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Foldable display breaking saga continues: Moto Razr’s turn

Foldable display breaking saga continues: Moto Razr’s turn
Foldable phones are fashionable and appealing, but we have already received some concerning information about their durability. The Galaxy Z Flip had some issues with its display breaking. Now, it’s the Motorola Razr.

We received information from The Verge that a Moto Razr, in possession of Input, is having an terrifying screen issue. Apparently, the top layer of the display is separating from the screen, causing an enormous air bubble right at the hinge of the phone.

Input’s Raymond Wong first spotted the issue in their Moto Razr, which was with them for a little over a week. He has been using it for a couple of days to take some photos and connect a Google account on it, when he suddenly noticed the surprising change on the display. To Wong's ultimate shock, the top layer was peeling off right where the phone’s folding mechanism was.

Unfortunately, the display is not only unpleasant looking, it just doesn’t work right anymore. Wong reports that the touch screen is damaged at the place of the air bubble and it’s not responsive to the touch. Other parts of the display still work, but the central part of it is ruined.

He supposed that the issue could be coming from the fact that the phone underwent different temperature conditions - he shot photos with it outside, in around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, then took it to his apartment, in normal room temperature, then in the next day - again outside in the cold. However, it shouldn’t be that impossible to use your smartphone for a couple of selfies out in the cold. And we are not talking about Antarctica’s extreme minus 76 degrees weather conditions...

Wong reports that their Razr has not been dropped, hit, or even brought in close proximity to liquids, so he is unable to find any other reason for the sudden break of the phone’s display. Apparently, the phone was sitting closed in his pocket, while he was travelling, and was not used in any extreme way. Input has reached out to Motorola for a comment, but has not received anything yet.
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