Best Google Pixel 7 Pro deals, how to get a free Pixel 7

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Best Google Pixel 7 Pro deals, how to get a free Pixel 7
Google's Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are some of the best camera phones you can get around and a fan favorite for their stand-out design with the camera strip on the back, and excellent value-for-money ratio compared to other flagship phone series, not to mention the unsurpassed software update cadence. Below are the Pixel 7 Pro deals and bonuses to be had if you are eyeing to buy one at this moment, with the best offer going to Best Buy and the carriers which offer a free Pixel 7 with a plan.

Get the new Google Pixel 7 Pro with a cool $150 discount

The Pixel 7 Pro, Google's most powerful handset, can be had at a cool $150 discount over at Best Buy, bringing its $1000 price of the 256-gigger down to $849, an upper midrange level for a phone periscope zoom, excellent camera, and a huge battery!

The Pixel 7 is made even more affordable by Best Buy

Best Buy will shave $100 off the Pixel 7 price to land at the amazing sub-$500 price point for a phone that brings the same great camera set from the 7 Pro sans the periscope zoom.

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Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro prices

The Pixel 7 Pro is priced at just $899 for the base 128GB version, which can be considered welcome news in this day and age of rampant inflation, as that was the starting price of its predecessor. Ditto for the Pixel 7 and its $599 tag, yet every little bit helps when it comes to phone deals.



Google Pixel 7 Pro deals

  • Best Buy $150 discount
  • Google Store credit
  • Up to $800 off at AT&T with a trade-in

Best Buy has the best Google Pixel 7 series deals so far, giving up to a $700 trade-in offer to chop the 256GB Pixel 7 Pro price if you trade from the Pixel 6 Pro.

Pixel 7 Pro deals on Amazon

Amazon is usually one of the best places to buy the Google Pixel 7 Pro, too, as it offers the same freebies but in the form of an Amazon gift card that you have to redeem, instead of a direct discount. You won't be getting the generous trade-in deals that you can have at places like Best Buy, though, plus there are currently no direct Pixel 7 Pro sales there.

The Pixel 7 Pro Amazon deal includes a $200 gift card

Amazon will give you a $200 gift card towards a Pixel 7 Pro purchase, but you can't really on any trade-in deals over there. Still, it carries all the storage versions and the new Hazel color.

Amazon's Pixel 7 will ship a $100 gift card with the phone

Amazon knocks off $100 from the Pixel 7 price, again given as a gift card "affixed in a mini envelope" with the phone's shipping box. You can scan it with the Amazon app to get the goods, but you can't trade in for, say, the Pixel 6 if you buy the 7 on Amazon.

Pixel 7 Pro deals at Best Buy

Best Buy is offering the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as usual, in all their colors and storage variants. Besides the discount and trade-in, Best Buy offers $150 off on the Pixel 7 Pro and that's the best Pixel 7 Pro deal right now.

Pixel 7 Pro deals at AT&T

AT&T has its generic $800 off deal on any flagship phone that with an eligible trade-in and unlimited 5G plan. The kicker, however, is that you can trade in any phone that costs at least $35 and get $800 off the new Pixel 7 Pro!

Get $800 off the Pixel 7 Pro at AT&T

AT&T will give you its usual $800 trade-in offer for the Pixel 7 Pro if you sign up for an eligible plan. Where its offer shines, however, is that any working or non-working phone at a value of just $35 would qualify, up from the Galaxy A32 or iPhone 8 even.
$99 /mo
Buy at AT&T

T-Mobile also gives $800 for a trade-in on the Pixel 7 Pro

T-Mobile doesn't have as general a trade-in offer in terms of eligible devices, but you can still swap last year's Google finest for this year's Pixel 7 Pro and get $800 off with a plan.
$99 /mo
Buy at T-Mobile

Verizon knocks $800 off the Pixel 7 Pro with an eligible plan

Not to be outdone, Verizon will also take $800 off the Pixel 7 Pro price with a new plan line. Just as on AT&T, you can basically trade any clinker lying in your drawer for the shiny new Google flagship.
$99 /mo
Buy at Verizon

Pixel 7 Pro deals at Verizon

Just like AT&T, Verizon is offering the Pixel 7 Pro with $800 off for an eligible trade-in and a new plan subscription. That would leave the phone costing you just $99.

Pixel 7 Pro deals at T-Mobile

  • Free Pixel 7 or up to $800 off the Pixel 7 Pro with 24 monthly bill credits plus tax when trading in an eligible device on Magenta MAX or equivalent Sprint plans.
  • Pixel 7 for $99 (or $500.99 off the 7 Pro) with 24 monthly bill credits when adding a line on qualifying plans.

Get a free Google Pixel 7

  • $100 Best Buy discount and $470 trade-in for the Pixel 6
  • Free AT&T and Verizon Pixel 7 with any trade-in and a plan

These are the best Pixel 7 deals, as usually the carriers give it for free with a trade-in, or at a heavy discount without since its price is rather low compared to its larger sibling. Moreover, Best Buy is offering a trade with the Pixel 7, essentially slashing its price to sub-$500 category, not even counting the great trade-in offer.

The Pixel 7 is free at AT&T with a $35 trade-in!

AT&T will give you a free Pixel 7 if you trade any phone of $35 value and sign up for an eligible plan. That goes for any broken Galaxy A32 or, say, iPhone 8.
$0 /mo
Buy at AT&T

T-Mobile nets you a free Pixel 7, too

T-Mobile's trade-in offers are not as generous, but if yo activate via Best Buy, you get $100 off and trade-in for the Pixel 6 which makes the Pixel 7 essentially free.
$0 /mo
Buy at T-Mobile

Free Verizon Pixel 7 Pro with an eligible plan!

Verizon has a very similar trade-in offer to AT&T's cash-for-clunkers transfer. Give it basically any phone and get the Pixel 7 for free with an eligible plan line.
$0 /mo
Buy at Verizon

Which Google Pixel 7 to buy

If money is not an issue, get the Pixel 7 Pro. It has the awesome zoom camera, the big high-res, high refresh rate display, and the bigger storage options variety. Since both phones are powered by Google's second generation Tensor chip, however, saving $300 if you don't have much use for a zoom camera is no small potato. 

The Pixel 7 would be more compact and still have a high refresh rate display, a battery life that might be on par or even longer, given the smaller display size and resolution, and the same great main and ultrawide cameras in the same unorthodox design package.

Are Pixel 7 deals worth it?

As you can see from the recent prices of their predecessors, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will hold their value well. The most you can get as a direct discount would be $200 for the Pro and $100 for the smaller sibling, so Best Buy's $200 discount on the Pixel 7 Pro or $100 on the Pixel 7 will tide you over till the Pixel 8 times. 

A free Pixel 7 deal on any carrier would be worth it, as would be the usual $800 off deals with a trade-in on Verizon and AT&T, but you have to sign up for a plan with the carriers. These two carriers recently take any clunker that fogs a mirror and give you the maximum trade-in amount, so there will be Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro deals that would definitely be worth your while, not to mention the Best Buy gift cards.

Can you get the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro unlocked

  • Yes, on Google Store, at Best Buy, on Amazon, etc.

Google's Pixels are among the rare phone models that you can buy unlocked in the US from nearly anywhere but the carrier stores, together with the iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. 

Not only that, but even if you don't pick a Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at Google's online store, but get them from Best Buy instead, all models usually support the widest number of 5G frequencies to be used on any carrier, with only the eventual Verizon model adding mmWave support (and thus a slightly higher price if bought without a plan) to the mix.

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