LG G4: all you need to know about the new superphone in town


LG has announced the G4, and with that, some may say that the flagship landscape for the first half of 2015 is now complete. However, LG is planning to play it smart, and release the G4 in about a month or so - right in the middle of the year. This way, it's going to have a small window of opportunity between the Galaxy S6 launches and the advent of the iPhone 6 successor. It's a really tough place to be in, but it seems like LG has some confidence in its new product. It has gone for an avant-garde styling, involving an off-beat genuine, stitched leather back cover, which is certain to stand out from the crowd. Not that you can't get the LG G4 in a more conventional (read: plastic) form, if leather doesn't happen to be your cup of tea.

But aside from its memorable look, the LG G4 will also offer a venerable feature set, which is to include an ambitious, new 5.5" QHD screen, a powerful hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chipset, and an improved 16 MP camera that is likely to become a worthy challenger in the high-end camera-phone space. The LG G4 is the latest superphone on the block, and by the looks of it, it more than deserves our attention. Well, here comes all there is to know about it!

The essentials: specs, design, price and release date

Start with the specs, then slide into the main news story, and bounce onto our super-detailed hands-on article. This is all the essential LG G4 info one could need!

LG G4 against the world: vs Galaxy S6, One M9 & iPhone 6

And just in case you want some perspective, here's a compilation of edgy comparisons, which pit the new LG flagship against its biggest adversaries.

Even MORE LG G4 content?! There you go!

And if that wasn't enough, we can offer you even more interesting content about the LG G4. Check out its different color variants, learn about the new color spectrum camera sensor it uses, or drop your vote in our poll!

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