The Only One challenges you to an arena-battle with pixelated monsters on Android and iOS

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The Only One is one of those games that feature a familiar formula represented with originality and individuality, without being pretentious. Essentially, the perfect indie title. We're talking about an "arena-style" sword-fighting game, although the noble and lethal art of handling a sword is, understandably, reduced to hacking and slashing in every direction.

The gruesome concept of arena-fighting, however, is kept visceral. Foes, armed with weapons and deadly magic, zone in on you from all angles, and it's your job to survive in this pixelated bloodbath. You can push your enemies off the arena and into the nothingness below, or hack them to blocky pieces. Your only objective is to be the only one left standing.

To fulfill this purpose, your character can be upgraded with better stats and magical attacks, such as push, freeze, bubble, whirlwind and darts. These can be used against 70 "levels" of soldiers, slimes, archers, wizards, berserkers, and mini-bosses

The retro graphics are spiced up with additional lighting effects to give the combat a modern-day presentation. The music is also kept in the style of old. Retro arcade games used to have the best fighting music, don't you think?

The Only One is a free title with optional in-app purchases. See the trailer and download the game from the link below.

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Download The Only One: AndroidiOS

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