Expect record S22 Ultra display and camera specs from Samsung for the same price

Expect record S22 Ultra display and camera specs for the same price
Not only will the design of the Galaxy S22 series may be unlike anything we've seen on a Samsung phone so far, especially in the camera area, but their specs are shaping up to break several records, too, and not only Samsung's own ones.

A tip from a source with a very good track record when it comes to Samsung's future plans, TechManiacs, has filled in all the gaps we didn't already bridge when it comes to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, and the S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 

Besides all the known S22 Ultra specs, such as a 6.8" 1440p display, Snapdragon 898/Exynos 2200 processor, 108MP main camera and 5000mAh battery, the insiders filled in the blanks on the exact display and camera specs.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra display specs

Record screen brightness

According to the report, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the most luminous mobile display ever, capable of hitting a peak of 1800 nits brightness. 

Most likely in automatic mode and with HDR content, but that's how everyone else announce their top brightness specs, too. 

For comparison, the S21 Ultra is capable of 1500 nits, while the peak for the iPhone 13 Pro Max specs is 1200 nits for suitable HDR content. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra battery charging speeds

30-minute charging, anyone?

It will also finally be able to support fast 45W charging speeds, just as we heard before, putting it on an equal footing with the Chinese competition. Why equal given that they are already at 65W or even 120W? 

Well, given the speeds Samsung was able to achieve with the regular 25W brick - about an hour for a full 5000mAh battery charge in our S21 Ultra battery tests - when Samsung announces full Galaxy S22 Ultra support for its fast 45W charger, it will probably be able to achieve the venerated half an hour or so to a full charge on average that the main Chinese competitors boast.

The charging speeds were the only weak point of Samsung's flagship phones in the battle with their main competitors for Android market share, so finally resolving this issue will look very good, and not only on paper.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra camera specs

New sensor, lens, and stabilization

There will be improvements in the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera kit as well, despite that the resolution specs will remain largely the same as in the S21 Ultra, tip the insiders. For starters, Samsung will reportedly equip the S22 Ultra with a next-gen 108MP main sensor that will now have a wider aperture, brighter lens on top of it.

It will apparently also introduce a huge improvement in image stabilization, to the tune of a whopping 48% shake reduction and movement compensation compared to its predecessor. 

It's not clear if Samsung will achieve this via some sort of what Apple calls Sensor Shift stabilization in the iPhone 13 models, or another technique, but it is obvious that Samsung will be going for Apple's video capture crown.

Galaxy S22/Plus camera, charging specs, and design

The S22+ will also get those 45W goods

Here the source is more laconic, but we do learn that the Galaxy S22+ is to gain the 45W fast charging support that the S22 Ultra will have, and for which Samsung already has a power brick on the market.
The S22+ and S22 will also have an Exynos 2200 model version - you know, the one that Verizon wants - that will eventually be arriving with an AMD graphics subsystem and whose benchmarks leaked out not long ago.

Last but not least is the camera island which will allegedly be... gone from the back of the Galaxy S22+ and it is expected to have just the individually wrapped lens protruding from the back instead of a whole "stove-top" area. That's interesting, as the most recent rumors indicate that Samsung may have finalized the S22 Ultra design as a P-shaped camera island instead of the separated version that looks like the number 11 on the back. 

Expected S22 Ultra price

Same old is a good thing

There is no indication what type of charging or what camera changes there will be in the smaller member of the pack - the Galaxy S22 - just yet, but the source tips one very welcome pricing news for the series. 

Apparently, Samsung won't be changing the Galaxy S22 Ultra price from its predecessor's, so we can reasonably expect a $1200 starting tag for the base storage model. What do you think about these new S22 series revelations, anything caught your attention?

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