Galaxy Z Fold 6 AI features: Samsung is already making big improvements

Galaxy Z Fold 6 AI features: Everything we know so far
Samsung was quick to enter the trend of upgrading its phones with more features that rely on artificial intelligence, starting off 2024 with the Galaxy S24 series. The next big phone release we expect to see from the company is its 2024 foldables, with the more premium one being the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

As you might have already guessed for yourself, Samsung will most likely include all of the Galaxy AI features that came with the S24 series. This only seems logical, since even older and less expensive models received much of that AI functionality with the One UI 6.1 update.

However, the word on the street is that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 (and the Z Flip 6) will come with an even more comprehensive set of AI capabilities.

Expected Galaxy Z Fold 6 AI features

Personalized Summaries

A report by the Korean media ChosunBiz has revealed a patent application by Samsung, which speaks of a more powerful text summary tool compared to what Galaxy AI offers at the moment.

The difference with this upgraded version is that the user will be able to tell the AI whether they want the summary to have a neutral tone, a negative one, or a positive one. Users will be able to combine these tonality directions alongside length as well. For example, you could ask Galaxy AI to give you a summary in a "long and with a negative" or a "short and neutral tone."

But the patent describes an even more impressive level of customization with this feature. According to the report, summaries can be personalized based on the user's preferences, level of knowledge, and even their political inclination. This would apparently be achieved by access to the user's data history data across all of the Galaxy devices they have used so far.

All Galaxy S24 AI features

Live Translate

Live Translate is a real-time translation feature for phone calls, distinct from Google's text and audio translation capabilities. Unlike Google's system, which focuses on text and audio from video content, Samsung's feature provides live translation during phone conversations, albeit with a slight delay due to processing requirements.

The translation occurs on the device itself, ensuring data privacy. Currently supporting 13 languages (and 17 dialects), Samsung may add more depending on the reception of the Live Translate feature. This innovation presents a potential boon for businesses, offering secure communication across language barriers.

Chat Assist

Chat Assist is similar to Live Translate, but works with text translation for foreign languages, a familiar feature for users. The more special part here is Tone Tweak, which employs AI to compose messages by helping you with the tone.

You can use Chat Assist to change your message and ask the AI to make it more casual, formal, or whatever you would like.


Another translation tool that is intended to be used when you are next to someone who doesn't speak your language (and you don't speak theirs). It splits the screen into two even parts, and both sides get a transcription of what the other one is saying in a language that they can understand.

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A super neat detail is that there's a button to make the top half face the opposite direction, in case you are standing in front of each other.

Transcript Assist

This feature allows users to record audio and receive real-time transcriptions. Additionally, Galaxy AI enhances the functionality by offering two supplementary features: generating summaries from voice recording transcripts in bullet point format and improving speaker label accuracy within the Notes app.

Note Assist in Samsung Notes

Galaxy AI can offer pre-existing templates based on your recurring needs such as grocery lists. The AI monitors usage patterns and suggests relevant templates, enhancing efficiency in organizing notes. Additionally, these templates come with personalized covers featuring summaries and icons.

Galaxy AI also reorders and refines notes to make them more organized. For example, if you have forgotten to add bullet points and simply jotted down a bunch of text, the Samsung Notes app will tidy that up for you.

Circle to Search

This is a feature that allows you to search online for any object that appears on the screen, no matter whether it is in a video or a photo. Also, while Samsung dubbed it "Circle to Search," you can also scribble or tap on the items you want to search.

Hands-free communication assistant on the road

This feature allows users to receive text summaries audibly without needing to glance at their phone or car screen. Additionally, the assistant provides suggested actions, enabling users to choose from a list and have the AI handle texting while they concentrate on driving.

Galaxy AI features for the camera

AI Photo Editing:

  • Edit Suggestion: AI offers automatic editing suggestions for photos.

  • AI-powered editing: Users have the option to manually adjust photos to remove blurring, reflections, or enhance crispness, in addition to automated suggestions.

  • Generative editing: Generative editing enables non-destructive cropping, object removal, and rearrangement of elements within photos.

AI Zoom

AI Zoom on Galaxy phones tries to improve the image quality of photos and video that have been taken by digitally zooming in, instead of using the optical zoom of a dedicated telephoto camera.

Instant Slow-Mo

Galaxy AI can transform a regular video into a slow-motion one by creating additional frames. That being said, this feature can be rather jarring and a bit of a gimmick for most of the time.


As you can see, so far there has been only one new AI feature that is hinted to arrive with the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Personalized summaries do sound rather impressive, though, and we think that the level AI customization Samsung is offering to its users might grow even more, spreading and elevating some of the other AI features, especially those based on text.

Also, we fully expect (and hope) Samsung will have some creative way of combining AI and the Galaxy Z Fold 6's large folding display. We expect Samsung to announce the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 sometime in July, so we have a bit more waiting to do. Until then, stay tuned for more leaks and rumors about the AI features coming with the Galaxy Z Fold 6!

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