Huge Galaxy Z Flip 3 color lineup highlights just how serious Samsung is about its next-gen foldables

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Huge Galaxy Z Flip 3 color lineup highlights how serious Samsung is about its next-gen foldables
It's no longer a big secret that Samsung is planning to get serious this year about its previously experimental foldable devices, going so far as to cancel or at least delay the company's next "conventional" Galaxy Note-series flagship until 2022 to focus on 2021's Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

The two flexible powerhouses are widely expected to break cover at a joint Unpacked event sometime in July, which is why it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that rumors are ramping up over their specs, features, and other key selling points.

Eight is the magic number

While we have yet to see a credible Galaxy Z Flip 3 render, let alone a real-life photograph or video, two extremely reliable sources are already painting what seems like a pretty much complete picture of the upcoming handset's color options.

More than a month after SamMobile purportedly revealed the light violet, beige, green, and black flavors of Samsung's next-gen flip smartphone, the folks over at GalaxyClub can "confirm" in a new report (translated here) the existence of an additional four hues.

The gray, white, dark blue, and pink paint jobs would bring the Galaxy Z Flip 3 versions up to a grand total of eight, compared to just four original Z Flip models and three Mystic-branded Z Flip 5G color options.

While we're on the subject, it's obviously far too early to know (or try to guess) the marketing names of all these different Z Flip 3 models. In fact, we still can't even vouch for the accuracy of the phone's moniker, which could end up being a slightly more confusing Galaxy Z Flip 2

In a way, that would make a lot more sense than the number-skipping Galaxy Z Flip 3 name if the device indeed proves as affordable as several different reports have claimed in the last few months. 

It remains unclear if a separate Z Flip Lite variant is in the pipeline (either this year or the next), but what we can definitely guarantee is that the Z Flip 3 (or Z Flip 2) will cost less than the Z Fold 3.

No, you probably won't be able to choose between all eight options

Circling back to all those rumored shades, it's worth highlighting that significant geographical differences are generally to be expected in these types of situations. In other words, it's highly unlikely that US buyers, for instance, will ever be able to choose from that entire palette.

The OG 4G LTE-only Galaxy Z Flip, in case you're wondering, is available at the time of this writing exclusively in a Mirror Black color stateside, while the "second-gen" Z Flip 5G can be currently had in your choice of Mystic Bronze or Mystic Gray hues.

By the way, another notable chromatic difference could be seen between 4G LTE-limited and 5G-capable versions of Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 3. Last but not least, the gray flavor may or may not be a super-expensive Thom Browne special edition.

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For the time being, we should probably focus on the larger significance of such an extended color lineup instead of obsessing over what countries are likely to get what variants and which shades might prove prettier. 

Clearly, Samsung is aiming to sell a whole lot more foldable phones this year despite apparently not planning to increase the Flip's battery capacity. On the bright side, the main display is tipped to support 120Hz refresh rate technology and sport razor-thin bezels this time around, with a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 888 processor also taking the 865's place to vastly improve raw power.

Finally, the recently rumored adoption of an unknown IP rating for water and dust resistance further suggests design refinements will be one of Samsung's key focus areas in 2021.

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