Several new sources say the Galaxy Note may be discontinued in 2021

Several new sources say the Galaxy Note may be discontinued in 2021
According to Reuters, citing several sources "with knowledge of the matter", the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up may be getting discontinued in 2021. Similar claims have already been suggested plenty of times in the past, and we asked you – would you care if Samsung scraps the Galaxy Note line? The popular answer was, as expected – yes.

However, it seems more and more plausible that Samsung may be dropping its flagship Galaxy Note line-up, to be replaced by an upcoming Galaxy Z Fold with S Pen support.

The new claims by Reuters re-confirm this, and add that Samsung isn't even planning to develop a new Galaxy Note iteration for 2021, at least not currently. A previous rumor claiming that the Galaxy Note will merge with the upcoming Galaxy S21 is again said to be the case, with the S21 supposedly getting an S Pen out the box.

In addition, of course, it's likely that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also have S Pen support, although it won't be coming with an S Pen in the box. And with those two options about to be made available next year, it's being suggested that Samsung may not currently see a reason to continue the Note line.

One of Reuters' anonymous sources also claims that the same team that was in charge of developing the Galaxy Note line-up will now be working on Samsung's folding smartphones.

Samsung's current foldable flagship – the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was released fairly recently, on September 2nd and to positive reception. It's arguably the most exciting phone of 2020. If a Z Fold 3 is also to be released around the same time, near the end of 2021, then Samsung has plenty of time to decide whether the Note line will stay or be replaced.

Meanwhile, more exciting smartphone designs are beginning to pop up, such as the LG Rollable, LG Wing and Microsoft Surface Duo. We'll see which design will rise to be the most popular in 2021, and whether foldables can replace our flagships, or if rollable smartphones turn out to be the form factor we've all been waiting for. In any case, there's plenty to be excited for.

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