Monday's News Bits

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Monday's News Bits
  • The T-Mobile G1 may not support any future updates of the operating system. Sadly, it is being talked that the G1’s system memory is more limited, compared to newer Android phones, and that limit has been reached with software version 1.5 (aka Cupcake). So, it is highly possible that Donut and Eclair won’t be supported. (via: jkOnTheRun)

  • A promo video of the Sony Ericsson Jalou has surfaced. The ad is really worth watching, since it features all the models from the crazy little phone’s debut images. Well… um… check it out below! (via: Mobilarena (translated))

  • Samsung is to launch a Mobile Innovator portal today that would allow developers to work on creating widgets for the manufacturer’s TouchWiz user interface, MobileCrunch informs. So, right now we expect to see tons of different world clocks, picture frames and the likes coming for TouchWiz widget lovers. (via: MobileCrunch)


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1. MTLance unregistered

What a nice advertisement, especially the mirror part. I think every model out rather have an iPhone than Jalou, because iPhone can do almost anything these days. Mirror? Get a mirror screen protector.

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