Huge Samsung Galaxy S22+ leak reveals uniform bezels, familiar camera

Huge Samsung Galaxy S22+ leak reveals uniform bezels, familiar camera
Less than 24 hours after we received our first look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra, leaker Steve ‘OnLeaks’ Hemmerstoffer is back with renders of the more affordable Galaxy S22+ flagship.

Samsung's Contour Cut camera design is returning on Galaxy S22+

Unlike the Ultra-branded model, which represented a departure from Samsung’s existing design language, the smaller Galaxy S22+ clearly takes inspiration from the current-generation Galaxy S21 series.

The rear is home to Samsung’s ‘Contour Cut’ camera bump, though the brand has made some modifications to how the module blends in with the rest of the device, or in this case how it doesn’t.

On the Galaxy S21 models, the aluminum frame curves upwards into the camera bump. But on the Galaxy S22+ there’s a clear separation between the two, though the overall look is maintained. It’s unclear why Samsung has made such a small tweak, but it could be related to costs. 

Curving the aluminum frame over might be a costly procedure, or it could have lower yields during production. Moreover, the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE is set to adopt the same version of the Contour Cut camera. That device will be positioned as a budget flagship when it hits shelves next month.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ looks great with its uniform bezels

Of course, this wouldn't be a high-end smartphone without a fantastic screen. If the renders are to be believed, Samsung is finally going to implement razor-thin bezels than are also uniform — the chin is as thin as the forehead and side bezels. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, the move should put Samsung ahead of Apple, Google, and other rivals. Most smartphone manufacturers haven't been able to implement uniform bezels, and the two that have — Apple and Google — seem to have chosen thicker alternatives. 

Coupled with those changes is a small punch-hole for the selfie camera. Despite adopting under-screen camera technology on the ultra-premium Galaxy Z Fold 3, the more mainstream Galaxy S22+ will be skipping it for now.

We could spend a long time debating why, but it likely comes down to picture quality. The under-screen selfie camera on the Fold 3 is far from impressive — it's barely acceptable for video calls, let alone selfies — and using similar tech on the more mainstream Galaxy S22+ could be catastrophic for the brand's reputation. 

Could the Samsung Galaxy S22+ be marketed as the S22 Pro? 

Samsung's branding is arguably less consistent than what other brands offer up. On smartphones it uses the Plus and Ultra monikers, on earbuds it uses the Plus and Pro names, and on smartwatches it has used Classic and Sport. 

But with the Galaxy S22+ the brand might be looking to unify its strategy. Hemmerstoffer received these renders under the name of Samsung Galaxy S22 Pro instead of the expected Galaxy S22+ name.

Now that's not a guarantee of anything, but if it is the official name, the mainstream Galaxy S22 series would look as follows: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Pro, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

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