Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is selling like gangbusters

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For its sheer specs sheet alone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a groundbreaking phone that will be paving the industry's way for years to come. Samsung is very proud with it, and with a good reason. So proud, in fact, that it issued a weird reverse disassembly, in order to showcase what the phone looks like on the inside, cooling vapor chamber and the like.

Samsung is putting together a Galaxy S20 Ultra piece by piece, only stopping to emphasize the important parts like the breathtaking 108MP camera kit with the periscope zoom. We also get to see the giant 5000mAh battery, the 5G mmWave antennas that hook you up to Verizon and other US carriers' respective network sections, and other notable specs.

Well, people have noticed, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra is all of a sudden a bestseller in the new S20 series, contrary to Samsung's expectations that bet on the S20+ middle child. Korean media is reporting today that, while the S20 models are unlikely to sell as much as the S10 predecessors - you know, coronavirus scares, higher prices and all - but the dip may be partially offset by the increased sales at the top end.

Samsung doubles the Galaxy S20 Ultra sales forecast

Costing a hefty $1399 on the low end, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has initially been forecast to take just 10-15% in the S20 series product sales mix. Fast forward to today, and the expected sales volume of 20 million units by model goes as this:

  • Galaxy S20 30% (6 million units) 
  • Galaxy S20+ 40% (8 million units)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 30% (6 million units)

So far, the cheapest and smallest S20 with its 6.2-inch screen is selling the slowest, with the S20+ eventually pulling ahead of them all. For now, however, part suppliers that provide the specialized S20 Ultra components, are the only ones that are barely feeling the sales slump pinch, as the Ultra is proving twice as popular with users than Samsung expected in the beginning.

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