology Apple finally opts for, the iPhone SE 4 will almost certainly not be featuring ProMotion (i.e. adaptive 120Hz refresh rate).

iPhone SE 4 battery

The battery is one of the biggest unknowns when it comes to the iPhone SE 4. However, a possible bigger screen will invariably entail a bump in battery size in order to ensure a respectable battery life. Luckily, because of the likely bigger footprint of the SE 4 (if it really ends up recycling the design of the iPhone XR or the iPhone 14), Apple will have no trouble fitting in a larger battery. 

Recent rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will come with a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port. This change is more likely to happen than not, especially considering that the iPhone 15 series supports USB-C

iPhone SE 4 features and software

The iPhone SE 4 could see the definitive end of the Home button. This means that Apple might need to find a different way of implementing biometric authentication in its new budget smartphone. With the "notch" Apple could also give the iPhone SE 4 Face ID, which is actually supported by the latest rumors. And not only but also it is rumored that Apple would add an Action button, which replaced the ring/silent switch on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

There is also a big question mark over the chipset that will be powering the iPhone SE 4. The current iPhone SE (2022) features an A15 processor. If Apple wants to increase the raw performance of the SE, it will have to make the jump to A16 (which is reportedly very costly) or an even newer SoC. Needless to say, things could change considerably before the release of the SE 4. Lastly, the iPhone SE will undoubtedly be running a future version of iOS, the latest being iOS 17

Should you wait for the iPhone SE 4?

Despite how big of an upgrade the new iPhone SE 4 ends up being, its release is nowhere on the horizon (2025 is still quite far.) It could be years before the new entry-level iPhone officially makes its debut. Thus, if you are currently in the market for a smartphone, it simply makes little sense to wait, especially in light of the fact that the iPhone SE 2022 is not that old. 

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