Here's when the dual-screen LG Wing 5G is likely to be released

Here's when the dual-screen LG Wing 5G is likely to be released
We know how the decidedly unconventional LG Wing looks, we've seen a few things it can do in several leaked demonstrations and hands-on videos, and the company has even announced when it plans to officially unveil its quirky answer to Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Duo and the fast-growing number of foldable devices from Samsung, Motorola, or Huawei.

All that's left to be revealed at this point is, well, the handset's full spec sheet, its contentious recommended retail price, and an actual release date following the formal September 14 announcement. Apparently, that latter detail was decided not long ago, as the Korea-based tech giant revised its original intention at the last minute for unknown reasons.

Instead of putting the 5G-enabled Wing on sale domestically on September 25, LG reportedly wants the phone's commercial release to take place on October 5 now (translated here). That's definitely not a very lengthy delay, especially considering the undoubtedly tricky production process involved, but of course, it remains to be seen if sales will kick off on October 5 around the world or just in South Korea.

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We're also curious how many units the company might be preparing for the commercial debut of the LG Wing 5G after essentially confirming the phone's experimental nature last week. As part of the "Explorer Project", this thing aims to, well, explore, experiment, and inject "new life into untapped areas" of the mobile industry, staying separate from LG's "lineup of competitive devices focusing on consumer lifestyles" started with the Velvet mid-ranger.

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By the way, the LG Wing 5G is widely expected to borrow a lot of its key specs and features from the eye-catching Velvet, including a Snapdragon 765 processor, 6.8-inch OLED display, and 128GB internal storage space. Obviously, the main selling point should be the extra versatility and functionality provided by a secondary screen tipped to measure around 4 inches in diagonal.

This will be hidden behind the primary display, which can rotate at a full 90-degree angle to create a T-shaped formation for a nice multitasking boost. While the actual use cases of the dual-screen phone remain unclear, it seems more and more likely that the price tag will be reasonable enough for the LG Wing 5G to be worth a try by hardcore mobile tech enthusiasts.

Rumored at one point to exceed the equivalent of $1,500, this is now tipped around the 1 million won mark, which all but guarantees a US MSRP of well below $1,000.

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