Monday´s News Bits

This article contains unofficial information.
Monday´s News Bits
  • Nokia has announced a new fashion line-up called Illuvial. At the time being, the series includes the 5530 Illuvial, 6303 Illuvial and 6700 Illuvial, with the only difference to the original handsets being the overall design. The three models are to become available in the UK this week, but you can order them from anywhere. (source:

  • Woman can now use the capacitive screens of their devices without having to take their gloves off! The new pair utilizes a special TouchTec technology that makes the material conductive to electricity without damaging its internal structure (leather, fabrics etc.). The TouchTec gloves are offered by Gaspar Gloves and a pair will set you back with $225 to $295, although the developer says more affordable models are on their way. (source: ChipChick, Gaspar Gloves)

  • Did you know you can actually place shortcuts in the notification tab of Android OS devices? No? This is not a joke. An application called Bar Control has appeared at Android Market and it allows people to do just that, i.e. create shortcuts to functions and software of their own choice and place them in the notification tab. The application is still unable to automatically generate the icons themselves, so you will have to do that manually, although the developer states they are working on the problem. (source: Androinica)

  • FCC throws a party, the Samsung Omnia II i920, Blue Earth with 850 MHz GSM support and Motorola i410 put in an appearance. Several of our readers have tipped us off that the three handsets showed up at a really wild party in FCC Mansion. It´s the second time the Samsung Omnia II i920 has been spotted there and according to the latest, unofficial information, it should hit the shelves through Verizon on 1 November. The Samsung Blue Earth has obviously met AT&T guys on the sly, because it´s about to take its place in the product catalogue of the carrier. The Motorola i410 seems on its way to Sprint, although nobody has breathed a word on its release date yet. (source: FCC, more, and even more)


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