Arrow for iOS will put your marksmanship and taunting skills to the test

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Publisher Miniclip is working to get Arrow, a hit multiplayer 1-vs-1 shooter, on the iPhone and iPad soon. Previously available only in Asia, the game hands you a bow, mounts you on a horse, and randomly chooses your opponent. The two of you ride along an endless road, which has some great-looking scenery by the way, and engage in a bow-fight from the first-person perspective. Your aim is controlled via the device's accelerometer, which means that aiming in this game will take actual skill. This time, it won't be the one who can press on-screen buttons quicker, but the one that wields a steadier grip on his Apple device, who will win the fight.

In addition, there are power-ups such as unleashing a torrent of arrows, firing flame arrows, or spawning a clone of yourself. Arrows also takes into account where you manage to hit your opponent. For example, an arrow in the head will yield you more score points, confuse your opponent, and drain more health points from his or hers health-bar than an arrow in the knee, which is only good for internet memes. Another highlight is the ability to enter your own victory messages, which will show up on the losing player's display.

While it's not yet clear when Arrow will show up in the App Store, and if it will reach other mobile platforms, the game already has a short, but sweet Korean gameplay video. Check it out and start practicing your accelerometer skills.

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