LG confirms the announcement date of its dual-screen Wing 5G handset

LG confirms the announcement date of its dual-screen Wing 5G handset
Instead of playing it safe (and boring) with a conventional sequel to 2019's unsuccessful G8 ThinQ, LG decided to completely overhaul its high-end smartphone roster earlier this year, killing off both the G and V families to focus on uniquely designed and uniquely branded devices like the 5G-enabled Velvet.

Needless to say that a global pandemic during which the mobile industry on the whole is hurting like no other might not be the perfect time to take such big risks, but instead of reversing course, LG is prepared to double down on its gambles with an entire "initiative" dedicated to delivering "distinctive and yet unexplored usability experiences."

The name and specs are not etched in stone yet

Dubbed Explorer Project, this initiative will kick off with the September 14 announcement of a decidedly quirky and interesting handset that moved unusually quickly from the far-fetched concept stage to a commercial-ready product.

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While the company doesn't mention the protagonist of the upcoming event by name, its 23-second invitation and teaser video embedded below is not exactly subtle in confirming the form factor of an oft-leaked device we've been referring to as the LG Wing 5G.

This is widely expected to borrow a lot of its key specs and features from the 6.8-inch LG Velvet 5G, including the upper mid-range Snapdragon 765 processor, while combining a 6.8-inch or so primary display with a significantly smaller rotating screen. Likely to measure around 4 inches in diagonal, this secondary panel should vastly improve the multitasking experience of a traditional Android smartphone, staying attached to the main screen at all times. 

Basically, the Korea-based tech giant is looking to take the versatility of the Dual Screen-supporting Velvet or V60 ThinQ to the next level without having to deal with the complexities of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Z Flip-style foldable design... just yet.

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If you're curious to see the LG Wing 5G in (official) action, you'll have to tune into LG Mobile's YouTube channel or Facebook page at 11:00 pm KST on September 14 for a global online-only launch event. That's 10 am EDT and 7 am PDT, mind you, so clearly, the company plans to roll out this bad boy in a bunch of additional markets apart from South Korea by the end of the year.

A competitive rumored price and more "explorers" to come

The US is likely to be included in the handset's world tour, and believe it or not, the swiveling device may not even be that incredibly expensive... by boundary-pushing standards. At $1,000 or so, the LG Wing 5G would undercut everything from the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G and Z Flip 5G to Microsoft's 4G LTE-only Surface Duo, and presumably, Motorola's impending Razr 5G as well.

Of course, that might not be an entirely fair comparison, but because there's no product like the LG Wing 5G on the market today, it's the best parallel we can draw for the time being. 

Similarly to some of the existing foldable or dual-screen devices, this is expected to go on sale in limited numbers at first, aiming to "explore" untapped areas of the mobile industry alongside future members of the "Explorer Project."

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Essentially, LG is creating a dedicated platform for commercial experiments and quirky concepts while keeping its Velvet-inaugurated "lineup of competitive devices" focusing on "consumer lifestyles" separate. That makes us wonder when we could see the latter lineup expanded, although in the absence of any kind of speculation on a "competitive" product to follow in the footsteps of the LG Velvet 5G, it's safe to assume that's not set to happen until sometime next year.

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