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The Pixel 5a is finally here after leaks have detailed a lot there is to know about the budget-friendly phone. It brings 5G support and the biggest battery seen in a Pixel phone, as well as a big 6.4-inch display with thin bezels and a water-resistance rating.

Unfortunately, Google currently plans to release the phone only in the US and Japan, with no news about a global release. Nevertheless, potential buyers in the US and Japan will be pleased to know it comes with a moderate $449 price and a lot of improvements to justify it.

So, without further ado, let's jump straight into what you should know about the newly-announced Pixel 5a.

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Latest Google Pixel 5a news

Pixel 5a Price

The Pixel 5a is Google's newest addition to the budget-friendly A series of Pixel phones. It costs $449 for what is a great phone with a big battery, display, and upgraded cameras, and let's not forget: 5G support.

Here's what we expect the Pixel 5a's price is:

Pixel 5a Release date

The Pixel 5a will be released only in the US and Japan with no news whatsoever about a broader, global release. It was announced today, August 17, and will hit the shelves two weeks later on August 26.

Here's the release dates and announcements of previous budget-friendly Pixels:

Pixel 5a Specifications

Pixel 5a doesn't brag with some top of the line specs; however, it still offers quite the nice specs at a modest price of $450. Check out what the Pixel 5a sports here:

Pixel 5a Design

The Pixel 5a retains a design we've grown familiar with from previous Pixel phones: a minimalistic look, a square camera bump on the back. However, one notable and quite important addition to the Pixel 5a is the water-resistance rating of IP67, which makes its way for the first time on a Pixel phone from the A-series.

Coupled with a water and dust protection rating and a gorgeous minimalistic design, the Pixel 5a does seem promising for the Pixel fans, and a strong contender for the best mid-range phones out there in 2021.

The phone comes in only one color option: Mostly Black, and is hardly distinguishable from the Pixel 4a 5G in terms of overall looks.

Pixel 5a Display

The Pixel 5a sports a bit 6.34-inch FHD+ OLED display, which looks good, with thin bezels and slightly bigger chin (but not that noticeable). Unfortunately though, it doesn't sport a fast refresh rate, something many of us were expecting given the fact that recent Samsung mid-rangers have all been upgraded to a smooth refresh rate. The Pixel 5a has a 60Hz display refresh rate, despite expectations and rumors pointing to a 90Hz refresh rate as a possibility.

The 6.34-inch display is a bit bigger than the 6.2-inch one on its predecessor, while the OLED technology should deliver rich contrast and good-enough brightness and viewing angles.

Pixel 5a Camera

Here's the camera specs the Pixel 5a sports, with the main upgrade being more on the software side of things.

Google states that the rear-facing camera system of the Pixel 5a now has an improved ultra-wide lens that captures a wider field of view than the previous Pixel A series at 117°. Its predecessor, the Pixel 4a 5G had an area of view of 107° for its ultra-wide.

The bigger area of view allows you to correctly capture more details in your ultra-wide shots. Plus, Google states the built-in software will ensure there will be no lens distortion. The main camera of the Pixel 5a remains at 12.2MP with an aperture of ƒ/1.7 aperture.

Check out some samples taken from Google's post on the Pixel 5a:

More image samples will be uploaded once we review the Pixel 5a and tell you how well it does in different lighting situations and photo-taking scenarios.

Pixel 5a Battery

There's good news for Pixel lovers in the battery department. The Pixel 5a brings tremendous improvement over any Pixel out there with the biggest battery on a Pixel phone: a 4,680mAh battery cell. Google says the phone will be able to last a day and some more with its bigger battery. It comes equipped with an energy-efficient Extreme Battery Saver as well, so it should eliminate that battery anxiety once and for all.

It supports up to 18W fast charging for a quick top-up of the battery.

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