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LG is a Korean conglomerate that was established in 1947 as a manufacturer of polymer materials. In 1958 the company entered the electronics market with the brand GoldStar producing home appliances. GoldStar manufactured South Korea's first radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. The company was rebranded in 1995 to LG following the motto "Life is Good." LG entered the smartphone industry in 2010 with the LG Optimus series that was later renamed to the LG G series. The LG G3 flagship phone enjoyed a positive reception and was prized for its screen and high-end hardware.

The company released the novel LG G Flex in 2013 that featured unique design and a curved P-OLED screen. In 2015 LG unveiled the V10 model as part of the high-end LG V series. The phone featured a secondary display on the front, leatherback, and a fingerprint reader integrated into the home button.

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