New Pixel 7 duo features like greater zoom range & movie blur mentioned in spec sheet

Leaked Pixel 7 duo spec sheet mentions greater zoom range, movie blur & other features
The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are right around the corner and it wouldn't be launch week without super detailed leaks. Today, tipster Yogesh Brar, who is known for leaking smartphone info, has posted their entire spec sheet.

There have been plenty of leaks surrounding Google's next flagships. Google itself has revealed a fair amount of details regarding the Pixel 7 duo. That's why, the latest rumor doesn't really contain that many surprises, but does reveal some meaningful camera upgrades and a highly anticipated feature.

Pixel 7 Pro will offer more zoom than the Pixel 6 Pro

As most reports have said, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will stick with their predecessors' screens, rear camera resolutions, and batteries. So, we can expect a 6.7-inch 120Hz display and a triple camera setup with a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle module, and a 48MP telephoto unit on the Pro model. Per today's listing, the telephoto lens will have 5x zoom, up from Pixel 6 Pro's 4x optical zoom.

There were already rumors that Google will use new components for the telephoto camera and today's leak has also revealed that digital Super Res Zoom range has increased from 20x to 30x.

New software-enabled features

The Pixel 6 Pro uses its telephoto camera to shoot macro images and it looks like the Pixel 7 Pro will be able to take even better close-up photos with improved focus and the feature will be called 'Macro Focus'.

The Pixel 6 has something called Motion Mode which is one of the software-enabled features that makes it a great camera phone by adding blur to moving elements in a still photograph. According to today's leak, the Pixel 7 duo will come with 'Movie Motion Blur,' and we are guessing it will add a blur effect to videos for more dramatic clips.

Face Unlock could finally return with the Pixel 7 series

As for the Pixel 7, it will retain the Pixel 6's 6.3-inch 90Hz display and dual rear camera setup but will ditch the 8MP selfie camera in favor of an 11MP snapper.

Not only would this help improve image quality, but could also help with the face unlock feature which is mentioned in this alleged specs sheet. The Pixel 4 and 4 XL came with dedicated camera hardware for face unlock and this feature was rumored to return with the Pixel 6 Pro but that never materialized.

Apparently, Google will use DPAF (dual-pixel auto-focus) on the 11MP selfie camera to create a depth map. Google already uses DPAF to make depth maps for Portrait Mode and the in-house Tensor chip also allows for faster and more accurate face detection for photography.

It looks like the Pixel 6 Pro can theoretically support face unlock, but Google is not shipping the feature because of battery life concerns.

The Pixel 7 duo will be powered by the Tensor G2, which will be based on a more modern manufacturing tech that should make it more power efficient and this may encourage Google to enable the feature on the new phones

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Other than that, as a recently posted ad has revealed, the Pixel 7 selfie camera will churn out more detailed pictures with better focus. We also know that the phone will stick with the same general design with some refinements thrown in for a more polished look.

The Pixel 7 family will be revealed fully on October 6 alongside the company's first smartwatch, which one rumor says will be yours for free if you pre-order the Pixel 7 Pro. Google may also tell us more about the Pixel tablet during the event and may also give us a glimpse of the rumored Pixel Fold.

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