Samsung's eye-popping Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 prices move one step closer to confirmation

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Samsung's eye-popping Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 prices move one step closer to confirmation
The latest concerning rumor in a long line of recent pricing reports on Samsung's next big foldable devices exclusively focuses on the old continent, but because everything in life is connected, the European numbers we're going to discuss today should worry prospective Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 buyers around the world.

Confirmed at long last for a July 10 announcement, these bad boys have been expected for a little while to cost more than their already extravagant predecessors. Unfortunately, Smartprix's sources seem to not only corroborate that theory, but anticipate a significantly higher price increase for at least one of Samsung's two next-gen foldable powerhouses.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will cost how much?!?

  • €2200 - 256GB storage variant;
  • €2330 - 512GB;
  • €2580 - 1TB.

Before you start looking for shady websites to sell unnecessary body parts on, it's important to point out that these price points are not etched in stone... yet. At the same time, it's equally important to mention that the same storage configurations of last year's Galaxy Z Fold 5 have been released in most major European markets at around €300 less.

That's a big difference clearly not justified by the Z Fold 6's rather modest list of upgrades over its forerunner detailed by a number of reliable leakers in recent weeks. It's also a lot bigger than the $100 price hike tipped for the US market earlier this month, which seems to suggest one of the two rumors is inaccurate.

It goes without saying which one we hope will prove unreliable, although there is also a chance Samsung is planning a significantly larger price hike in Europe than North America... for some reason. Ironically, we're now rooting for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to cost "only" $100 more than the Z Fold 5 across all storage variants after feeling pretty disappointed by this prospect initially.

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All Z Fold 6 configurations, mind you, are expected to pack 12GB RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processing power, with very few other key specifications likely to change from what the Z Fold 5 offers. The design, however, will apparently be revised in a pretty big way, with sharper corners giving the upcoming book-style foldable an entirely new air of sophistication.

The expected Galaxy Z Flip 6 prices make a lot more sense

  • €1330 - 256GB storage;
  • €1450 - 512GB storage.

How would those two price tags compare to how much the Galaxy Z Flip 5 costs in Europe? Predictably enough, they are higher, but not by as much as the Z Fold 6. Specifically, you might be looking at a €130 costlier Samsung clamshell this year, which seems to largely line up with speculation of a $100 price increase for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 over its predecessor in the US.

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Unlike the Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 has a few things to show for its presumed price hike, purportedly packing a bigger battery than the Z Flip 5 and finally switching from a 12MP primary camera to a 50MP imaging sensor. Ironically, the Z Flip 6 is unlikely to look radically different from its forerunners at first glance, keeping the overall design language completely unchanged and most likely not expanding the 6.7 and 3.4-inch screen areas either.

Powered by the same state-of-the-art Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC as its book-style "cousin", the Android 14-running flip phone is destined to leverage all kinds of sophisticated AI skills and technologies to fend off Motorola's new Razrs and all other contenders for the title of best foldable phone in the world this year.

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