Best Cyber Week Galaxy deals 2022: The best deals on Samsung flagships this year!

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Best Cyber Monday Samsung phones deals 2022: Save big on your next Galaxy phone!
Cyber Monday is now over, but that doesn't mean you're too late to the party (at least not yet!). Basically, many of the deals are still going on for Cyber Week (some of the deals have expired). Samsung's enhanced trade-in program gives you generous credit for a wide range of older phones and those are likely to continue throughout Cyber Week. Amazon has some great deals left as well. Some of Best Buy's deals have expired, and others now require carrier activations.

Here are all the best deals still live even after Cyber Monday has officially ended.

Here are the best Cyber Week deals on Galaxy phones

Get up to $825 off on the Galaxy S22 Ultra (with trade-in)

There is no denying that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best phones on the market right now, but what makes it better is Samsung's Cyber Monday trade-in offer that cuts the price of the 512GB version from $1399.99 all the way down to $574.99. You can decide to get this phone unlocked, or with your carrier of choice. Keep in mind that if you want to go for the Verizon or T-Mo version, these two carriers currently have promotions on top of that Samsung promotion.
$574 99
$1399 99
Buy at Samsung

25% off on the Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB at Amazon!

Samsung's best phone, the S22 Ultra, is currently enjoying a great $300 discount at Amazon! You also get one of the best cameras on a phone, great performance, and long software support. The Galaxy S22 Ultra sports Qualcomm's latest flagship processor, has a 108MP main sensor, and comes with an embedded S Pen: basically, it is the phone to get in 2022, if you're a Samsung fan. Don't miss out!

Galaxy S22 Ultra: save $200 now at Best Buy with carrier activation

The stylus-packing, big productivity beast by the name of Galaxy S22 Ultra has gotten a generous $200 price cut at Best Buy with carrier activation. This is a stellar deal! But that's not all! For all of you folks that have a phone you wish to trade in anyway, you can save extra now at Best Buy on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Epic, if you ask us!
$999 99
$1199 99
Buy at BestBuy

Galaxy S22+ gets a massive $650 price cut at Samsung (with a trade-in)

The Galaxy S22 Plus gives you more screen and battery, but usually at the cost of some extra bucks. With this Cyber Monday deal from Samsung, you can have it for 65% less than its original price provided you have an eligible trade-in. As with the Ultra, some of the carriers are also offering additional ways to save if you pick your phone locked. With no trade-in, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus starting at $849.99.
$349 99
$999 99
Buy at Samsung

Save $150 on the Galaxy S22+ at Best Buy with carrier activation

There's a massive $250 discount going on for several Galaxy S22+ variants in different colors. However, if you do have a phone to trade in with Best Buy, you can get additional savings right now. And, as usual, the phone is also available for the three carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile as well as unlocked.
$849 99
$999 99
Buy at BestBuy

Galaxy S22 Plus (128GB) — down 25% for Cyber Monday!

This deal cuts the price of Samsung's Plus-sized flagship by 25%. The Galaxy S22 Plus is fully unlocked. It comes with 128GB of internal storage, the latest and greatest Qualcomm chip, 8K camera and video and a bright and gorgeous-to-look-at AMOLED display. Keep in mind that other colors or storage variants have different discounts.

Galaxy S22 with a $475 discount at Samsung!

The Galaxy S22 is arguably one of the best compact phones on the market right now, and you can have the base model for as little as $324.99 at the moment, as long as you have an eligible trade-in. This comes as a Cyber Monday deal at Samsung. Even if you don't have a device to swap in with Samsung's S22, you can still benefit from a nice discount: the phone is available from $724.99 without a trade-in. Both ways - you win!
$324 99
$799 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S22 (128GB) — scores 25% discount for Cyber Monday

The base Galaxy S22, which is one of the best compact phones on the market right now, is currently being sold at Amazon with a $202 price cut! You get all the goodies of a flagship in a small package, which is an absolute rarity by today's standards! Basically, you get the same fast flagship chipset as the S22 Ultra and S22 Plus, the camera prowess of the S22 Plus, in just a smaller body. Don't miss out!

Get the Galaxy S22 at $100 off at Best Buy with carrier activation

Save $100 with activation by Samsung's Galaxy S22 flagship via this Cyber Mondaydeal, courtesy of Best Buy! The phone is fully unlocked and starts with 128GB of storage. Save more when you trade-in. Also, get a 4 month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited (new subscribers only) with the purchase of this phone. Act now!
$699 99
$799 99
Buy at BestBuy

Galaxy Z Fold 4: HUGE $1350 discount at Samsung! (with a trade-in)

The world's best phone for productivity, Galaxy Z Fold 4, usually costs a lot of money, but with this Black Friday deal and an eligible trade-in device you can have it for just $569.99 (with a trade-in)! And this is the big boy 512GB model! Lots of storage for everything you may want to download and keep on the phone. If you don't want to trade-in a device, Samsung still slashes a sweet $450 OFF the price.
$569 99
$1919 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy Z Fold 4: save $400 on Amazon right now

The Fold 4 is probably the most advanced folding phone on the market right now, and it usually costs a lot, but Cyber Monday has got you covered with this solid deal at Amazon. You don't need any trade-ins or contracts to get this offer .This offer is on the 256GB version, the 512GB version is discounted by $429.48. Basically, both versions are now 22%. Don't miss out and enjoy a powerful and eye-catching foldable phone now!

Galaxy Z Flip 4 drops to just $309.99 at Samsung (requires trade-in)

Arguably the world's trendiest phone right now can be yours for much less if you have an eligible trade-in device! This Black Friday offer from Samsung is for the 256GB Z Flip 4, dropping the price by up to a whopping $750! Without a trade-in, the phone is also discounted, by the way - starts at $859.99! Don't miss out on this glorious offer and get a shiny and capable Z Flip 4 now!
$309 99
$1059 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S21 FE — 14% off for Graphite color

The Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 is currently enjoying a good discount right now! That's a 14% price cut! It comes with a 120Hz screen refresh rate, a great camera system for its price, and good battery life, and this version in particular have 128GB of storage. Only the Graphite color is discounted at the moment.

Galaxy S21 FE 5G is now truly a steal with a $450 discount! (trade-in)

Samsung has a Cyber Monday offer on the Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) 5G, bringing its price down by $450! This is the unlocked version with 128GB of storage. A great phone for its usual price, an even better one if you have a trade-in right now.
$249 99
$699 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S21 Ultra certified renewed: save $325 right now at Samsung

Samsung's Cyber Monday deals continue on with slightly older Galaxy S21 Ultra. It may be a year old, but it's still as mighty and as powerful as one'd expect from a flagship Samsung device. It comes from Samsung's certified renewed store.

Galaxy Note 20 certified renewed: from $275 at Samsung right now!

Get a certified renewed Galaxy Note 20 from Samsung for crazy-cheap right now with this great Cyber Monday deal! You get $150 off, and if you have a trade-in phone, right now you get enhanced trade-in credit up to $275!

Galaxy Z Fold 3: starting from $789.99 at Samsung (with trade-in)

Get the 2021's Galaxy Z Fold 3 at a big discount from Samsung with this great Cyber Monday deal. With enhanced trade-in, you get up to $410 off. Even without trade-in, the phone starts at $1,199.99! Epic deal, simply epic!
$789 99
$1799 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy A53 5G down to $349.99 at Amazon

The Galaxy A53 5G edition can also be had at the same great price on Amazon. A $100 off on this budget super star is nothing to scoff at and a perfectly legit Cyber Monday steal.

Galaxy A32 5G 64GB (T-Mobile) price cut by $100 at Best Buy

The Galaxy A32 5G might be an older phone, but it comes with 5G for faster connectivity and is discounted hugely this Cyber Monday.

Galaxy A03 Verizon-prepaid - 25% discount at Best Buy

The words dirt cheap phone might sound like an insult, but in the case of this super affordable Galaxy A03 they are actually a compliment. It's a Galaxy that works pre-paid on Verizon and it costs less than a Benjamin.
$89 99
$119 99
Buy at BestBuy

Almost the entire portfolio of Samsung phones, including the latest models, are getting some discount love. Samsung has the trade-ins and then we have Best Buy and Amazon with some cool discounts on simpler terms.

And if you're looking for a budget Galaxy, you're also in luck today! The Galaxy S21 FE, the Galaxy A53 5G and other budget models are still discounted as well. Don't forget that this might be your last chance for a deal of such magnitude in the near future!

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Is Samsung doing Cyber Monday sales?

Yes, Samsung is rocking epic discounts on its hottest phones right now, as it does every year. Many Galaxy phones and other Samsung accessories are discounted. You can also enjoy some bundle offers, simply stunning trade-in discounts, and instant savings even if you don't have a phone to trade-in. We are safe to say that Samsung always brings the best offers on Galaxy phones, hands down!

Where to find the best Cyber Monday deals on Galaxy phones?

There's only one right answer to this question – definitely Samsung's own website. Every year Samsung stuns its fans with generous discounts on its hottest products, including phones. However, that doesn't mean that other retailers are not giving Galaxy fans great shopping options.

Amazon and Best Buy have launched some impressive deals as well, and most of them don't require any trade-ins or contracts, so these two retailers are also a great option to get your new Galaxy phone. Of course, all US carriers have offers as well, and those are awesome especially if your contract is about to expire, as you can get a big discount with a new line or plan!

Which Samsung phones get the best discounts on Cyber Monday?

Usually, the newest Samsung Galaxy flagships get massive price reductions during the Cyber Monday sale event. As you can see, ultra-expensive phones like the S22 Ultra or the foldable beast Galaxy Z Fold 4 are now way cheaper than they usually are. If you've been eyeing a foldable this year, now is the time to get it.

But that's not all! As Cyber Monday deals are available on almost every Samsung phone, even if you want to go for a more budget-friendly device, you'll be greeted happily with a nice discount (in the range of $100 off, which is great if you're on a budget!). 

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