Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G gets '100% accurate' camera specs leaked

Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G gets '100% accurate' camera specs leaked
While it remains unclear exactly how the Galaxy S22 Ultra will look from behind, with one LG-inspired design gaining traction over a much stranger possibility initially bandied about last month, the camera specifications of Samsung's next big thing are essentially set in stone already.

That's at least according to the typically reliable Ice Universe, aka @UniverseIce, whose latest Twitter prediction purportedly comes with a "100% accuracy" rating.

Somewhat ironically, these newly leaked details don't line up perfectly with previous rumors on the matter from different sources, which Ice Universe confidently labels as "wrong." Naturally, only time will tell if this information is indeed "100 percent" accurate, so for now, we'll just treat everything with the normal degree of caution required by a handset unlikely to be released earlier than three months or so down the line.

Two all-new sensors and an "improved" primary shooter

After equipping 2020's Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra with a beastly 108MP Isocell HM1 imaging sensor and skipping over the HM2 to put the 108MP HM3 in charge of all the "primary" photography action on this year's S21 Ultra, Samsung is... sticking with the HM3 for early 2022.

That may sound like a bizarre and not-very-innovative move on the part of the world's largest smartphone vendor, but of course, that doesn't mean the S22 Ultra and S21 Ultra will be identical as far as their overall camera capabilities are concerned.

For one thing, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is expected to employ an "improved" Isocell HM3 version of sorts with familiar-sounding specs like a 108 megapixel count, 1/1.33-inch size, 0.8 nanometer pixels, and f/1.8 aperture. It might not hurt to go the refinement route after two generations that didn't quite hit perfection with their main rear-facing cameras, although we'll obviously have to wait and see what this "improvement" actually entails.

Because there was more room for a clear upgrade as far as the other rear snappers are concerned, we're definitely not surprised to hear that the S22 Ultra is likely to adopt a couple of "new" Sony-made 10MP sensors with the same 1/3.52-inch size. 

The periscope telephoto lens should rock 10x optical zoom and f/4.9 aperture, while the other telephoto camera is tipped to offer 3x optical zoom and f/2.4 aperture. Last but not least, a seemingly unchanged 12MP ultra-wide-angle Sony shooter with 1/2.55-inch size and f/2.2 aperture will apparently complete an undoubtedly impressive quad system guaranteed to help the Galaxy S22 Ultra bid for the title of best camera phone money can buy.

What about the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus?

While Ice Universe's latest tweets fail to mention the two smaller members of the upcoming Galaxy S22 5G family, these are not some big question marks either.

The baby 6.1-inch model, for instance, was rumored more than a month ago to upgrade its forerunner's 12MP main snapper to a 50MP Isocell GN5 sensor, and the same will probably be true for the 6.5-inch S22+ 5G.

That sounds like a considerably more meaningful change than what we expect the ultra-high-end S22 Ultra to bring to the table compared to its predecessor, which could mean the other rear cameras will go largely unchanged.

For the time being, all we know for sure is that the S22 and S22+ will share a familiar-looking triple cam setup, and if history is any indication, the secondary and tertiary lenses will be pretty much identical, most likely retaining the 64 and 12MP counts of the Galaxy S21 and S21+.

Of course, certain improvements could be in the cards for those telephoto and ultra-wide-angle shooters as well even if the number of megapixels goes unchanged. But until someone as reliable as Ice Universe tells us more about the two non-Ultra Galaxy S22-series devices, all of this should be treated as conjecture and not be taken very seriously.
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