The Ember Conflict draws a line between itself and other RTS games on the iPad


Chinese independent developer Substantial Games is on its way towards a remarkable debut. Its first title, The Ember Conflict, is a multiplayer RTS for the iPad. Designed from the ground-up for touchscreens, the 3D game throws the player and his or hers army in one-versus-one, or two-versus-two real-time battles with other gamers. The units are controlled in an unusual manner - instead of hammering on-screen buttons, the player draws lines with fingers, telling the army where to go and who to attack. This way, working out a tactic against the enemy forces probably resembles a football coach drawing lines on a blackboard.

According to Substantial Games CEO, Pin Yang, The Ember Conflict will feature Warhammer-inspired army customisation, objectives, abilities for different characters, and maps with various type of terrain. Unfortunately, details are minute at this point, and the tiny screenshots provide only a glimpse of how the game looks in action. The concept art, on the other hand, is fantastic and rather promising.

The Ember Conflict should appear in the App Store in Fall 2014.

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