Feast your eyes on these stunning Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra renders in red

Feast your eyes on these stunning Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra renders in red
Even though a mysterious "supply chain issue" is reportedly threatening Samsung's already revised Galaxy S22 series launch plans, all three main versions of the tech giant's next big thing have leaked profusely.

We're talking everything from key specifications to slightly more trivial specs and features, as well as both press-friendly renders and real-life pictures, all of which have come to light months in advance of the expected late February 2022 release of the 5G-enabled S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra.

As the largest, most impressive, and possibly most appealing member of the upcoming ultra-high-end smartphone family, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that the Galaxy S22 Ultra has attracted by far the most attention from leakers, insiders, tipsters, and... rendering artists.

One of the most talented and respected representatives of the latter category is today offering us hands down the most complete and reliable look yet at what's shaping up to be the most eye-catching S22 Ultra 5G color option.

Red hot chili powerhouse

In close collaboration with Twitter leaker Yogesh Brar, LetsGoDigital's Parvez Khan, aka Technizo Concept, has put together a fresh batch of (holiday-themed) Galaxy S22 Ultra renders in a highly anticipated hue that's been making the rumor rounds for at least two months now.

Somewhat surprisingly, the shade Samsung might end up selecting for its red hot next-gen flagship looks radically different from what was originally predicted.

While it is definitely important to keep in mind that we're dealing with concept renders here rather than official promotional or real-world images of any sort, Yogesh Brar is apparently ready to vouch for the accuracy of this much lighter red paint job than what the "Burgundy" Galaxy S9 had to offer in the past, for instance.

There are no words yet on the marketing label set to be used by Samsung this time around, but it seems safe to assume that Burgundy and Dark Red are out of the question, and the same probably goes for the Cloud Red moniker adopted for the Galaxy S20 FE.

What we're looking at here is pretty close to the Phantom Red back of the Galaxy S21+, and it sure seems like it will nicely complement a Galaxy S22 Ultra color palette also expected to include a recently visualized green flavor, as well as black and white models. 

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Those are just the options we already know about, mind you, with a few others likely to see daylight at some point down the line (in certain regions, at least) and the smaller and slightly less impressive S22 and S22+ actually expected to come out in a wider range of colors right off the bat.

That built-in S Pen is a joy to behold

In addition to the obvious processing power, camera performance, screen technology, and possibly charging upgrades, the fiery red S22 Ultra is pretty much guaranteed to hold another significant advantage over the aforementioned S21+ and S20 FE, as well as the S21 Ultra that offered no such eye-catching color variant.

We're talking, of course, about a matching red stylus that will almost certainly be sold alongside the 6.8-inch Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 beast as standard. Interestingly, said S Pen seems to be rendered in a slightly darker shade of red than the actual handset, although we're not entirely convinced such a small detail could possibly be known so early in the S22 family's production process.

However stylish the stylus will end up looking, you can rest assured knowing that the S22 Ultra 5G features a dedicated slot for keeping the S Pen neatly stored and protected when not in actual use.

It remains to be seen how all of those changes, improvements, and add-ons will impact the giant's retail pricing compared to its equally massive predecessor, although early speculation is quite bleak, calling for a $1,299 or so MSRP for an entry-level configuration with 256 gigs of internal storage space. 

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