This could be Samsung's final Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra color lineup

This could be Samsung's final Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra color lineup
As always, it looks like Samsung is having a lot of trouble keeping its next big thing (s) a secret, despite said flagships appearing pretty much guaranteed by now to keep prospective buyers waiting until February (at the earliest) for a global commercial release.

That's still a good couple of months away, and believe it or not (we certainly do), we've already had several credible reports concerning just the color options of the 5G-enabled Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra in addition to one shockingly early real-life visual leak and the customary factory CAD-based renders prematurely revealing the three designs in full.

Even more chromatic choice than previously expected

Somewhat predictably, the "full" color roster tipped for the S22 family around a month and a half ago is unlikely to prove comprehensive after all. That's hardly surprising considering how this type of stuff tends to change as production progresses, and given that Samsung has probably not kicked off mass manufacturing yet, we wouldn't be shocked if even more options are added at the last minute. 

As things stand, GalaxyClub's usually trustworthy insiders are essentially ready to vouch for the following flavors:

  • Galaxy S22 - blue, gray, purple, beige, black, white, green, rose gold
  • Galaxy S22 Plus - blue, gray, purple, beige, black, white, green, rose gold
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra - black, white, dark red, green

In case you're wondering, blue, gray, purple, and beige are the newest additions to the three (or rather two lists), with the lack of updates on the S22 Ultra front suggesting the largest (and most impressive) member of the ultra-high-end trio could come out in the smallest numbers.


Alternatively, of course, the S Pen-wielding giant might simply be the best kept secret of the bunch (despite the aforementioned real-life leak), which would explain why the whole matter of its final marketing name remains very much up in the air.

Whatever Samsung will end up opting for in terms of official branding, it's important to keep in mind that availability can greatly differ from region to region as far as paint jobs are concerned. So, no, it's probably not wise to make any firm plans to buy, say, the purple-coated Galaxy S22 5G or the dark red-tinted S22 Ultra 5G stateside. Not just yet, and definitely not for February or early March.

Premium designs and... familiar specs all around

A snazzy-sounding hue like purple or beige is bound to go nicely with the true glass backs of both the S22 and S22+ (in addition, of course, to the S22 Ultra), but unfortunately for hardcore Samsung fans who may have looked forward to radical upgrades in other departments... well, we don't see a lot of those happening. 

At least on paper, the 5G-capable Galaxy S22 series is sure to look extremely similar to the S21 family, with more of the same expected on the screen resolution, storage and memory, as well as the battery capacity front.

If anything, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ 5G could pack slightly smaller cells compared to their predecessors, although Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is likely to reduce its own forerunner's energy consumption and thus contribute to steady battery life scores.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that the "regular-sized" S22 is expected to squeeze its 3,700mAh battery into a more compact body than the S21 with a smaller than 6.1-inch display in tow. Said display, just like the ones on the S22+ and S22 Ultra, could make brightness gains to compensate for the lack of a resolution upgrade, and knowing Samsung, other subtle changes and improvements are also in the pipeline.

Last but certainly not least, basically all of the cameras are likely to be vastly upgraded in both obvious and subtle ways, potentially delivering an overall photographic experience like nothing that Samsung has been able to offer before. That alone should keep you excited for the next couple of months or so, regardless of how many times and how thorough the Galaxy S22 5G series will leak in the meantime.

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