Latest Galaxy S25 Ultra rumor may come as good news for some Samsung fans, bad for others

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Latest Galaxy S25 Ultra rumor may come as good news for some Samsung fans, bad for others
Because we're not even halfway through the Galaxy S24 family's first 12 months of availability and Samsung has yet to hold this year's big summer Unpacked event, it definitely seems too soon to know a lot of things about a Galaxy S25 trio widely expected to go official in early 2025.

But that's not stopping one especially prolific Samsung-focused social media leaker from (purportedly) revealing key S25 Ultra secrets ranging from major camera upgrades to more minor but still notable design revisions like the shape of the phone's corners and now its overall "body thickness."

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Thin is in!

This may seem like an eternity ago, but there was a time when smartphone manufacturers were chasing largely meaningless thinness records, cranking out ridiculous-looking devices with depth numbers of below 7, 6, or even 5mm... and matching battery capacity scores.

Fortunately for the mobile industry as a whole and (especially) consumers, those days are over, and most companies are now primarily focused on striking the best possible balance between product thinness, reduced weight, and great battery life.

That's often easier said than done, but with 8.6mm overall depth and 5,000mAh cell capacity, this year's Galaxy S24 Ultra might have just hit a sweet spot of sorts. As such, we're not going to blame you if you're left feeling a little conflicted by Ice Universe's surprisingly firm and specific new 8.4mm Galaxy S25 Ultra thickness prediction.

This is by no means etched in stone with so much time left until Samsung actually starts producing the S25 series, but if it does prove accurate, it could totally shatter any hopes you may have had of seeing the aforementioned 5,000mAh battery size go up. 

The S24 Ultra has already pulled off a pretty amazing engineering feat by retaining the S23 Ultra's 5,000mAh cell capacity while trimming some of the fat to go down from 8.9mm depth and a weight of 234 grams to 8.6mm and 232 grams.

At this point, it feels like the best we can hope for is a repeat of that design achievement, with a slightly thinner Galaxy S25 Ultramaybe keeping the 5,000mAh battery size unchanged and no words (and no theories) just yet on the weight front. 

That could prove underwhelming (to say the least) for hardcore Samsung fans dreaming of a big battery endurance upgrade, but on the other hand, we're sure many of you will appreciate the S25 Ultra's reduced thickness for its obvious style and maneuverability benefits.

Galaxy S25 Ultra vs the competition

Is it too early to know how the S25 Ultra's competition will look next year? Absolutely. But the OnePlus 13, for instance, is already credibly rumored to pack a gargantuan 6,000mAh battery, which could give it an important edge over Samsung's next super-flagship as far as running times between charges are concerned.

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The OnePlus 13 thickness hasn't been mentioned by any reliable leakers or tipsters yet, but with the OnePlus 12 measuring 9.2mm and featuring a 5,400mAh battery, it's safe to assume the handset's sequel will not rival the expected 8.4mm profile of the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max, meanwhile, is unlikely to change much about its predecessor's 8.3mm depth... before the iPhone 17 family reportedly adds a "Slim" member with presumably reduced numbers across the thickness, weight, and screen size departments.

Of course, the iPhone 17 Slim (if real) is likely 15 months or so away, not exactly counting as a direct Galaxy S25 Ultra rival for arguably the most essential part of its commercial run. Still, it's undeniably important to view Samsung's flagship design revisions through the larger lens of the mobile industry as a whole. Ultimately, it's up to everyday consumers like you to decide if the company is following or setting the right trends or not.

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