OnePlus 12: news, features, expectations

The OnePlus 12 is now official for the global market and will become available February 6, 2024. The OnePlus 12 first broke cover in late 2023 in China, giving us a pretty good understanding of what to expect from the Android champ ahead of its global announcement in January 2024.

OnePlus ended 2023 with a bang, releasing one of the best foldables out there (the superb OnePlus Open), but also giving us the slightly under-rated OnePlus 11 flagship earlier in 2023, which was a great Android phone overshadowed by most of its rivals.

OnePlus 12 release date

  • It's official: the OnePlus 12 was announced for the global market on January 23, 2024. The phone launches on February 6, 2024. 

  • How this compares to previous OnePlus launches: That's mostly how things transcribed for the OnePlus 11 last year, and to some extent for the OnePlus 10 Pro before that. Both devices were first announced in China, while their global releases took place a month or two afterward. This is why the OnePlus 12 will likely enjoy the same announcement/release policy.

  • What this means for you: The OnePlus 12 releasing early in 2024 means that the selection of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered phones is quickly ramping up. This boosts competition and allows consumers to shop around. 

OnePlus 12 price

  • Not a price hike, but sort of: The phone doesn't score a price hike per se, but OnePlus has dropped the entry-level 8GB + 128GB version in favor of a 12GB + 256GB starting package. This one sells for $799, which is the same price you had to pay for the OnePlus 11 with a similar memory configuration. 

  • Premium price for the premium model: Meanwhile, the more premium version with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage goes for $899, which makes it the most expensive traditional OnePlus flagship right now. As a refresher, the OnePlus 11 started at $699 for the entry-level 128GB version and $799 for the 256GB one.

  • What this means for you: A slightly more expensive OnePlus 12 could impact your buying decision and sway you one way or another, but then again, the OnePlus 12 is still slightly more affordable than the Galaxy S24 Ultra or the iPhone 15 Pro Max

OnePlus 12 Specs

  • Superb hardware: Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and with up to 16GB of RAM, the OnePlus 12 is one powerful flagship phone. Below you will find all the essential specs at a glance.

OnePlus 12 reviews

  • Favorable outcome: Our OnePlus 12 review is right here. In summary, we came to the conclusion that the device comes with "cutting-edge hardware, lovely design, and the signature OnePlus attention to detail, it's a phone that truly embodies the "Never Settle" mantra, which has been around for a decade already."

OnePlus 12 Comparisons

Our OnePlus 12 comparisons are available right below:

In what colors is the OnePlus 12 available?

The OnePlus 12 colors are just two:

  • Emerald Green –– This one has an interesting fluid-like texture but feels velvet-y smooth to the touch.
  • Silky Black –– This one is slightly less intriguing and doesn't have a unique texture, but should feel the same to the touch. 

What are the OnePlus 12 camera specs?

  • A worthy selection: The OnePlus 12 comes with a triple-camera setup that relies on a 50MP main camera, your standard ultra-wide angle, and finally switches back to a telephoto with 3X optical zoom. Here are the camera specs at a glance:

  • 50MP LYT-808, f/1.6, 1/1.43-inch
  • 50MP ultra-wide Sony IMX581 f/2.2
  • 64MP OmniVision OV64B 3.0X telephoto
  • 32MP front-facing, f/2.2

The OnePlus 12 camera comes with the dual-stacked Sony LYT-808 camera sensor. There's a 3X telephoto camera that's capable of delivering up to 120X digital zoom. Finally, there's a 48 ultra-wide angle camera on the OnePlus 12, probably powered by the Sony IMX581 sensor.

What are the OnePlus 12 battery and charging specs?

The OnePlus 12 carries a large 5,400mAh battery, some 400mAh than its predecessor. The OnePlus 12 also comes with 80W fast wired-charging (charger is included in the box) and 50W wireless charging. 

OnePlus 12 Deals

Check out all the best OnePlus 12 deals available right now:

Should I wait for the OnePlus 12?

  • You should wait for the OnePlus 12 if you're a long-time OnePlus fan that's using a much older OnePlus flagship, probably anything older than the OnePlus 8 Pro. The OnePlus 12 could shape up to be an excellent stepping stone for an upgrade, especially after the pleasant surprise that the OnePlus 11 was. If OnePlus keeps things this way, we might have another winner on our hands.

  • You should not wait for the OnePlus 12 if you've recently upgraded to a new phone in the past couple of months. If anything, we don't expect such a big generation leap to take place with the OnePlus 12, and while it will probably be faster than any current Android flagships, the difference shouldn't be that big. So, if you've got a new phone recently, you're okay to skip the OnePlus 12, but if you've got cash burning your pockets, nothing is stopping you!

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