These are (allegedly) the '100%' confirmed Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 screen sizes

These are (allegedly) the '100%' confirmed Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 screen sizes
Just because a typically very reliable source of inside information on unannounced mobile devices weighed in on the recent Galaxy Z Flip 5 cover screen controversy yesterday, that doesn't mean the rumor saga regarding that particular aspect of Samsung's next-gen foldable is over.

After all, there's no such thing as an infallible leaker (or industry analyst), and it sure looks like Ross Young made a mistake (or two) when predicting the Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 would come with massive 3.8 and 6.6-inch secondary displays respectively.

The revised numbers are... slightly less impressive

While the same disclaimer about the occasional inaccuracy of any tipster obviously goes for Ice Universe too, the latest details tweeted by this particular source are rated with a "100%" degree of confidence, so you might as well bookmark them as follows:

  • Galaxy Z Flip 5 - 6.7-inch primary display/3.4-inch cover screen.
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5 - 7.6-inch main foldable panel/6.2-inch external display.

Adding to Ice Universe's level of confidence and the plausibility of this fresh leak, we have Ross Young himself correcting yesterday's predictions and blaming them on "confusion" surrounding the production of certain display components.

If the Z Fold 5's new and far more credible screen size figures happen to sound familiar, by the way, that's probably because they're identical to what the Galaxy Z Fold 4 currently offers in both the primary and secondary display departments. Moreover, that 7.6 is purportedly rounded up from 7.56 inches as far as the Z Fold 5's main panel is concerned, just like on its very popular and well-reviewed predecessor.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5, meanwhile, is still expected to enlarge the usable screen area on the outside of an unchanged 6.7-inch primary display by a lot. Just not by 100 percent, as initially anticipated by Young. And yes, multiple sources continue to predict the 3.4-inch external panel will come in a decidedly unconventional shape, circling but not quite hitting a perfectly square 1:1 aspect ratio.

In short, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is likely to look virtually identical to its forerunner at first glance, while the Z Flip 5 should be able to turn a lot of heads with (at least) one big and immediately noticeable cosmetic change.

Lighter than air

Because it would definitely be unfair to compare the upcoming Z Fold 5 to an iPad Air or iPad mini in terms of weight, let's do that with the iPhone 14 Pro Max instead. While Apple's biggest and baddest handset released in 2022 tips the scales at 240 grams, Samsung's next top contender for the title of best foldable phone in the world is today "100% confirmed" to weigh 254 grams.

That's still not ideal... for a conventional smartphone, but it's somehow 9 grams lighter than the already featherweight Galaxy Z Fold 4. Given the durability improvements of the past couple of generations, that's truly an incredible engineering feat, surpassed only by the 187-gram weight of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 (and Z Flip 4).

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It seems safe to assume now that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 will not improve the battery capacity of their predecessors, and in case you had any doubts, Ice Universe shatters them all by highlighting that "there is almost no difference between the length, width and height of Fold5 and Fold4."

We expect the same to be true for the Z Flip 5 and Z Flip 4 as well, but that doesn't mean Samsung is resting on its foldable market laurels and keeping last year's (winning) designs completely unchanged. Instead, the tech giant is reportedly focusing on improving the hinge of both models so that you no longer notice a gap between the two halves of the main display when closed. 

That's a change a lot more users are likely to appreciate than a few grams or a couple of millimeters slashed off the weight, length, or width of these bad boys, so you certainly have something to be excited about in anticipation of an announcement rumored for August.

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