Galaxy S24 Ultra release date, price, features, and news

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The Galaxy S24 Ultra is official, having been announced at Samsung's Unpacked event on January 17, 2024. The Galaxy S24 Ultra succeeds the Galaxy S23 Ultra as the top new Galaxy flagship. 

Just like previous Galaxy S Ultra flagships, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the largest and best-equipped among Samsung’s new phones. The Galaxy S24 Ultra inherits the large 6.8-inch display of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the screen is now completely flat, as well as a peak brightness of 2,600 nits. While the successful formula behind the Galaxy S24 Ultra won't get changed that much, but some changes are certainly due. The 10X periscope is gone in favor of a 5X telephoto, while the design is getting switched from aluminum to titanium. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has also scored a flat display, unlike its predecessors. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra in a nutshell:

  • New titanium design, exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • Flat display, slightly curved edges. 
  • New Gorilla Glass Armor up front, the toughest Gorilla Glass so far.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in all regions.
  • New 5X telephoto instead of the 10X periscope, 100X Space Zoom is retained.
  • 4K@120fps video recording. 
  • Much brighter display with 2,600 nits of peak brightness.
  • Up to 12GB RAM on the 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB versions.
  • Seven years of major OS upgrades and security patches. 
  • Tons of AI features and functionalities make the brunt of novelties on the Galaxy S24 Ultra: Live Translate, Circle to Search, more. 
  • Colors include Titanium Yellow, Titanium Violet, Titanium Black, and Titanium Gray; Titanium Orange, Titanium Green, and Titanium Blue exclusive to

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Galaxy S24 Ultra release date

  • Announcement date: January 17, 2024

  • Now official: The Galaxy S24 Ultra was announced on January 17 during Samsung's Unpacked event. In direct comparison with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy S24 Ultra was revealed slightly earlier than Samsung's traditionally established release window.

  • Earlier than usual announcement: While we initially anticipated an early February announcement, a mid-January debut isn't that extraordinary. It falls perfectly into the recently established January-February announcement and release window that most recent Galaxies have employed. In particular, the Galaxy S21 Ultra was announced on January 14, 2021, and released globally on January 29, 2021. 

  • What this means for you (and Samsung): An earlier announcement and release would help Samsung gain ground on Apple's iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in particular, which were announced in mid-September 2023. An earlier announcement gives Samsung a leg up in the constant warfare with Apple. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra price

  • A slight price hike: The Galaxy S24 Ultra scores a price hike across the board. The 256GB version of the Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at $1,299.99, or some $100 over the same storage tier on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 512GB version scores a higher $120 price increase in comparison with the 512GB version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Finally, the 1TB version of the Galaxy S24 Ultra costs some $40 more than last year's 1TB version of the phone. 

  • What this means for you: Prepare to shell out more for your next Galaxy, as this is the first time in recent years that Samsung has increased the pricing of its top Galaxy offering. However, Samsung always gives you numerous options to save more, be it by pre-ordering or trading-in an eligible device, so you will most certainly pay less than the sticker price for your new Galaxy S24 Ultra.  

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Galaxy S24 Ultra camera features and specs

  • Wide: 200MP F1.7, OIS
  • Ultra-wide: 12MP, F2.2
  • Telephoto: 10MP 3X, F2.4 
  • Telephoto #2: 50MP 5X, F3.4
  • Front-facing: 12MP, F2.2

  • A 5X telephoto instead of a 10X periscope: Samsung is shaking up the camera setup at the rear of the Galaxy S24 Ultra by ditching the 10X periscope in favor of a 5X telephoto camera with much better resolution that allows for optical-grade zoom up to 10X. That's despite the lack of a 10X periscope camera, which has been the highlight of all previous Galaxy Ultra phones. Instead, Samsung matches the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its 50MP 5X telephoto. 

  • Improved portraits: Due to the arrival of a 5X telephoto camera, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is able to snap extremely close 5X portraits, which correspond to a field of view around 120mm. Such long portraits are not uncommon, but definitely a tad more personal than regular 3X or 2X portraits that we are used to. 

  • 100X Space Zoom still on-board: Despite the lack of a dedicated 10X periscope camera, there's still 100X Space Zoom that lets you zoom extremely close in on your subjects. 

  • Lots of AI camera features: There's a plethora of AI features that aim to make the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera experience better than before. Magic Eraser, Generative Edits, and improved remaster are coming to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. You can also remove reflections from photos with the power of on-device Galaxy AI. 

  • Super-detailed 200MP main camera with ProVisual Engine: Samsung has kept the 200MP wide-angle sensor, but has introduced lots of improvements, namely larger pixel size for better low-light capabilities. The new ProVisual Engine also helps greatly. The latter enables improved Nightography, which captures more light in dim environmental conditions. Enhanced OIS makes certain that your photos will no longer suffer from motion blur, as well as new Dedicated ISP block for improving noise reduction. 

  • What this means for you: Samsung offers one of the highest-resolution main cameras out there, chock-full with features and functionalities that easily make Galaxy Ultra phones among the most versatile ones you can consider if you're serious about mobile photography and video. 

  • 4K@120fps video-recording: This improved video-recording mode allows you to make cinematic slow-mo videos in post. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra storage options

A proper flagship should have lots of storage, even in the base version. The Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at 256GB of internal storage, just as much as the Galaxy S23 Ultra had. The new phone also comes with 512GB and 1TB of storage as well. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra storage capacities:
  • 256 GB
  • 512 GB
  • 1 TB

We should also mention that Samsung has a special offer starting January 17, the same day the phones get announced, which will basically give you a storage upgrade for free. In other words, you will be able to get the 1 TB version at the price of a 512 GB one, and a 512GB version of the phone at the price of a 256GB one. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra design

  • Titanium is in, Armor Aluminum is out: The Galaxy S24 Ultra is exclusively made of titanium, ditching the Armor Aluminum design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The side frame is not completely flat, but has a slight convex curve that boosts the ergonomics and comfort. The

  • A completely flat display: The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first Galaxy S Ultra phone with a completely flat display which maximizes the amount of usable space. 

  • Familiar size: The Galaxy S24 Ultra measures up 162.3 x 79 x 8.6 mm and weighs 232gr. This is mostly similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which measured 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.9mm and weighed 234gr.

  • What this means for you: The titanium design change boosts the premium feel of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and improves the robustness of the device. On the other hand, the flat display maximizes the usable screen real estate and lets you do more on your Galaxy. 

  • Improved Gorilla Glass Armor on board: The Galaxy S24 Ultra exclusively comes with Gorilla Glass at the front and at the back. Dubbed Gorilla Glass Armor, this one is a much tougher and scratch resistant successor to Gorilla Glass Victus 2 and is a superb addition to the titanium-clad phone that boosts its endurance.

  • Titanium Gray 
  • Titanium Violet 
  • Titanium Black 
  • Titanium Yellow

Of course, some exclusive colors are available when you purchase the phone from the official store. Said colors are:

  • Titanium Green
  • Titanium Blue
  • Titanium Orange

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Galaxy S24 Ultra display features and specs

  • The brightest display on a Galaxy: Тhe Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, similar to its predecessors. New here is the exceptional peak brightness that hits 2,600 nits, rivaling the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Pixel 8 Pro, and the OnePlus 12

  • General display specs: Aside from that, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is outfitted with a 3080 x 1440-pixel panel with a rather decent 500ppi sharpness, Gorilla Glass Armor, and the class-leading contrast, vibrancy, and overall color rendition that Samsung's flagship phone displays are usually known for. Long story short, the display will more likely than not be excellent. 

  • Super-smooth display: Just like its predecessors, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a 1-120Hz refresh rate, which makes all content super smooth. 

Galaxy S24 Ultra battery and charging

  • No changes: The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with the same 5,000mAh battery that has graced all previous Galaxy S Ultra phones. With the Galaxy S24 Ultra now boasting a more efficient chipset, we can probably expect better battery life out of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but we will have to wait for our full review to reflect on that suspicion. 

  • Fast charging: The Galaxy S24 Ultra features the same 45W fast charging speeds, similar to most of its predecessors. This means you will likely be able to fully juice up your Galaxy S24 Ultra up to 65% in just 30 minutes with a compatible 45W fast charger and an eligible USB-C cable.

  • Same fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging: When it comes to wireless charging, the Galaxy S24 Ultra supports Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, which maxes out at 15W. Reverse wireless charging is also on deck, allowing your Galaxy S24 Ultra to top up other devices with wireless charging.

Galaxy S24 Ultra software features

  • Seven years of software updates: The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes along with seven years of software updates, including both major OS upgrades and security patches. This matches Google's latest pledge for prolonged software support on the Pixel 8 series. 

  • What this means for you: Samsung doubling down on such long software support is a pretty major step in the right direction, which should vastly increase the lifetime of Samsung's phones and give users the peace of mind that their devices will be enjoying fresh new features and timely security fixes. 

  • One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI: The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes along with Android 14 and One UI 6.1. The recurrent theme of the software improvements on the Galaxy S24 Ultra have everything to do with Galaxy AI. Generative on-device AI features are sprinkled everywhere across the interface, with tons of new features.

  • Chat Assist: A fascinating new feature is Chat Assist, which functions similarly to ChatGPT in that it will intelligently recommend rewriting your content and suggesting a different tone based on the person you are corresponding with. Since this functionality is integrated directly into the Samsung keyboard, all your Galaxy S24 Ultra's messaging apps will work with it.

  • Samsung Notes: The Note Assist feature on Samsung Notes is powered by AI and can summarize lengthy notes, check spelling and grammar, and even translate the note completely into another language. AI also automatically tidies up your text notes. 

  • Live Translate: Speaking of translation, the Phone app has a built-in Live Translate function that uses on-board AI to translate phone conversations in real time, both ways, for text and speech. Interpreter is another comparable new feature from Galaxy that lets you hold split-screen discussions with someone and have those conversations instantly translated from one language to another.

  • Circle to Search: In a collaborative move with Google, Samsung introduces Circle to Search on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This feature allows you to invoke a quick Google search by holding your home button and circling what you see on your screen. The feature is not exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra and will actually arrive to most new Android phones in the future. 

  • Generative Edit: The Galaxy S24 Ultra's on-device generative AI can intelligently fill any blank parts in your images when you move an object around or rotate your image. You can also move a subject around and amplify your image. Any changes will be indicated in the image metadata for transparency's sake and a watermark will indicate that the image has been changed by AI. 

  • Improved remastering: With the use of on-device AI, reflections may also be eliminated from photographs. Nothing is worse than taking a photo through a window and seeing your reflection in the glass, but with Galaxy AI, that problem should be resolved. Image remaster has been improved, and there's also a much enhanced Object Eraser that removes undesirable items from your photographic masterpieces much more effectively.

Galaxy S24 Ultra hardware and specs

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 across the globe: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, TSMC's 2nd-gen 4nm chipset, is the exclusive chipset of choice on the Galaxy S24 Ultra across the globe. It's not the regular version, mind you, but a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy, similarly to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy that powered the Galaxy S23 series exclusively across the globe. 

  • Faster and more efficient performance: The CPU itself is 30% faster and 20% more efficient in comparison with the previous generation, while the Adreno GPU is also 25% faster and more efficient. Keeping all of this raw power in check and actively working towards keeping the phone cool is a vapor cooling chamber that's 92% larger than the one on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

  • Improved ray-traced graphics: Samsung also boasts that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a very capable gaming machine, especially when mobile ray-trace graphics are considered. The company has also partnered up with gaming companies to ensure that some of the most popular games are perfectly optimized for the Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • A regular amount of RAM: The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with 12GB of RAM in all storage tiers. 

Should I wait for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

  • You should wait for the Galaxy S24 Ultra if you have kept yourself from upgrading to the Galaxy S22 Ultra/Galaxy S23 Ultra and are rocking an aging Galaxy flagship. Think Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. Upgrading to the Galaxy S24 Ultra from any of those will almost certainly give you insane value and a vast improvement of your overall phone experience.

  • You should not wait for the Galaxy S24 Ultra if you've just scored a flagship in the last two years and have no qualms about it. As flagship smartphones have peaked long ago and the overall new tech adoption has somewhat slowed down, upgrading every two years is no longer necessary. Thus, if you have a fairly recent phone that does the job for you just fine, it's somewhat unlikely that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the second coming of the Christ.

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