The Motorola Razr 2 5G will catch up to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip in a key area

The Motorola Razr 2 5G will catch up to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip in a key area
While Motorola rushed to beat Samsung to the vertically foldable punch by announcing the reimagined Razr several months before the Galaxy Z Flip officially broke cover, the two futuristic smartphones were practically released at the same time.

That made it almost impossible to justify a Motorola Razr (2019) purchase at a recommended price of $1,500 given that the arguably prettier Z Flip started at $1,380 with unquestionably superior specs in tow, including a faster processor, more memory, more storage, a larger primary display with a higher resolution, and naturally, a bigger battery as well.

But the Lenovo-owned US company is not ready to throw in the foldable towel yet, reportedly working on a vastly improved Razr sequel for a September launch. In addition to all the upgrades tipped a little while ago, this second-gen Android-running flipper may have significantly bigger displays going for it.

That's at least according to Ross Young, a veteran supply chain analyst and rising smartphone leaker who has previously offered us a wealth of purported inside information on Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2 and Note 20 family. Young expects to see the Motorola Razr 2 match the 6.7-inch main screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, although there are no words on a pixel count just yet.

The first-gen Razr, mind you, came with not only a smaller 6.2-inch foldable P-OLED display, but also a much lower resolution of 2142 x 876 pixels compared to the 2636 x 1080 pix res of the 6.7-inch Z Flip. It will be interesting to see what Motorola can do about the Razr bezels and chin as well, which actually helped the Galaxy Z Flip squeeze that aforementioned screen into an overall shorter body.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Razr 2 is expected to also sport a larger front display than its predecessor. This is arguably one of the very few strengths the original foldable Razr holds over its direct rival, measuring an already generous 2.7 inches in diagonal compared to a minuscule 1.1 inches. 

We don't know exactly how high the second-gen Razr will go as far as this external screen is concerned, but if all those previous rumors pan out, the flexible handset's upgraded specs should include a Snapdragon 765 processor, 8GB RAM count, 256 gigs of internal storage space, 2,845mAh battery capacity, a 48MP rear-facing shooter, 20MP selfie camera, and 5G connectivity.

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That's... still not enough to outshine the first-gen Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which is widely expected to come in a 5G-enabled variant too before long. Let's at least hope the Razr 2 will be commercially released shortly after its rumored announcement in September, ideally at a lower price than $1,500.

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