The oft-leaked LG Wing 5G gets a 'final' name and yet another rumored price

The oft-leaked LG Wing 5G gets a 'final' name and yet another rumored price
UPDATE: Another day, another rumored price point for LG's homeland, this time from ETNews (translated here). While it's obviously wise to take all this contradictory information with a grain of salt, we can't help but be excited about the newly speculated prospect of the 5G-enabled LG Wing costing KRW 1.09 million instead of 1.5 or 1.9 million won.

That would roughly equate to a surprisingly affordable $915, and as the Korean media publication points out, it's how much LG is currently charging for a conventional flagship device alongside a Dual Screen case domestically.

While the LG Wing design is more complex than the Dual Screen-supporting Velvet or V60 ThinQ 5G, its use of an upper mid-end Snapdragon 765 SoC and other non-flagship specs and features are likely to help keep the price down to this very reasonable level. Our original story follows below.


One of the most interesting and unusual smartphones left to be released this year is right around the corner, and after officially revealing its announcement date earlier this week, LG reportedly confirmed the "finalized name" of the device known as Wing today as well.

As you may know, the LG Wing has been referred to by its internal codename for the last few months, and the attention the quirky dual-screen handset got during all this time purportedly convinced the company to run with the same moniker commercially.

That's right, the 5G-enabled LG Wing will be released as the... LG Wing 5G, and while a number of the unconventional phone's specs and features seem pretty much etched in stone already, its price point is far from certain. Initially rumored to start at no less than 1.9 million won in South Korea and recently tipped at a US MSRP of only "around" $1,000, the versatile device could end up costing KRW 1.5 million or so in LG's domestic market.

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While 1.9 million won roughly equates to an arguably excessive $1,600, 1.5 million won is $1,260 or so at today's conversion rate, which is... obviously not as affordable as a thousand bucks. 

Then again, Korean and US prices are often hard to match, especially as far as LG products are concerned. The 5G-capable Velvet mid-ranger, for instance, costs KRW 900,000 or so ($750+), nonetheless starting at a very reasonable $599 stateside in its standard Snapdragon 765 variant.

That just so happens to be the same upper mid-range chipset expected to be found under the hood of the LG Wing 5G, which might also borrow its main 6.8-inch display from the gorgeous LG Velvet 5G giant. The biggest difference between the two phones will naturally be the rotating secondary panel on the LG Wing, rumored to measure 4 inches in diagonal and swivel at up to a 90-degree angle to provide a welcomed multitasking and gaming boost already previewed in a pair of leaked real-world videos.

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In case you're wondering, the other possible name considered for the dual-display handset up to the very last minute was reportedly LG Swing. Between this bad boy and the Velvet, the Korea-based tech giant is certainly at the top of its branding game, turning the page to a new and exciting chapter after all those years of G and V-series boredom. It remains to be seen if the actual capabilities and functionality of the LG Wing 5G will be able to match its decidedly cool name and ambitious concept.

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