Best Walmart Prime Day deals 2023: recap

Best Walmart Prime Day deals 2023: recap
Prime Day, one of the most significant shopping events in the year started on July 11 and ran for 48 hours this year. As always, it was the perfect time to search for eye-widening, exciting offers across various categories, including tech. 

The event is theoretically an Amazon one, but other retailers join in with their own hefty discounts during and around the time of the Amazon sale. Of course, seeing Walmart competing with Amazon Prime Day is a usual ordeal during this time of the year. 

During the Prime Day shopping spree, Walmart launches its own shopping event, usually with a different name. Discounts are across the retailer's entire portfolio, including mobile tech. This year, we saw deals on phones, tablets, and smartwatches. There were also exciting headphones discounts. Promotions on portable speakers, VR headsets, and accessories were also present at Walmart on Prime Day. 

Other retailers also joined in, as usual–Target has Prime Day deals, and Best Buy's Prime Day offers were also available during Prime Day.

We at PhoneArena have been covering Prime Day since 2016. As each year, paid attention to Walmart and other retailers to find generous Walmart Prime deals to take advantage of this year. 

In this article, we'll give you a recap of the best deals that went on Walmart on Prime Day. Hopefully, the information we provide will help you make more informed decisions as to which shopping events offer the most exciting tech discounts. Without further ado, let's check out just what was available at a bargain price on Walmart during the sales event.

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Walmart Prime Day phone deals

When it comes to phones, there are always interesting offers you can score for Prime Day at Walmart. The retailer discounts a plethora of phones each season of the Prime Day sales event. Naturally, we got to see amazing Prime Day phone deals this year, too.

This year's Prime Day event at Walmart gave shoppers the chance to get their hands on the latest (at the time) Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 and Fold 4. Both flagship devices received a tempting price cut of as much as $350 and $270, respectively. While iPhones don't get huge promos at any shopping event, including Prime Day, there was an intriguing offer on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which saw a $200 price cut. 

Other than that, we got to see great offers on the Galaxy S22 lineup and the S23 series. For example, there was a deal on the Galaxy S23+ with a prepaid plan by Verizon. The device was offered for $301 less than its regular price. Similarly to last year, the Galaxy S22+ got a $100 discount at Walmart on Prime Day.

Galaxies and iPhones weren't the only phones on sale, of course. Shoppers got a chance to get the Google Pixel 6A just under the $200 mark. There were various Motorola devices on sale as well, including entry-level phones in the Moto G series. Both the Moto G Power (2022) and the Moto G Stylus 5G could be bought under $150 on Prime Day. 

Walmart Prime Day tablet offers

In the tablet department, Prime Day at Walmart deals were pretty good. We saw generous discounts in the category of Prime Day tablet deals during last week's event. Things looked especially for Galaxy Tab buyers, as Walmart's promotions on Galaxy tablets for Prime Day were blowing off the roof.

Let's see exactly what we mean. First off, we saw Samsung's powerful flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8, with a very irresistible discount. The device was offered for $100 less than its regular price. There was a great deal on the Tab S7 FE, which was available for just under $450 on Prime Day. 

Galaxy Tab buyers who wanted a more affordable tablet were also lucky last week. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite sported a $100 (29%) discount, making it available for $249. Other tablets by Samsung came with a 19-28% discount. There were also exciting deals on the Microsoft Surface Go 2, which got a 17% price reduction, equating to $68. 

iPads were also on sale at Walmart on Prime Day. As always, however, these Apple devices (and all other devices by the Cupertino-based tech giant) didn't see mind-blowing discounts. Still, at $50 off its price tag, the 9-th Gen iPad (2021) was a bargain indeed!

Walmart Prime Day headphone deals

During Walmart Prime Day 2023, we saw awesome discounts on headphones and earbuds, including popular models from Apple and Samsung. For instance, the second-generation AirPods got a 17% discount, and the premium AirPods Max were retailing for $100 off during the Walmart Prime sale. 

Galaxy Buds were also a part of the discounted products. The Galaxy Buds 2 in Lavender were available for 47% off, allowing you to buy the pair for just under $80. Another awesome deal on the Galaxy Buds+ allowed shoppers to get these Samsung earbuds for under $50! 

Bose and Sony also made appearances with some of their hottest products during the Walmart Prime sale. The WH-1000XM4 and the Bose QuietComfort 45 both saw a $100 price cut, making these premium headphones more affordable. Of course, there was something to quench the thirst of the bargain hunter on budget. Prime Day at Walmart offered shoppers plenty of basic earbuds with exciting discounts ranging from 38% to 44%. 

Other headphones and earbuds offers were also present for deal hunters during the event. In case you want to get a more comprehensive recap of the best headphones deals on Prime Day, check our Prime Day headphone deals page.

Walmart Prime Day smartwatch offers

This year, we didn't get to see huge promotions on wearables during Walmart's Prime Day. Still, we came across some Prime Day discounts on smartwatches, with some of the most popular devices by Apple and Samsung seeing incredible discounts.

 For example, the Apple Watch Series 8 saw a $70 price cut. The GPS-only variant of the Apple smartwatch got an even more exciting $149 discount. Apple's Watch SE was also offered at a bargain price on Prime Day, dipping just under $180.

You're interested in a Galaxy Watch? Well, fret not, as Galaxy Watches also saw incredible discounts. For starters, we saw the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Golf Edition of the same wearable with some $100 off their price tags. 

Older-generation watches like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was also available with a huge $224 discount, making the watch some 56% cheaper than usual. Apart from Samsung and Apple, Fossil and Fitbit also launched some cool offers on their products. 

Walmart Prime Day offers on accessories

If you're a true gaming enthusiast, you've likely already considered buying a great VR headset to take your experience to the next level. The good news is that Walmart releases great offers on accessories like VR headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and more on Prime Day. This year, we saw exciting bundle deals that included the Meta Quest 2 with some $30-$50 discounts. The VR headset alone also saw a 21% discount, allowing shoppers to grab it for just under $300. 

VR headsets aside, we saw substantial deals on top Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, and other accessories. The Soundcore by Anker (Flare 2) saw a $20 price cut, while the more popular JBL Flip 5 received a 22% discount. Sony speakers were also on sale, with the SRS-XE300 seeing a $60 (30%) discount during the Walmart Prime sale. 

When is Walmart Prime Day, and how long do the deals last?

Usually, Walmart launches its sales event roughly around the same time as Amazon. This year, Walmart Prime Day began on July 11 and ran for roughly 48 hours. The merchant gave its Walmart+ members early access to the deals, allowing them to be the first shoppers to get a new piece of tech at a bargain price.

Which phone brands get the biggest discounts during Walmart's Prime day?

Motorola and Samsung. Affordable Motorola phones are usually available with epic discounts during Prime Day at Walmart, as well as at other retailers as well. Older Galaxy models and older iPhones are also likely to join in the fun. This year, we saw an incredible variety of promotions on phones across all categories. From flagship devices to entry-level phones, there was something to fit every taste.

How do Walmart Prime Day tech deals compare to those offered by Amazon?

Long story short, they're pretty similar. Walmart usually tries to match the offers available at Amazon. On some devices though, we might see an even better price at Walmart during Prime Day than at Amazon. However, that rarely applies to the hottest tech items out there. 

This year, we saw very few products discounted on Walmart and not on Amazon, so we'd say Walmart's tendency of matching Amazon's offers is likely to continue.

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