Best Android phones you can buy right now (November 2016)

Looking for a new phone? Of course you are. We, the fans of the smartphone industry, are always on the hunt for the next great gadget that will make its way to our pockets. Provided that you swear by Android, you have quite the selection ahead of you. 

True, there are lots of Android phones you can buy at the moment, but as usual, only a select few are actually good enough for us and all the hardcore fans out there who desire only the very best. Luckily, there always seem to be at least a couple of extremely good Android devices that can satisfy the needs of even the-hardest-to-appeal Android zealots. 

Here's what are some of the best high-end devices you can get in October 2016.

Google Pixel XL

Price: $769 - $869

Turns out that Google's on the right path with its latest attempt to become a mainstream hardware company -- the Pixel XL is undoubtedly among the very best Android devices you can get right now. Aside from the top-of-the-line specs, namely the 5.5" quad HD display, the Snapdragon 821 chip, the 4 gigs of RAM, and the large battery, the Pixel XL also boasts a selection of intriguing software features and services that will remain exclusive ones for the time being. For example, you could technically get the Google Assistant on other Android Nougat devices, but officially, it's only the Pixel XL and the smaller-sized Pixel that have said feature on board.

Prices start at $769 for the base 32GB version and $869 for the 128GB one.

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Google Pixel

Price: $649 - $749

In case the Google Pixel XL looks appealing to you but you can't be bothered with large 5.5-inch devices, then you're lucky, since the smaller Google Pixel clocks in at 5 inches only, making up for a more pocketable experience. Apart from the smaller display and battery, the Pixel is otherwise identical to the Pixel XL in terms of hardware. This means you still get a Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, and an exceptional 12.3MP camera, as well as the full scope of novel software features that Google introduced – the Pixel Launcher, the Google Assistant, unlimited photo/video storage on the cloud, Pixel Camera, and 24-hour support over the phone.

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OnePlus 3T

While it's technically not available for purchase yet (OnePlus will let you buy one come November 22), we feel that the OnePlus 3T deserves its place in our Android phone recommendations, much like its predecessor. Getting a OnePlus 3T will get you a Snapdragon 821 chipset, 6GB of RAM, a 3,400mAh battery that charges quite fast, and a set of great front and rear cameras. True, some folks will likely find some issues with that phone if they wish, namely the display that is still Full HD display, but we feel that this device overall is great bang for the buck and should be definitely high on your wishlist for Christmas.

LG V20

Price: $672 - $799

With the Galaxy Note 7 out of the picture, LG has less competition than usual and the rare chance of capturing a larger market share. We feel that with the V20, LG really has a winner up its sleeve - it's a multimedia powerhouse aimed at more advanced users and content creators. It's not merely covering all the bases, but also building on the strong foundation established by the LG V10. Apart from the top-end hardware, the V20 also raises the bar when it comes to high-quality audio playback and sound recording. Oh, and it's worth noting that it has a removable battery despite having a metal body, which is a rarity these days.


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Price: $749 - $799 

The larger variant of the Galaxy S7 is not only larger in size, it also arrives with a compelling hardware feature on board - thanks to its curved screen, the phone is considered by many as being among the most visually-appealing ones at the moment. Well, that edge display also allows users to access various features of the phone easily, but that's not as useful as you might think. Regardless, it's an excellent phone with lots of other useful features and pretty good all-around performance. With the very same hardware setup that powers the Galaxy S7, but with a larger, 3,600mAh battery, the S7 edge is the very best Android device right now.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Price: $649.99 - $669.99

Samsung's current flagship smartphone is certainly the very best Android device at the moment. It's an excellent all-around performer that hardly boasts any flaws. With a posh design, excellent build, admirable performance and extremely good camera, the Galaxy S7 is a fan favorite. You can't go wrong with this one. With a top-end Snapdragon chipset (Exynos in non-US markets), 4GB RAM,3.000mAh battery, and a very good Super AMOLED display aboard, the Galaxy S7 has all the bells and whistles that make a good flagship. Add up the waterproof glass/metal body, the microSD card slot, and the excellent 12MP camera at the back, and you have yourself a winner.


Price: $624 - $688.99

The LG flagship is pioneering a pretty promising niche in a niche - that of modular smartphones. You can pop off the lower part of the phone and easily swap the battery or employ any of LG's Friends, i.e. additional modules for the handset that range from external DAC to a camera grip. While the concept is pretty appealing, there are still some issues that need to be ironed out. Don't take us wrong, the G5 is an excellent phone, though it falls a bit short compared with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Still, it's a pretty good offering for all those who want a great camera, removable battery, a rather bright display, and reliable fingerprint scanner. Of course, the LG Friends modules are another intriguing selling point, but  we can't call them a "must-have" just yet. 

HTC 10

Price: $549

Although it might seem a bit mundane due to the lack of any "еxciting" feature, the HTC 10 is an excellent all-around device that offers a consistent user experience. Being a flagship, it arrives with excellent hardware and also one of the best Android manufacturer skins around, Sense 8 UI. The official price of the device has been gradually lowered down to $549, which is 150 dollars lower than the initial price tag of $699. 

Sony Xperia XZ

Price: $699

The Xperia XZ has some things going for it: it has stylish looks and a clean design, it’s conveniently water-proof and features properly positioned dual front-firing speakers. However, there are just so many places where it falls short, especially compared to the strong competition: its display features bluish and not properly balanced colors, it sometimes stutters, it has a fairly scarce 20GB of user-available storage space, its camera is slow and often counter-intuitive, with images and videos that are not on the same level as the ones from iPhones and Galaxies, it lacks quick charging and in the United States it even ships without a fingerprint scanner.


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