Google ruthlessly mocks LG in fun new Pixel 6 promo video

Google ruthlessly mocks LG in fun new Pixel 6 promo video
As much as hardcore Google fans would like to think their favorite company will soon be able to challenge Samsung and Apple's global mobile industry supremacy, the truth is the search giant needs to take on and defeat a number of smaller players first.

One of these was LG until recently, and Big G seems to know full well that the hot new Pixel 6 duo (especially the smaller and lower-cost model) has the potential to find an audience among owners of handsets like the beautiful and affordable Velvet or the slightly pricier V60 ThinQ.

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Although LG's name is never mentioned in the latest Pixel 6 promotional video, which clocks in at nearly nine minutes, it's not exactly difficult to tell who Google is alluding to by recommending its newest Android devices as the best you can switch to when "the maker of your old phone stops making phones."

Obviously, that's a highly subjective appraisal based on a whopping 113, yes, one hundred and thirteen reasons to choose the 5G-enabled Pixel 6 or 6 Pro as your next daily driver.

Because it's hard to think of even 13 unbiased and clear advantages any of the best phones available today actually hold over their entire competition, many of the reasons listed in the lengthy video embedded above are redundant (some of them intentionally so), dubious, or outright silly (again, very much intentionally so).

The silliness, however, arguably makes the eight minutes and 54 seconds fly by, crucially contributing to quite possibly one of the most effective ads ever put together by Google to promote a Pixel device.

Equal parts entertaining and informative, the video largely focuses on camera capabilities, software features, and battery life when it comes to highlighting the Pixel 6's actual strengths while curiously leaving out any Tensor chip mention and brilliantly employing self-deprecation on a couple of topics including color selection (or lack thereof).

Hilariously, Google appears to go directly for LG's jugular (and possibly, Samsung's as well) at least once during the aforementioned 8:54 minutes, suggesting other smartphone vendors might be primarily known for making washing machines rather than "organizing the Internet and mapping the world." 

That's a pretty low but also very funny blow delivered to the company that somehow still managed to beat Google in the US smartphone market as recently as Q2 2021 despite quitting the business at the beginning of said quarter.

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